shopping and style

Whether you're spending the weekend at T in the Park or making the trek further afield,

ObViously the well practised festival-goer WI” already possess a tent, a luxury home away from home for the duration of the event, but it is possrble to purchase one without wiping out your bank account. Wynnster Mono Dome (£30) is available from Tiso outlets nationwide: wwwtisocouk or phone 0131 555 5886.

The main reason to own one of these is that it looks damn fine, but the Freeplay Wind-up Radio (£54.50) lets you forget about leads and batteries, thanks to its winding handle and (optimistic) solar panel. Available from John LeWis: Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, 0141 353 6677; St James Centre, Edinburgh, 0131 556 9121.

Crashing out in a field after vast consumption of Buckfast is a seriously bad idea. Get back to your tent and stay warm in a Camper Sleeping Bag (£20), available from Tiso outlets nationWide: wwwtisocouk or phone 0131 555 5886.

It’s highly unlikely, but the sun might start shining, so slap on some protective cream unless you want to end up With a bright red face and peeling shoulders. Soltan Sun Protection range available from Boots nationWide.

Unless yOu’ve managed to prOCure a hi-tech tracking deVice or homing pigeon, a torch is essential for finding your tent at the end of the night. This particularly stylish lvlini lvlaglite Torch (£161 is available from Blacks st0res nationWide: wwwblacks co.uk or phone 0191 518 2002.

Keep yOur hands free by clipping a Platypus 1 Holster (£16501 to your belt or bag. It holds a litre of water and is insulated to keep it nice and cool Available from Blacks stores nationWide: \«vww.blacks.co.uk or 0191 518 2002,

S h 0 I k Spend, spend, spend . . .

INTERVENTION 2000, GLASGOW’S biggest ever celebration of fashion, culminates on Thursday 22 June with the catwalk finale. The show itself features the work of over 200 designers plus the Railtrack Scotland Fashion Awards, before New York’s The Sugarman Three get you dancing at the After Show Funk Night. The success of this year's

114 THE lIST 22 Jun—6 Jul 2000

festival has raised the profile of Scottish fashion design; events have included a Fashion & Business Conference, catwalk shows and Designer market and it looks set to grow in strength in coming years.

COULD THIS BE the summer's hottest fashion accessory? EVian Action takes bottled water into the style league With a sculpted design and ring-top

handle which attaches easily onto bags and belts. Who needs a handbag when yOur source of hydration looks this good?

A RECENT SURVEY by Fulton Umbrellas has revealed that Glaswegians are a patriotic bunch who like to make a statement by sporting tartan brollies. Their street poll looked at various UK cities and