Those condemning the upcoming Tyson fight on Saturday 24 June are doing so for only some of the right reasons. Just as much as his criminal record, the problem IS his fight record. These days the rust is showing on Iron Mike, and a fight against a ’corpse’ in Glasgow will not help remove it. This athlete amounts to the ghost of the man who poleaxed Trevor Berbick, virtually frightened Michael Spinks into a knockout, and stopped our own Frank Bruno with that ugly right of his. No doubt the punch is still there, but little else is, and what this fight amounts to is a desperate attempt to bag a late pay-day for drill. A few facts that may or a boxer so shot that he can’t command a may not be discussed on the fraction of the pay-per-view rights that he could 59mm“ night: a) Maggie's

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Ball's up for Homer

No one who saw the rawly animated and crassly drawn inserts in The Tracey Ullman Show way back in 1988 would have believed that it could turn in to the multi-national industry it is today. Yet, Springfield’s most hilariously dysfunctional family unit are everywhere. Odd then that it's taken so long for those folk in the nation's Theme Night departments to give The Simpsons their own televisual tribute. Now it's here on Friday 23 June with Zoe Slim hosting documentaries, classic episodes and, well, you know the

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generations quiver with expectation. He doesn’t have the about-to-peg-it-at-any-moment, best-days-behind-him vibe of Andy Williams or the underworld associations of Frank Sinatra. Mr Bennett is simply Mr Music as fans at the Princes Street Gardens' gig in Edinburgh will be discovering on Saturday 1 July.

in love twice; e) Lisa's favourite boy's name is Corey.

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Byrne out forsunwner

Paisley’s favourite son is being honoured in a major retrospective in his home town. John Byrne, creator of The Slab Boys, Tutti Frutti and Your Cheati‘n’ Heart, is equally known as a mighty fine artist, a fact that has not escaped Paisley Museum And Art Galleries. The Shot festival has brought together everything from paintings to album cover designs to celebrate his 60th birthday.

The Green, G een Grass

John Byrne comes home 0 Homer

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this. Fifteen days of launches its SIX-day degree show. has to a Beck. Eclectic may design, is open 10am—6pm. unmissable stuff. Glasgow School Of Art. well be his middle name as Edinburgh College Of Art.

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4 THE LIST 22 Jun—6 Jul 2000 Badly Drawn Boy Mon 26