MAG“; I SALSA SABROSA salsa & I I DANCE WITH ATTITUDE Drake, Hugo Largo. Contact merengue classes @ Bar Streetdance & Dance Excercise Pedro email: Havana, 50 Hope St, Glasgow. classes. Saturdays at llam & 12 ° Tues 8-10pm, Wed 8.30- noon respectively @ Northcote I Drummer wanted now - r 10.30pm & Thur 8-10pm. Scout Hall, 4 Victoria Circus, for quirky acoustic band playing I N T R S . Beginners welcome - no need to Hyndland (enter by stairs on all original material. Influences: A” yuur needs tfaring a partner! Price £4/£3.50 Kensington Road). Fusion of Jazz, The Delgados, Nick Drake, sma" "8: move specianm or the evening. All classes Hip Hop, African &Contemporary Tindersticks. Summer gigs . both magick followed by Salsa Sabrosa DJ’s. styles. Wear trainers & loose booked. Phone Stu on 0131 228 [WWW boxes: bags and a bed? , , More info? Karen Pasi 0141 339 clothing. Bring a mat or towel. 3682 or 0131 650 5478 ($4 IlCill mg 4193/salsa.sabrosa@ Beginners welcome - no need to I Original bands and solo book a place - just come along! performers required for new It) (‘andlcmukcr ROW I SALSA SABROSA @ THE Price £4/£3.50. More info? Karen Edinburgh venue. Send demos Friendly BAIL-Lime Depefldable . _ WEEKEND in Bar Havana, 50 Pasi 0141 339 4193/karen@ to Sean Doyle, 3/4 Queensferry (Ill-‘1 dm‘“ I“)!!! Hope St from 6pm on Fridays Street. Please enclose SAE if (irev friars Bolilw takin it ri ht thru to the Club you want demos returned. ' ' ,) Nightg‘Caligente’! Saturdays I Recording Studio 20 bit W'smau'flét’move'co'“ 0 l 3 I ‘Rumba Te Tumba’ from 9pm digital CD mastering. We have e'ma'k muans'WImeukcom

till 3am. No classes at the Roland V drums, top range

weekend for now —just dance til keyboards, basses, guitars, \ ll! ll] IL. . .‘\K f‘ z x' w you drop! More info Karen Pasi saxophones. Producer and NVA'I'AL ' " VO-UK Tel 0141 339 4193 salsa.sabrosa@ session musicians to make your inf. .

music groove. Singer/songwriters - you write the music/sing the songs and

_ :Liggyfikfigljgffzooo I EVERYBODY SALSA! With the

. . . award-winning Academia de 'I‘ihlzgiglgzgggflges between salsa! ExPcrt Wino" from our we’ll do the rest. Get your act A“ levels, Benno Plassmann & team of Cuban and local together. Phone John on 0141

, , . " , ( , ‘_ instructors. Mons - Begs 6.45 or 337 2358. Jane Simpson, ).30dm 1.30pm, 8.45pm, Inter 2 _ 6.45pm, Adv -

.I n .\ lviduldlt uupueali! .g

32 Inveresr llldUSlllal Estate 5

. v ° ' r —' - t f. _, figflfijgfiggdgzwnst Inter 2 8.45pm at Porters, 292 I Learn to Lindy Hop with The MUSSGlbUlgIl lUL campbc” apm_4 m £50 Sauchiehall St. Saturdays at Edinburgh Swing Dance 3 name’th Ads"; Havana, Hope 3!. - 1pm Society! Lindy the original ! DOIIGLAS THOMSON All] levels Ro'sina Bonsu Beginners. No partner required. partner dance from the ‘Swing’ ilgumllve 011 Paintings and A p 6pm_8pm’ £75 (£60) Infoline. Tel 0141 564 1983/0141 Era is still going strong. After a ans- 065 For more information call The 427 6597' summer break’ sessmns will www°lhomson32'fsnet'co'UR - n t Dance House, 0141 402 8645. "Commence will! 3“ Absolute e-mail: mactrake ednetcour

Beginners Course from 26th

September, (through Dancebase &


DANCE BASE 0131 225 5525): Thursday, C 'ED'ICfAJORl Beginners Plus from 14th are“ a" .56 eve 0pm6n ' Northern Ballet Theatre September. Mommy Saturday I GYM MEMBERSHIP FOR Understanding self and others. Great Expectations Dances and Sunda'y workshops SALE McDonald Hotel, Authorised practitioner.

3 Workshops for 8 years + 9th/10th September. For further Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. Flexible rates. Sunday June from at information on ‘hcsc or Lindy LIIIIII mld January Contact Angus MIIIaI' Theatre School, Stockbridge Hop in general please contaci us dISCOUUlCd rateat pCf Further details Dance Base on 0131 661 6027, Email; momh- N0101mng fee. Phone

Tel: 0131 225 5525 (“31 556 5440 all“ 6P"! 0’ PROFESSIONAL SECRETARIAL 07879 400 910- SERVICE CVs, business plans, reports E a._fi . Frientype VW CAMPER VAN FOR SALE manuscripts, mailshots. _' _ 1986. Temporary contracts undertaken : E R O : 1‘.“de EU'JCkIY/szr E’dwgrl‘mg Excellent condition & reliable. on or off site. I “'8 a" - an a we m Tax & MOT for 1 year. £4000. Contact Christine Todd exchange for good time. Drums, Tel: 0131 557 5611. 0141 401 9218. ke rboard, bass and front

- Modern Jive classes - Learn to dance the easy way. 13 refs (Feel free to et in . .

. . . P > .~ 8 I coco BONGO original m

0 Learn to dance to any musrc, Jive, Latin, Charts etc . . . touch if you have something to smoothest Caribbean Tom

- Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). offer). Contact: Mel 0131 228 Handmade in coconut bamboo o

- Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights. 4634. email: and brass fittings. Corhptcte g

REGULAR WEEKLY CLASSES melliZCbriiélhotméiilcom' bl“ . with stand and case, only £30 YOUR LIFE

GLASGOW: Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni Union. I . .eal a'l'es- mall‘- ‘.’“"g flares)» £25 (medium) + £395

, , guitar and sax improVistions, & Che neg/p0 to Bonzo . . 32 Universny Avenue, west End_ ambient Symh textures and lg P- B q N- BS 389 1 The Original and largest adventure,

EDINBURGH: Tuesdays and Thursdays: icndcr am,an mood, at loai'm‘f; UgED/Habfta-t sooal group for adults- Events

St Stephens Hall, St Stephens Street contemporary stccl_fmmed bed ,mCIUde ,

(bottom of Howe St). Stockbridoo I Pfummef wan“!!! new band £200 ono (worth £450). Also, ' b d 99'kan'”g't§'.'e'ea""i'

‘NEW (Free opening Wednesday 29th March):‘ Willing original ""1510 Urgcnlly two on (,ins x 4ft blue 3 m'moi' rag" 95' meads 0”"

Wednesdays @ The Tartan Club, See} I’CTS‘TI‘IC dignimcl' Make ’0' wardrobes, small matching chest weef en. 5 at?” an

Fountainbridge Brewery. Fountainbridge. pr 03:“ dffbdgd‘mg bio" of drawers and 6ft book case oré'gn 'ps‘ DUNDEE: Wednesdays Craig Tay Hotel 7’ pen mg “or company (£60 the '00- Phone 07887 Phone Sp'ce 0”

i ' InlCI'CSI. Demo completed. (Edinbur ,h)

101 Broughty Ferry Road Website under construction, PO 5 ' 0131 9600 ABERDEEN: ThurSdaY53 box Address, seven day practise for a free Info paCk'

Palace Nightclub, facility, wealth of material and CRUELTY'FREE SHOES

Bridge Place (off Bridge St), rehearsing for gigs. Must be 000d qualllyt breathablev "on’

For all classes doors open at 7.15. Beginners class at 7.30pm. (Aberdeen only OPL‘n-mindcd and fully Icalhcf Shoes at “from?”

Beginners class 7.15pm). Admission is £5.00 (£4.00). Membership is £1.00 payable on committed. Rehearsing Pnceso Shop ECOt 0P5" Fndays

first night. Classes and parties run throughout the year including summer and bank hol< weekends and week nights. and gamma—V5, 101"“ ' 5pm or 5,445”

idays but close for Christmas/New Year. Contact John on 013] 667 5550 Phone 01:1 530 9070 or leave a message. ‘29 0“ 9.5m“ I Musicians and the ilk “Nth: Edlnburgh , THE CLUB FOR ALL SEASONS-

MONTHLY PARTIES: (cvcrvlhin , and an ,thin ,) 10in now for the best in skiing,

- EDINBURGH Marco's. 55 Grove Street. last - ‘. if , . i P boarding. sports and social

V interested in transforming my

Saturday or the month. 8.00pm ttII 1.00am. mellow innovative lyrical left m events all year round.

-GLASGOWP 'ite hHii ' r r .5

the month. 8.05:: 100113153: second saturday Of 0f “‘3 “adv hiphol’ “Gallo”. Non SkLingfletioa'dm

WEEK-END WORKSHOPS: “"9 a “Vet dCI‘CiOUS‘Y “X “all, We meet every Tuesday from

- REGULAR week-end workshops for all levels. i lazily d3.“ grow/9 lmcmwn on . IHEPIKEPQUOR . _ 9pm downstairs in

including complete beginners. Spend a day learning | performing at Edinburgh Cycle servrcrng and repairs Fibber Magees,

the basics of Ceroc. No partner required. Workshops . I'csm'ul and bCY‘md- wanna 80‘ from 1'25' , 24 Howe Street, Edinburgh.

available throughout Scotland. phone or email for; ' more? Call Racl - Fprfig zggisdglslggry- For more information contact;

. ' . i ' i t t ' r Edinburgh 8’51 ,Club’ Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail: :E'Sgfiflflff fist." b'kedocm @ 2 Howe Street, Edinburgh Web: htt :l/www.cer cs tl d . L’. “' ° 3“." D J“ -. “" Te|:01312203121 P 0 co 3" -c°m : Velxet, Yo La lengo, Nick

92 THE LIST 22 Jun-6 Jul 2000