Featuring a bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, scissors and bizarre sounding Wire-bender, this Victorinox Huntsman (£2 51 Swiss army knife could turn out to be your favourite companion. Available from Blacks stores nationwide: wwwblackscouk or phone 0191518 2002.


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Lush have all manner of natural goodies to sort VOu out: if you can track down a shower then the Bohemian soap will have you smelling lemon fresh, and to sort out your smelly feet in one easy go just dust on some T For Toes. Available at Lush: 111 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, 0141 243 2522, Princes Square, Glasgow, 0141 221 7220; 44 Princes Street, Edinburgh, 0131 557 3177.

If you just can’t bear the thought of slumming it, then do the festival Circuit in style. lvlelwlles 10141 204 5757) hire motor homes of various shapes and sizes Wlih prices from £485 per week dun—Aug ratesl.

Anyone who experienced this year’s Homelands event will know that a big sheet of tinfOil is a Surprismgly popular fashion accessory. It'll also keep you warm should British summertime fail to live up to your ideals. Shell Lifesystems Mowitain Survival (£201, available from Blacks stores nationvvide. www.b|acks.co.uk or 0191 518 2002.


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twrvnne knows a \.\atei‘i)i'onf Jacket 15 essential, but the tagoiile has evolved into a whole new spot :05 \\.:tli the Rule. Rol'inti Jacket t£70l. lts transparent all-zwatliei rolling pouch means you (an .’()ll tin III a (lOVvi‘iDOIII, ensuring :nstant ponii‘ai'itv The Ri/la \\(I"t‘ range is available ill'()Ll(lll \.\.\‘.\.'i. i':.' a tort» OI "11(107000 749527.

also discovered that Londoners prefer animal print designs while the sensible people of Bristol choose practical fold-up models. It's doubtful. however, that people spend weeks in advance thinking about their purchase as almost two- thirds of umbrellas are ‘distressed purchases' bought when the skies

open. products.

HERBAL KING, THE Chinese Herbal Medicme speCiaIists, have jUSt opened their first Scottish branch in Edinburgh (30 South Bridge, 557 9838; www.herbal-kingcouk). Taking into consideration the whole spectrum of body, mind and spirit, the centre provides full consultations as well as selling a vvide variety of herbal

REEBOK CLASSIC TAKE you way on back to the summer of '85 with their brand new retro styles updated for 2000. The Marathon Racer will keep you in style on the street or in the bowling alley.

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