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The Beat 106 Mix 7pm—-7.30pm

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Like a lot of Scottish music fans come Sat 8 Jul, Beat 106 Will be decamping to T in the Park. Modern technical Wizardry will allow the majority of the station’s output for the weekend to be recorded at Balado and fed down telephone lines to be transmitted from their Glasgow base. So what can we expect from this full-on festival programming?

Richard Wilkinson, head of mu5ic programming at the station, is keen to tap into the Vibe of the event. ’We're not actually broadcasting any of the bands on stage,’ he pomts out. ’However, there Will be loads of bands coming in to do little acoustic sets or for a chat, that sort of thing.’ They’ll also be prowding a much needed information serVice for T in the Park-goers: ’If you're coming to the festival site, you want to know what all the latest gossip is, yOu want to know What’s happening there,’ explains Wilkinson. ’You’ll also want to know if there are traffic queues and stuff like that.’

Although this is Beat 106's first major outside broadcast, they have recorded other events outwith the confines of their studios, including transmissions from nightclubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Coatbridge. They Will also be followrng in the footsteps of T in the Park Radio, a mostly-student enterprise which was granted a

limited radio licence to cover the event in 1997.

Although there are no concrete plans yet as to exactly which stars Will be featured on air, the Whole of the station’s programming Will be tailored to T in the Park, from the breakfast show in the morning to its late-night dance programming, When it’s hoped that guests from the Slam tent Will be tempted into the studio. The lack of a definitive schedule doesn’t bother Wilkinson though: ’lt’s kind of ’no holes barred’ radio anything can happen,’ he says. ’And that's the Joy of havmg on-site festival radio Where you’ve got loads of peOple and loads of acts and just lots of potential for things to happen.’ (Abi Bremner)

110 THE “ST 22 Jun—6 Jul 2000

Travis: Coming Around


Death In Vegas: One More Time (Deconstruction) Coldplay: Yellow (Parlophone) ldlewild: These Wooden Ideas (Parlophone)

Moby: Porcelain [Bob Dougan Mix] (Mute)

Moloko: Pure Pleasure Seeker (Echo)

Ocean Colour Scene: July (Universal/Island)

Leftfield: Swords [Two Lone Swordsmen Mix] (Hard Hands/Sony)

Macy Gray: I've Committed Murder [Mos Def Gangstarr Remix] (Epic)

Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast (Twisted Nerve)