V I saw you yoti gorgeous angel of light. tripping your tits off on The Path. looking at all the pretty lights while all the stnart arty farties were falling on their arses in the mud or rubbing their beards and ruminating. ‘What is it all about'." They might ponder. But you know! It's all about love. life. ecstasy. light. delight. Thankyou for nearly 2'I5 years of wonderful wonder. Who'd have thought so much could be born in the ruins of hampi‘.".".’ Box No U/389/8. V I saw you at Homelands. (iuy and Kay. (let in touch.

I Barry. Box No U/389/10.

I ? V I saw you (‘raig in John

V We saw you all at our Smiths 09/06/2000 acting real wedding on Friday 9 June. dodgy. I'll keep my eye on you. Thanks for making it such a Box No U/389/l2.

fantastic day. Love Jane and V I saw you l7. I0 Motherwell/ (Jordon. Box No U/389/l 23. Milngavie train. 06/06/00. Me. V I saw you Stuart'.’ Remember black jacket. purple shirt. Victoria froin Homelands. Sat 3 glasses. You got off at Argyle Jun'.’ Met you in Arena l station. You turned and smiled (l.eftfteld'.’). late. Me -— linglish. as you left. Buy a return ticket! tanned. dark hair. You tall. Box No U/3X9/lo.

V I saw you tall. redhead in z

Borders (‘afe. (‘iao honey! (‘iet

in touch. Box No U/389/3I.

V I saw you outside Brel with

a navy jumper on. I think you

work in the RCB. Is this true?

1 Box No U/389/32.

V I saw you working in Bankrupt Clothing Company. Queen Street. 5 Jun. You think I‘m a bitch . . . I think you're wicked. ‘You're a sex bomb!' Box No U/389/33.

V I saw you working in II &

M (Buchanan (ialleries) (iary!

ln amongst the buttons and the

lips I saw a real stud!! Box No U/389/34.

V I saw you finding my ring at the Asylum 27 May. I miss it - it’s silver with blue and purple

stones. please contact me. Box

No U/389/35.

V I saw you ligyptian beard dancing alone with your heavy metal air guitar grinding through the night. How about grinding with me sometime‘.’ ll. Box No U/389/4h.

V I saw you sexy Danish girl at (ll’l~ waiting to see ‘l’ushcr’. Were you smiling to me‘.’ I‘m the bald gtty. Wanna go shopping in Ann Summers‘.’ Box No U/389/47.

V I saw you outside Brel with a tnate. You were wearing a green/cream v-neck and a grey jacket. drinking bottled beer. do yott work in the Uni'.’ Box No U/3X‘)/~IX.

V I saw you on Sat 3 Jun in Byres Road. You looked really line in your hot pink bobble hat and your tight leather trousers. I hope we can get better acquainted . . . love Penelope xxx. Box No WNW-1‘).

V I saw you at 'l‘alvin Singh (a) the Arches. You radiant with black cttrls and purple velvet trousers. l was the boy with the

l ISAW van 3

V I saw you Steven at The Tron. Why weren't you in ‘The . (‘osmonaut‘ getting your kit off‘.’ Box No U/389/62. V I saw you at the 13th Note (‘lub. Fri 2 Jun. you in a gimp mask. me drooling. Can I be a social leper. xxx Box No U/389/o3. V I saw you TV John from (‘lydehank (a) The Stand. (ilasgow. I l/(i/(X). You were with Robert the ‘rent‘ boy. I was with (‘alton ‘(Traig‘ in the

light hair. black top. cream cargos. from (ilasgow. (‘ouldn‘t find your mates but managed to occupy the time!!!! Lost you outside would like to meet up. Contact with your number!!!

V I saw you glow for me in the dark. When your eyes beam at me I enter straight into the parallel universe and lounge on that beach with you. Thanks for being there. Box No U/3X9/28.

bindi. I think you smiled at me. Box No U/38‘)/50.

V I saw you in Blackt'riars being patient and falling adorineg at my feet. lli (ierman boy! Box No U/389/5l.

corridor as you left. Me no mincer be my geod! Or the stalking becomes shadowy strange! Box No U/389/64.

. V I saw you Ange. Sat. The

Polo. Wed. Sadies . . . If not coffee. let’s eat out!'? Hope to see you soon. Ax. Box No U/389/(i5.

V I saw you on a bus in Oct 96. We talked about Tom Jones fumigating ants. Let‘s get together you sexy thing! Box No U/3X‘)/()(i.

V I saw you Normans. t Shawlands. everyday. You male hairdresser. tall. slim. pierced eyebrow. Me male. oft. dark brown cropped hair. suit. driving (‘herokee jeep. rugby type. I think you are ‘scrum'-my. let me show you

V I saw you the minx. You are the blonde babe that blows my thistle whistle. Box No U/38‘)/52.

V I saw you big haldy screaming queen. just back frotn the liast. l was standing next to

you gasping fora fag. Box No

Box No U/389/4.

V I saw you Rachel (i at the (EFT. You: American (Sex Pistols fan?) cute as a button. whatever the blithering hell that means. Me: ‘l‘riends' fan in a box. (‘are for an ale‘.’ Box No U/38‘)/7.

V I saw you honey bun

working hard. looking cttte. Be mine always. 123. Box No


V I saw you at Muse concert at

the (iarage on Fri 2 Jun. You

5 looked like the guy from Feeder.

V I saw you hey I met this girl. she is from New Zealand. her name is Tessa N. I think I‘m falling in love with her btit there is a wee problem. she is going home to New Zealand in two weeks. Box No U/389/9.

my tackle. Box No U/38‘)/2‘). V I saw you sexy ginger blonde wearing baggy trousers and a cheeky grin in Borders bookstore. Maybe I could get your number? Box No U/389/30.

f V I saw you with your long

: Solid Rock. I was looking for

V I saw you btit where did you

My friends and I liked your style. Box No U/389/37.

blonde hair. you were in the

my friend. You were sitting at the bar. drinking your pint. I was girl behind. Box No U/389/3X.

go‘.’ I liked your taste and choice


V I saw you at the Art School. Dazed and confused. if I rub you. will you moan. Kinky James. Box No tJ/389/54.

V I saw you on the No l0 bus looking at my nail varnish and combat trousers. (let in touch. girl with the smile. Box No U/389/55.

V I saw you at your work in Borders in Buchanan Street. You have dark hair and were at the till. I was very embarrassed buying trashy romance novels. Box No U/389/67.

V I saw you young nurse in Bennets. three weeks ago. Gave me your number but I got it

wrong. (let in touch if you're still interested. Box No U/38‘)/o8. V I saw you Disco Jim - i everywhere in the West End don‘t you have a job? Want to watch daytime TV with me? Box No U/389/69. V I saw you with a group of friends outside Brel. You were wearing a beige T-shirt with orange writing. I think your name might be Robbie! Box No U/389/70.

V I saw you in Blackfriars for ' the last time in a while. See you in July and as often as possible after that. lilseway BP. Elseway.

How To Place an



of yummy drink. alone you were as was 1. Next time join me and drink together'.’ xx. Box No U/3X9/39. V I saw you lonely hoy drinking big chocolately mug in Borders on Sat 7.15pm looking intelligent by reading mag! Weird girls (I‘m the little one) thought that looks yummy the drink and your shirt. Box No U/389/40. V I saw you glum looking sad young lad. charcoal body warmer. gelled hair. crying into coffee after light with redhead. Box No U/389/4l.

By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues', blue, Bar Sirius, City Cafe, Eh1, Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Garage, Blackfriars, Brel, Cul de Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

V I saw you wearing teeny

on 0131 557 8500

The List I Saw You

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No payment is requrred as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue IS 12 noon on THURSDAY 29 June 2000.

Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

' 27/5/00. You -- gorgeous

? Discovery (‘hannel lately? You

We‘ll have a gay old time. Box

Box No U/389/44.

enjoyed posing for them. Will

V I saw you (‘entral station.

skinhead mammal with friend. Me llustered rucksack mammal beside nuts. Seen the

get two thumbs tip. Box No U/389/42.

V I saw you Strathclyde Uni. yellow Nike bag boy. Wish it was Sunday that‘s my funday!

No U/389/43.

V I saw you in the (EFT. Sun 4 Jun. Watching ‘Bleeder‘ with your girlfriend. like to meet up some day. gorgeous skinhead?

V I saw you Neil. hope you enjoyed taking the photos of me in a white sheet as much as I

you send me the photos and yourself if you‘re single! Box No U/389/45.

tight speedos. sun-worshipping down at the (‘Iyde. I think your crotch tag said ‘Jam’ Wanna see my breast stroke'.’ Box No U/389/So.

V I saw you Menelas. you're missing your smile. Stop. chill out. have fttn for a while. Love lidd and Ange. Box No U/3X9/57.

V I saw you old baldy geezer in Tinderbox. (‘orrl Love the white socks. Box No [WNW/58. V I saw you Nat'.’ With your funky sack look otit for carpet bttrns. I'll keep looking for chafling. Box No U/389/5‘).

V I saw you RAM. at The llive. You left something with me. Would you like it back‘.’ Box No [WNW/()0.

V I saw you (iary at The Tron. Are the stories true‘.’ I‘ll take your measurements any day. Box No U/38‘)/ol.

Box No U/389/7l.

V I saw you super cool behind the bar in Brel. Have we met before or were you in Taggart? Me‘.’ The boy who has too many £5 lunches. Box No U/389/72. V I saw you hey gringo! Lesley! (‘ome back! Oh no! You can‘t! You're not allowed!!! Box No U/389/73.

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