Groove ll

Glasgow: Queen Margaret Union, Sat l0 Jun.

The West End Festival has always been jam-packed with artists’ events of every conceivable genre but, let's face it, it's all a bit grown- up. Last year’s Perfect Summer Groove, however, managed to inject a touch of youthful hedonism into the proceedings, and the Firehorse promotions organisation has been called in again to launch the festival, with a showcase of rising, and more established, Glasgow talent from across the underground spectrum.

The event is set to run across two floors with the bar area devoted to all things funk, and the main hall taking in house and techno. Elevation Trio will be familiar to many thanks to their long-running residency at Yang. The ’Trio - in fact a five piece combine a basic template of soul, jazz and funk with unusual instrumentation, including harmoniums and udus, plus hip hop turntablism courtesy of Freak Menoovers' Dema. Expect expert musicianship matched only by the group’s boundless enthusiasm. The live funk will be bookended by DJ sets from jazz-funksters Sidewinder and Radio Clyde’s Paul ’Pee Wee’ Welsh.

Downstairs, meanwhile, Frequency and Phase producer Daniel lbbotson, currently working on his third album, is set to open the proceedings with his trademark classy house. Next up, Manchester’s LHK makes his first trip to the hometown of his label, Glasgow Underground. After a brace of EPs on the respected imprint, LHK looks poised at the point of credibility with the 'spotter fraternity and widespread recognition catch his super-

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Five go wild in the country: Sublime celebrate their fifth birthday with an after-

Here’s looking at you: Glasgow Underground's LHK makes his debut in the city at

_ Perfect Summer Groove ll

deep brand of house here first.

Closing the live entertainment, Scientific Support Dept have been garnering acclaim for their releases on the ever-reliable Creeping Bent imprint, and remix work for artists as diverse as labelmates The Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus and Shara Nelson. The band which seems to have a particularly fluid line-up - deals in melted breaks and off-kilter dubby grooves, although a recognisable house/techno sensibility underpins their more wigged-out experimental leanings.

Last, but by no means least, Silicone Soul are poised to please their loyal following, and win over a few new devotees, with the kind of high energy sets that rock Relief every week, and infused the widely lauded A Soul Thing debut long player on Soma. (Jack Mottram)

guests, explains. 'It works really well Within the night and X-Dream are a band we've been after for quite a bit.’

It falls to Graeme to make sure that the night itself achieves nothing short of perfection A background in enginec-éring has prowded him with the technical expertise to decorate the club in a distinctive style and this year he’s playing his cards close to his chest. He does however reveal that the top floor of Wilkie House erI be converted into a chill-out area par-excellence, replete with ornate wall-coverings, comfort seating and shiatsu massage

5TH BIRTHDAY Sublime Edinburgh:Wi|kie House, Fri l6 Jun.

Birthdays come but once a year and, considering the sheer scale of the annual Sublime celebrations, it’s Just as well An aural feast of techno, trance, house and breaks on the Friday night, a short nap (if you're lucky) and then it's off to the countryside for a free outdoor party on the Saturday, lasting ’til the wake-up call of Monday morning breaks the spell

Exhausted JUST thinking about it7 If

76 THE “ST 8-22 Jun 2000

club party, Fri 16 Jun.

so, you lack the hardy backbone and paciiig-pc)\.vei' of the devout Sublime regular They, like the club's promoters, Scott and Graeme, live for the birthday weekend that shames all other parties into submission This year the club's resident DJs Kev Wright, ldge, Gary Mac and Felix erI be Joined by Blue Room Rec oi'dings’ x-Dream playing a live set for the last hour of the Friday night extr'avagai‘iza Incorporating a live dimension into the club has always been a birthday treat, as Scott, the man responsible for booking the

The biggest secret of the weekend though, is the location of the outdoor party on the Saturday. Only those lucky enough to enjoy Friday night will be privy to this top-secret information and granted access to the celebrations which will include a plethora of DJs, a barbecue and some handy portaloos. A nightmare in planning but, as Scott explains, they do it all for one reason 'It's Just to say thank you to everyone who’s supported the club. We try and look after our members because at the end of the day, they're the cornerstones of Sublime '

(Catherine Bromley)

Club news

Whispers on the dancefloor

SLAVE FANS SHOULD keep an eye out for the forthcoming Bitch extravaganzas that’s a new night, not a description of the patter at the bar. As the name suggests (in a re- claimed Lil’ Kim sense, of course) the night is from an all-female promotions crew, with female residents at a female-owned venue. Odd, then, that Michael Kilkie is set to headline the launch party. Full details next issue. EDINBURGH IS ALSO in line for a new night God's Kitchen, the Birmingham superclub, erI be taking over all three floors at The Venue for a monthly event, starting on Sun 25 Jun The opening line- up features Sasha IDICTUT'CCTI, Allister Whitehead and Trevor Reilly, and the plan is to proVide live sound and Video 'ITIlc-IITJS between the floors when the main guests are on, so you can enjoy tneir' sets in the furthest reaches of The C ooEer

THE COLOURS CREW have got their summer holiday plans sorted. With last year's excursion to Ibiza under their belt, they'll be casting their nets a little wider this year. There’s a residency in Cyprus’s party destination Ayia Napa as well as trips to Rhodes, Turkey, Majorca and Spain. They won’t be totally neglecting the Balearics’ clubbing capital though, with one-offs in lbiza's Eden and Privilege clubs on Tue 18 and Fri 28 Jul.

SUBCULTURI 'S BIRTHDAY BASH on Sat IO Jun Will see residents Harri and Domenic hard at it behind the decks ail night, r‘e- playing the tunes that have rocked the club over the past six yea's The event is rnVite-oniy, but you can get yours by phoning Tf‘t‘lf office on 014T 332 9900, or keeping a beady eye ()ut r'o.r their PR staff around town

CONTINUING THE SUB Club theme. they've asked us to point out that Edinburgh's Nature night is not a Sub Club event, although it does share a resident DJ, Domenic Cappello, with Subculture. Before all you gossip merchants get stuck in though, there's no hard feelings, and The Sub Club crew wish Nature the best of success. FINALLY, ANOTHER NIGHT on the horizon for F(ll"l)tl’(lll (rubbers, this time of a gotl‘. or alterth bent Caliecl Ballistic, :t's O'Qci'l seci by the guys behind The M sson and w!‘ concent'aIe o" the synthessecr end of the alternative spectrum, \.\ it‘. chemical oeats, industrial "()ISO, 'oanu showcases and ail sorts of pei“c)r'i‘arrce art extras More news as \‘.0 get it