From 'Wheel's On Fire’ to free jazz vocalisation. the Tippett(s) have ploughed a truly individual furrow


Keith Tippett and Julie Tippetts

Stirling: Cowane Theatre, Sat 10 Jun.

Free improvisation has been much in evidence lately, most recently in Le Weekend in Stirling. The reverberations will hardly have died away before pianist Keith Tippett and singer Julie Tippetts (both descriptions seem inadequate for what they do, but more of that later) will take the stage at the Cowane Theatre for their only Scottish date.

Julie Tippetts first shot to fame when she was still Julie Driscoll, a teenager singer who injected a spooky venom into Brian Auger's late-60$ rock band, and nowhere more so than in their famous version of Bob Dylan's 'Wheel's On Fire', later recycled as the theme tune for Absolutely Fabulous.

Keith Tippett, meanwhile, was making waves of his own on the free jazz scene, including the surreal Centipede, a SO-piece band which recorded a remarkable album, Septober Energy, in 1971. The free jazz and art rock scenes intermingled relatively freely at that time, and Tippett was featured on three King Crimson albums, and in the avant-rock band Ovary Lodge, which also included Julie.

Despite that additional '5' on her name, the pair have been husband and wife since 1970. They work together in contexts ranging from duo to Keith's occasional big



Ozomatli’s twenty-legged, jazz-funking-salsa-hip hop groove machine

band, Tapestry, and also apart, pursuing solo projects and collaborations of all kinds. They have issued two recordings as a duo, Couple In Spirit, a studio disc, and Couple In Spirit 2, a live set both released in 1987 which captured the range of their interaction more fully.

This is where conventional notions of singer and pianist break down. Tippett studied classical piano from the age of four, but has dedicated much of his work to jettisoning the received aims and methods of piano playing in favour of a very different philosophy, reflected in these statements.

’I have given up playing with my hands in order to play with my heart,’ says Tippett. ’As a pianist I wish to be a servant to the people, not a prostitute. As a composer I believe that if you write with love the music will live. As an educator I strive to make myself redundant. As a conductor I attempt to inspire. May music never be just a way of making money.’

He has not literally given up playing with his hands, of course, although his work is much concerned with finding extraordinary sounds inside the piano, just as Julie Tippetts finds extraordinary sounds in her voice. Much of what she does especially in this context is an abstract play with the colour, timbre, shape and sound of non-verbal vocalisation. Not for everyone, it has to be said, but if you are attuned to the genre at all, the Tippett(s) should figure on your agenda.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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So rrnpressrve are O/omatlr :named after the A/te( word for the (rod o‘ dance) that Latrno god, Carlos Santana, rntrodu<ed them at a r'etent gig as 'the future' of musrt and urged the (TUdIOthO to pay Sl)(’(l<il attentron Ulises Bella, O/ornatlr's tenor-sax player, exp|a.ns the rmpa(t of this hrgh praise


Ozomatli Glasgow The Arches, Tue 20 Jun.

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betause O/omatlr are on their way to Stotland

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preview MUSIC

WORLD Copa Cabana

Edinburgh: The Assembly Rooms, Sat l0 Jun.

Thankfully, Copa Cabana rs not a tr'rbute nrght honouring the lrfe and work of large-(onked (rooner Barry lylanrlott.’ Instead, pr'ornrsrng a heady rnrx of (uban (ursrne, totktarls, (lame and musk, rt arrns to bring a little pret e of South All‘t‘lltrl to l\lrdlothran through means of a ball

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In. adort on to tx'.o saIsa [)Js, the sou'totratk of salsa, merengue and the rno'e lard batk son, \.'.'r|i tome (ourtes‘,' of the tuxedo-(lad, ten-prete salsa band, ( ohm-“to Sabr'oso The only UK ‘.‘.ltI("., alongsrde a ban» bass l).<il‘.(), three trumpets and


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