Paths are logical

Re: Summer bike special (issue 388)

l was really chuffed to see so much coverage of cycling matters. Cycling can be great fun around Edinburgh especially on the cycle paths There are more and more people wanting to cycle around Scotland and partiCu'Iarly here in Edinburgh.

How about provrding a regular cyclists' page or column? Beats the motoring pages any day. I am sure there are lots of budding cyclists who w0uid really appreCiate it.

How about suggesting the Airdrie and Bathgate path? Look out for the new leaflet coming out soon Check out the Bike Fest in Edinburgh on 25 June.

Mark James Ranger, Sustrans via e-mar/

Puncture the image

Re: Summer bike special (issue 388)

Good to see the cycling feature. What would have been even

better is a hall of shame where the

worst cycle ’facility' is highlighted.

There are plenty of them to cover.

This could be interspersed with

good ones.

David Hansen

via e-mar’l

Car culture

Re: Summer bike special (issue 388)

It was good to see a sizeable section on cycling. At least in The List it isn’t placed against a motonng page. An average of 30% of households do not have access to a car. We shOuld have more reVIews and information on travel by other modes.

We lOOK a group through to Edinburgh for a christening and

instead of spending £70 on a minibus and fuel, eight adults and three children (in prams) paid £28

for a 50 minute train ride, and £5.40 .

for a bus ride back to the City centre afterwards. That’s possibly less than the cost of the petrol alone for driving the three cars which w0uld have been needed. En route we changed the babies’ clothes, read newspapers and dozed.

I'm also pleased to see the websites for rubbish cycle facrlities being publiCised. Could we have something srmilar for rubbish pedestrian ones too? I’d nominate the routes through Charing Cross, where there are seriously unsafe official crossing pornts regularly blocked by cars, and Without any markings to alert drivers to their use by pedestrians.

The ’design’ of decent routes to walk and cycle IS in the dark ages. A road would be unthinkable wrth random plaCing of electriCity cabinets, bus shelters and lamp standards Ieavmg narrow gaps to squeeze through, yet that IS the enVironment for walking in the majority of City streets.

Dave Holladay via email

Scar culture

Re: Shirley Manson and self— mutilation (The Quotes, issue 388)

Every year over 3000 admissions to Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary are due to self-injury. Over 60% of the y0ung people we've worked With at Penumbra, a leading Scottish voluntary mental-health organisation, have experienced, or are expenencrng, self-harm to some degree.

We have recently secured funding from Edinburgh Youth Social Inclusion Partnership to carry out a Six-month Action

Research Project on young people (aged 16—21 years) in the Edinburgh area who self-harm. Although young people are the main focus of the research, we would also like to talk to family members/carers of self-harmers, or any professionals who have worked with them.

We are interested in the Views of any young person, but especially of those who feel they are in a minority or socially excluded. Penumbra is extremely exoted to be conducting this piece of research. Self-harm is greatly under-represented when compared to SUICIde, even more so because there is so little eXisting research on the issue in Scotland compared to England and Wales.

If you are interested in taking part in the research or if you just want to find out more, please contact me on 0131 475 2380 or e-maiI: patl@penumbra.org.uk and mark it FAO EMH.

Eve-Marie Haydock Development Worker (Young People)

via -mail

What makes you laugh?

Funny request

I’m a univerSity postgrad student and I'd like to receive letters about your TV comedy vrewrng. Which comedy shows do you most enjoy, and what makes them so funny? Which comedies try to be funny but fail, and what are they domg wrong? Including your age (approx), gender and location Will aSSist the research; all details used anonymously. Please write to the address below.

Rebecca Robinson


University of Glasgow

Glasgow (3 72 BOO scotscomedy©hotmailcom

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