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Saturday 29th July 2000

are flexible

How's that for great business sense?

The Thistle package The Hawthorn package

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0 Champagne 8. canape on 1 car park pass per 4 o 2 Course fork buffet reception on arrival guests , Reserved seats for

o 4 Course gourmet dinner 0 Private tables for 8 guests the concert

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0 Private pay bar faCility ' Official Concert guests or shared

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View of the stage

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Celebrating Scotland’s Crafts

A Festiva| of The Festival of Scotland's Crafts combines an exhibition with a

. . . daily programme of demonstrations. talks and performances. TradltlonaI craft Skllls It reviews the rich diversity of crafts that have a tradition and style distinctive to Scotland. taking a contemporary look at makers. their materials and their products. It includes textile skills such as spinning and weaving: regional knitting and the making of Highland dress. shepherds’ crooks. boats. baskets and musical instruments.

1 to 30 July 2000

During July. makers from all over Scotland will be demonstrating their crafts. offering an understanding of how these traditional skills are exercised today.

The Festival is accompanied by a new publication Scotland's Crafts and selected works by the makers will be on sale in the Museum Shop.

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Photograph): Shannon Tufts

16 THE lIST 22 J..i‘ 6 JLI 2000