Take to I- the streets

We’re looking forward to a weekend

of politics and partying as we go to

press. We’ll be waving the placards

at two anti-Section 28 events: firstly,

a one-off Glasgow revival of Death In

Venice performed by Giles Havergal of

the Citizens' Theatre at Gilmorehil|G12 on

Thursday 22 June to raise funds for mct

Theatre Company and Glasgay; secondly,

a March For Equality And Diversity on

Saturday 24 June, kicking off in Edinburgh’s

Market Street at 12.30pm.

After that, we’ll head up to the Meadows

where Scotland’s only salsa-punk band,

Bloco Vomit (inset) are fresh from a tour

of Brazil and will be kicking up a storm

at Cycle Fest 2000. Meanwhile, those of

us still in Glasgow will

be checking out the

street theatre, music and

entertainment in George Square, Royal Exchange Square and Buchanan Street where Summer In The City will feature the likes of Mischief La Bas (main picture).

The once inVinCible Johnny Depp is trying to rescue his fading magnificence. After the calamities of The Astronaut’s Wife and The Ninth Gate he is teaming up With old mate Terry Gilliam for The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and opposne Heather Graham in a Jack The Ripper tale, From Hell. . _ The programme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival has been announced and it’s to be the last under the stewardship of Faith Liddell. The director says she wants to ‘pursue new challenges’ after completing her third festival in August. Among the 370 authors who’ll be

turning up for the Charlotte Square event, the largest of its kind in the world, are Norman Mailer, Moon Unit Zappa, Wole Soyinka, Will Self, A.L. Kennedy and Irvine Welsh David Blair, director of Anna Karenina and Takin’ Over The Asy/um has brought Colin Firth to Glasgow for his next proiect, Donovan Quick Due for transmission on the BBC next year, it tells the story of a bus war in a DaVid and Goliath stylee . _ _ You may struggle to find an album release worthy of any name during the crazy festival season but autumn and beyond gets things back on track. Scottish stars Finley

The Quotes

'Some people would lick their mother's asshole for a million dollars. What did I do that was so bad?’

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'l'm blessed with a bizarre metabolism. In fact I’m on these anorexic milkshakes that the chemist questions your motives for buying.’ Richard Asht rot". on the temple. that .s 51.5 new,

'It was like being with a dying person.’ Lars \‘On Tine" ()l‘. (l i‘ett BjOl‘k

’Show me a man who loves football and nine times out of ten you’ll be gointing at a really ad shag.’ Jti' (J Burfnil ...'\() Urethane; ,sin t..". "c; l‘

to Euro 2000

'I think I’m the only actress in Hollywood who has weight- gain powder on her kitchen counter.’ Renee Zewneger On peeling up for her role as 8"‘006‘1 Jones

The Pipeline Coming quite soon...

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