O I saw you sex bomb! Top of Broughton Street (me in car) + minutes later in the blue moon, Sun 25 Jun, 7pm. You dark hair, smouldering blue eyes in blue shirt and cargo pants. me dark hair with attempted goalie in blue check shirt (with friends). You’re so cute who are you? Box No U/390/2.

O I saw you Geordie girl on Calton Hill. How about . spending a birthday in Vienna? Box No U/390/3.

Q I saw you Liz at June Ceroc party (24/6/00). You approved of (secretly shy) Mr Happy’s new colour scheme and made him smile. Wish to meet again! Box No U/390/4.

Q I saw you beautiful guy (with glasses) in suit in that bloody long queue at Waverley Station. I was guy (also in glasses) looking at. you and sipping Starbuck’s Frappucino (cultural imperialism!) Box No U/390/6.

Q I saw you Lou. You’re in my thoughts more and more. I need you in my life too. I’ll be there for you soon. Box No U/390/7.

wv I saw you Perk Up, Friday

am 13/6. Beautiful lone blonde, blue top, yellow jacket. Browsing your f'tlofax, into the Sun, stamping letters. Stamp one to me! Couldn’t take my eyes off you. Box No U/390/9.

O I saw you Sat 17 Jun. Reclaim demo in Edinburgh. We walked together into the Meadows. 1 was Glasgow guy with 666 T-shirt. Any chance of your number? Box No U/390/10.

O I saw you at Tesco’s bike rack, 12/6/00. You admired my panniers. I loved your English accent. Contact me (alpine bike customer) if you fancy meeting again. Box No U/390/11.

O I saw you Benjamin outside Robbies, Leith, night of Tracy Chapman concert. I wasn’t free, now I am. I’m the fool for missing out on you! Please get in touch! Box No U/390/12.

. I saw you 20/06, 8.45am, riding bike in Meadows towards Brougham Place. Gorgeous guy, curly hair, bearded. Dark haired girl walking in opposite direction. Heart missed a beat. Scary stuff. Please reply now! Box No U/390/14.

on 0131 557 8500

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No payment is required as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 13 July 2000.

Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

O I saw you in the Traverse bar where you worked for ages. Alas no more is my Guinness always served with your wild black hair and blue eyes. I too slim, dark hair and often came in with a lady friend. It was difficult to chat or perhaps both too discreet and bashful. Please do not be confused by mad new year visitors. Would like to meet you. Box No U/390/15.

O I saw you Flapjack and said ‘Chinese. Japanese, dirty knees, look at these!’ beware the Judderman. Love ya tons. Stevie Boy. Box No U/390/18.

O I saw you assessing me on 22/6/00 with Mr S. You work in the rates office. Sorry to keep you waiting outside. Want to get in touch? Box No U/390/20.

O I saw you - Lisa, half Maori Aussie - Aug 1998 at the Last Drop. You and your friend came back to our New Town flat and told me you loved the feel of skin on skin. Now you’re back - get in touch. Box No U/390/24. O I saw you Rhodes and Co, Jenners. You’re the tall host, fair hair, in a suit. I’m the goatee guy, do you know me? I walk past often but I haven’t seen you for a while, where have you gone? Box No U/390/25.

O I saw you Three Sisters pub, Friday 23 June. You were dancing on the upper floor for most of the evening. I was dancing with people close to you. You had longish straight blonde hair and a lovely tan and short skirt and lovely legs. You looked at me several times and I looked back. I was an older guy who was so close to asking you to dance but never quite made it!! Thought you looked like you might want to get to know me better! Go on . . . be a devil! Box No U/390/26.

O I saw you beautiful creature so lovely, so nice. You can hit me with your rhyming couplets anytime! You make me happy, you drive me crazy. Box No U/390/27.

O I saw you Saz, bending over and giving hard blows to the yellow and reds. IfI forget to say I had a great time!! (City Cafe 27/6/00). Box No U/390/60.

O I saw you Patrick, Maison Hector, 30th May. 1 was the barmaid, you drank Grolsch. We both worked for Canvas Hols in ‘97. Wanna remember those times over coffee? Box No U/390/61.

Q I saw you in the Filmhouse on Fri 16th June about 9pm. You’re an older foxy chick, you were sat at C9 looking quite slick. Get your booberachus out of that tank top. Love ‘a’ bar back. Box No U/390/62.

O I saw you Brendon, long hair, come to bed eyes = loud and sassy sighs, just back from South America. I hope your

balls are burning. Box No


O I saw you at the Traverse, you, in a woollen suit with a sharp quiff. I love you. Ruthie x Box No U/390/64.

. I saw you Flesh! Rapture! Bliss! Hope xxp. Box No U/390/65.

O I saw you frathouse boy with bike on George 1V Bridge, glancing in glasses. Can I glance my lens at you? Box No U/390/66.

Q I saw you distinguished gentleman in Fopp Edinburgh ‘I was born to make you happy.’ ‘Give me a sign.’ Box No U/390/67.

. I saw you drinking beer at the Traverse. Spiky hair, red cheeks. Why does a Mexican push his wife of a cliff? Tequila. Box No U/390/68.

v I saw you A. All through the night, feeling your arms around me holding me tight. We’ll share our joy together as we wait for the mornin’ sun. Yeah, we’ll laugh and share our dreams together as we watch the mornin’ sun. Let’s rock. Box No U/390/69.

O I saw you 17/6/00. Me helpful shop assistant. You shopping for a swing ball. Could this be a game, set and match? Box No U/390/70.

O I saw you Juan from Brazil in Three Sisters. We both liked Apocalypse Now. Please call me. Lynne. Box No U/390/71.

O I saw you Spanish girl with lnverness accent behind Filmhouse box office. Let’s go back to lnverness for some fun. I know you love it. Box No U/390/72.

O I saw you the lovely Angus, outside now and around Edinburgh. I’m sure my dancing didn’t impress, but I’d still like to Get It On. Box No U/390/73. O I saw you two sexy chicks playing Scrabble in the Filmhouse. Fancy a game? Box No U/390/74.

O I saw you Yvonne R, back in Edinburgh? Your worthless Irish friend would love to hear from you. Box No U/390/75.

O I saw you being sick in my fez, blue Sat 17th June. Your velour cat suit was purrfect. Scratch me baby, pussy lover xxx Box No U/390/76.

O I saw you my mum warned me about girls in red especially blonde ones. Here’s to Sigmund. Box No U/390/77.

O I saw you mad Malcolm at The Apartment. I wanted you more than any munch on the menu. I settled for salmon. Who’s yer daddy now? Love Bx Box No U/3‘)0/78.


. I saw you at Pillbox on Friday 16/06/00 —You Cypriot Fury. Light my fire again. You know what I mean? Lovely stuff. Like . . . Box No U/390/79.

O I saw you the man in blue. Your ripe buttocks, swaying to the samba. Baby, you so fine call me. Debbie xxx Box No U/390/80.

U I saw you Poozie, in the City Cafe getting your ass well and truly whipped by moi. Ha ha. Box No U/390/81.

O I saw you gorgeous Lisa, smiling keeping me afloat. See ya soon, The Kiwi. Box No U/390/82.

O I saw you all in navy blue. Lucky lucky boy. Box No U/390/83.

O I saw you John Martyn, Liquid Room. You: greyish hair, table nearby, fleeting glances. Me: hennaed hair/fringe (grey underneath!) with chum in wheelchair. Wandering at end eyes met, mutual smile fancy talking? Box No U/390/8-I.

Q I saw you M. Your ma and you are very cool. When my ma found out her cheeks went on fire sol threw her into the pool. From Twinkle Little Star xxx

Box No U/390/85.

9 I saw you wearing a lime green shirt watching me sitting on the Links in my shorts. Me green with longing. You pining with curiosity"? Box No U/390/86.

Q I saw you in the Traverse. You look just like Declan Donnely. Let me be your Cat Decly! Box No U/390/87.

. I saw you in the Slug And Lettuce, in Costa, in Droothys, in Dublin and at the Castle at sunset. never leave me Pear. Box No U/390/88.


O I saw you Estaminet. St Andrews, 24/6 while a tropic rain fell: a smiling coffee- Itugging blonde. with elders, matching rings and leather jacket. I in red and read my paper, intrigued. Box No U/3‘)0/5.

V I saw you ‘singing boys’, Arran, June 2000, folk festival and on wild buses from Whiting Bay. Same time next year, lads? Love from Fergus, Kirstin, Cathy and Jo. Remember? Box No U/390/13.

O I saw you Animal in Covent Garden, said goodbye in Dulwieh. l was too tired and ill to talk or care. Now I so wish I’d been nicer. Can I see you again? Box No U/390/17.

6—20 Jul 2000 THE LIST 101