Q I saw you Jane and Gordon at Greenbank Church and the RAC Club. You both looked gorgeous. Congratulations and best wishes for the future. Love Sam xxx Box No U/39()/1.

. I saw you sitting on the steps in West Regent Street. Sorry I got the accent wrong! Unattractive tall guy would be hugely embarrassed to hear more. Box No U/390/8.

O I saw you flapjack, are you a tired wee girl . . . uh huh. I love you, you horny horn blower you are!!! Long time, Stevie boy. Box No U/390/16.

C I saw you (Suzy?) gorgeous girl behind the bar at the Corinthian, Ingram Street, Scottish Enterprise event, 28 June. I was the skinny drummer boy making a jazz noise. Box No U/390/l9.

O I saw you at Polo on 17/6, Hey Jude! Missed you on Friday as arranged, let‘s eat??? Get in touch, Lee. Box No U/390/21. v I saw you all in fawn, Central Station, 2pm 12 May 1996 and you changed my life. Missing you and your fishy ways. Forgive me. JF. Box No U/390/22.

O I saw you gardening in Gamethill. Claire the gorgeous greenfingered goddess. From a Mad Dog. Box No U/39()/23. O I saw you funky girl, shaking your groove thang and smiling cheekily at me at The Sugarman Three gig (The Arches, 22 June). Hot slit fiairs and gold necklace. Let’s have that drink, cheers the blonde boogie boy. Box No U/390/27.


O I saw you on the footbridge near the tall ship on 15/6/00 at 1.30pm-ish. You dark hair, gorgeous eyes, black and white spaniel. Me short blond hair and mountain bike. Need some company to walk the dog? Box No U/390/28.

O I saw you The Monster’s Mother. 1 can still feel it behind my eyes, but I can make it stop. Happy birthday Jane, love Ripley. Box No U/390/29.

Q I saw you you delicious diva, doin’ that tuneful stuff on Renfrew Street, outside the Mac on Fri 23 June. Does ‘SAmBa- yA-bamBa!’ ring any bells?! You were front row, second from right. Me, a very new graduate wearing shirt and tie for a change, on steps of the Newberry enjoying your sounds, but especially enjoying you. Box No U/390/30.

O I saw you pretty blond boy sitting in Borders Cafe. Will you be my cup of tea? Box No U/39()/3l.

O I saw you mio amante focoso. You are the light for my days and the dream for my nights. I look forward to making tuca tuca! Box No U/390/32.

V I saw you in Borders Cafe. I wanted to get my hands on your muffin, but you left. You are a beautiful lady with long golden hair. Me give you boom boom long time! Craig. Box No U/390/34.

O I saw you Stuart, shaking your funky stuff in The Viceroy. Needing you to hold my hand. Will we ever go away together? Love Frida x. Box No U/390/35. O I saw you Francine, at The Garage, shaking your gorge blonde hair. I now have 1() pence, are you ready for some company??? Box No U/390/36. O I saw you snr Cox in Port de Pollenca NOT. See you in the heart of the West End or e1 Centro Civic de Motherwell. LA C. Box No U/390/37.

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100 THE lIST 6—20 Jul 2000

O I saw you tall, red headed monster stud in Borders (staff). You were very pleasant to me and made me laugh. You make that place Rock! I’m 5ft 10in, blonde. Box No U/390/38.

O I saw you Margaret at the Legion - your cheeky face and thick ankles make me smile. I love you. Dan x. Box No U/390/39.

O I saw you Fran Healy lookalike at Shagtag, 14/6/00. Just writing to reach you . . . Now it’s your turn. Box No U/390/40.

O I saw you Andy, you are a 1- 2-3 success! I miss your sexy smile behind the bar. Come back to me. Love Becky x. Box No U/390/41.

O I saw you Banana (Pammy) bored in Borders. Not to worry, we might find a job one day! Box No U/390/42.

O I saw you in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street. Boticelli angel, eyes like dark, limpid pools. Your sullen, sultry service got me going. You’re plump and I want to fluff you up big time! Box No U/390/43.

O I saw you Deborah at the Tron with your clammy skin and abstract body art. Oh how I wanted to tell you you were a bad girl! Ginge x. Box No U/390/44.

O I saw you Malcolm in the Tron. You ooze sex from every pore. I love skinny men. Let’s get together Luv ‘n’ stuff Neil. Box No U/390/45.

O I saw you scooping the brains out of dead monkeys’ heads at the zoo, you cunning devious bhouy in blood-stained boots. Box No U/390/46.

Q I saw you sexy Katie with your big eyes and low cut trousers. You ‘blue’ me away! Box No U/390/47.

O I saw you attractive youthful-looking/fun-loving minx-type animal lover at the vet school behind some flowers just after my finals (16/6). Gorgeous green boiler suit! Box No U/390/48.

O I saw you at your desk in work. You know that I adore you and yet you fall asleep rather than phone me. You should be mine. Box No U/390/49.

O I saw you handsome 5ft 9in gentleman of Mediterranean extraction. Black tank top, blue shirt, Borders Cafe, 17.30 on Wed 21st. Box No U/39()/50. Q I saw you skinny blond trumpet boy doing your swing thing in Ad Lib. I think you like my ass and I know your tongue is fit. Box No U/390/51.

Q I saw you convict look female, short hair in Borders cafe. Red hair, navy skirt and short top. A bit of lezzy sex wanted ASAP. Box No U/390/52.

O I saw you boy in jeans, spiky dark hair, flicking through magazine in Borders (Umbro rucksack). Blue Nike T-shirt, 19/6/00. Box No U/390/53.

O I saw you in the Garage, 8/6/00. I had red hair and snogged your friend while you snogged mine. Oops! I liked you better. Might see you again? M xx. Box No U/390/54.

O I saw you University Avenue, 16th June. You brunette girl, me blond(ish), blue shirt and nervous smile like to give you a proper smile sometime. Box No U/390/55.

v I saw you 10/6/00, working (a; John Smiths, Byres Road. Pleased to see you have used your packets of ‘raisins’! Was looking for Dr Seuss how about green eggs and ham sometime?!! Box No U/390/56. Q I saw you and I know that you saw me, spiky blond waiter in O’Neill’s, Sauchiehall Street. Me with two girls. ‘Come me here snog and.’ Box No U/390/57.

O I saw you Don Giovanni serenading me on the bridges of Clyde. Call me you deep velvet- voiced bilabial! Box No U/390/58.

O I saw you Anina (or similar) at the Glasgow Art School, Thursday 22nd June. You: dancing and smiling like a sunshine. Me: Peter, long black hair. Couldn’t find you any more . . . would like to see you again! Box No U/390/59.

V I saw you at Talvin Singh @ the Arches. You radiant with black curls and purple velvet trousers. I was the boy with the bindi. 1 think you smiled at me. Box No U/389/50.

Q I saw you in Blackfriars being patient and falling adoringly at my feet. Hi German boy! Box No U/389/Sl.

O I saw you the minx. You are the blonde babe that blows my thistle whistle. Box No U/389/52.

Q I saw you big baldy screaming queen, just back from the East. I was standing next to you gasping for a fag. Box No U/389/53.

. I saw you at the Art School. Dazed and confused, ifl rub you, will you moan. Kinky James. Box No U/389/54.

Q I saw you on the No 10 bus looking at my nail varnish and combat trousers. Get in touch, girl with the smile. Box No U/389/55.

9 I saw you wearing teeny tight speedos, sun-worshipping down at the Clyde. 1 think your crotch tag said ‘Jam’ Wanna see my breast stroke? Box No U/389/56.

O I saw you Menelas, you’re missing your smile. Stop, chill out, have fun for a while. Love Edd and Ange. Box No U/389/57.

O I saw you old baldy geezer in Tinderbox. Corr! Love the white socks. Box No U/389/58. v I saw you Nat? With your funky sack look out for carpet burns. I’ll keep looking for chaffing. Box No U/389/59.

O I saw you R.A.M. at The Hive. You left something with me. Would you like it back? Box No U/389/60.

O I saw you Gary at The Tron. Are the stories true? 1’” take your measurements any day. Box No U/389/6l.

O I saw you Steven at The Tron. Why weren’t you in ‘The Cosmonaut’ getting your kit off? Box No U/389/62.

v I saw you Ange, Sat, The Polo, Wed, Sadies . . . If not coffee, let’s eat out!? Hope to see you soon. Ax. Box No U/389/65.

O I saw you on a bus in Oct 96. We talked about Tom Jones fumigating ants. Let’s get together you sexy thing! Box No U/389/66.

O I saw you at your work in Borders in Buchanan Street. You have dark hair and were at the till. I was very embarrassed buying trashy romance novels. Box No U/389/67.

Q I saw you young nurse in Bennets, three weeks ago. Gave me your number but I got it wrong. Get in touch if you’re still interested. Box No U/389/68.

O I saw you Disco Jim - everywhere in the West End don’t you have a job? Want to watch daytime TV with me? Box No U/389/69.

O I saw you with a group of friends outside Brel. You were wearing a beige T-shirt with orange writing. I think your name might be Robbie! Box No U/389/70.

O I saw you in Blackfriars for the last time in a while. See you in July and as often as possible after that. Elseway BP. Elseway. Box No U/389/71.