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Eve month until Apri 2001, The List is highlighting the work of a young Scottish photographer in association with Beck’s.

Rebekah Bowman

Bowman, 37, hetame Interested :n photooraplty while lmno Ht Memo and (tended to take It up seriously upon l(‘itllllll‘.(] to S<ot|ao<l She studied at Napier Unwewty on the Photography, l'lllll and Televmoh (ourse and left m 1998 She is llli(‘l(‘\lt‘(l Ill travel and (lo( umeotart photography and has taken her (ameia to Moxamhlque, lanxarna and, most re<ehtly Kenya She (an he (oeta( terl at reheLahhotxvnaoCGVhotmafl

How to enter work

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