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Rock bottom

Scottish live music is to be dealt a blow by the closure of the (as Rock pub in Edinburgh. After eight years in its present form, the pub on West Port will reopen on Monday 12 June as a salsa bar. Since the closure of the Tap O’Lauriston last year, the Venue and the Attic appear to be the only live rock music venues left in Edinburgh. Going out with a bang, the Cas has planned a week of gigs with many of the local heroes who made their names there appearing, and a final night of big surprises is

. a; i_ W1: '3 35:7 .~ promised. Look out " ' " next issue for a round-up of the week's events.


_. Wand, 7" *1“?

RIP Cas Rock



Phil Kay on Ross Noble page 10

Duchovny ditches X-Files

Despite wearing a kilt to the Prince’s Trust

went wild for their Agent Mulder. So is Duchovny’s rom-com With Minnie Driver a way of distancing himself from the conspiracy-obsessed Mulder? Seems so; Duchovny has admitted that he would be appearing in less than ten episodes of the new series of The X-Fl/E’S.

'I’m dOing many less,’ he confirmed during his

to me was that time off to do other protects. l was very lucky With Return To Me, because Bonnie [Hunt, the director] was planning on filming the week after I’d stopped filming The X-

. timing not so easy for me to work. So now With me domg less X-Fl/E’S, I'll be able to swmg that a little more easily,’

ALI-“E Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff. THURSDAY 8 Wooster Group New York's acclaimed theatre company brings its latest work to audiences that truly understand its ironical stance They may not get Wooster's humour in the USA, but Glasgow's audiences Will be beside therriselves for l-louse/l/ghts Trarriway Glasgow.

FRIDAY 9 One Day ln September Kevm Macdonald's Oscar-Winning r g' . documentary tells of the tragic day -«gflmflu . ' when the peace of 1972's Munich «m Olympics was destroyed by Arab a. V terrorists, aided and abetted by non- stereotypical German inefficiency. See

. . , Wooster Grant‘hu 8 2 THE lIST 8 22 J iii 2000

screening of Return To Me, David Duchovny’s fans

recent visit to Scotland. ’The most important thing

V. Files, but if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to ", do the film. There are other films which left the


at the. launch of

' Scotland's Year.nf......

The Artist catch with their telly

reView, page 36. GFT, Glasgow, Cameo, Edinburgh.

SATURDAY 10 Perfect; Summer Groove Two An eclectic day of live music and daitce headed by funk Jazz fusioneers The Elevation Trio and Creeping Bent recording stars Scientific Support Dept With Silicone Soul, SideWinder and Paul Welsh. Glasgow Underground DJs Daniel lbbotson and LHK man the turntables Part of the West End Festival. See pi‘eVIew page 76, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow

SUNDAY 11 Sweet And Levi/clown The perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday as Woody Allen rockets back to form With the story of a quasi-real Jaz/ guitarist Emmet Ray Both Sean

Penn and Samantha Morton are magnificent. See reView, page 34 Se/ec tecl release.

MONDAY 12 Phoenix .These four French 80s-obsessed popstei's who look like they've ltlSI fallen off the set of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' Vl(l(‘() shoot release their debut album United, keeping the spirit of Hall and Oates alive See l‘(‘Vl(‘\\’, page Sb

TUESDAY 13 i‘lor'thcrn Ballet The Leeds-based company has sexed up Carmen and dressed down The Brontes and now it's eiiibai‘king on its toughest test to date turning

Dic lceiis' Great [xpec tations into terrific classical ballet See preView, page 68 Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

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