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the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).


7 6am-10am

1pm Graham Stewart


6am- 10am

Graham Stewart lpm-me



Graham Stewart lpm-4pm



Graham Stewart lpm-dpm



Graham Stewart lpm-dpm


Ewan Macleocl 6am.- 10am


Ewan llacleod 68W lOam

Graham Stewart lam-4pm


Wutl‘ Ric'ua'd \‘uv’N-wso" Jp'n- 7pm

Tunes Go Menthol In Ibiza S;)m~6pm

The Beat 106 Mix 7pm—-7.30,')m

7 The Beat 106 Mix 7pm --7.30;)m

The Beat 106 Mix 7pm-~-7.30pm

The Beat 106 Mix 7pm—-7.30pm

Trevor Reilly 7pm- 10pm

The Jengaheads 7;)!71-9pn‘

7.30;)m-10pm 7.30pm lOpm 7.30pm 10pm 7.30prn- 10pm The Rock Show

mtl: l.'a'-'.i" Batc-

Craig Burger Queen 9pm-nwdnggh:

Orde Meukle lOpm-mudnught

Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ KC 8.- ia". a S.'. ‘1

with Colin levendale midnight-3am

u'ruth Paul Mendez midnught-3am

Night Beat

lauu‘. batt‘

The Lock-In with Stephen Lee 8:

The Lock-In ‘.‘.’lih Lusa luttle.‘-.ooc:' &

/ Robin Banks' Diary

A look inside the wonderfully warped

world of Robin Banks

I've been here four months now. Best part? Loads of them, Hearung Warwuck, our token Australuan, thunderung down the steps from the Royal Mule to Cockburn Street wuth nothung more than bubble wrap for protection was an early hughlught. Getting thousands of calls to our specual phone lune on ’the thing all men love' was a great buzz and what ab0ut Stud Stevue? One day thus guy’s phonung the show, the next he’s on a plane to London to scam an untervuew wuth Kylie Munogue and as uf that wasn’t enough, manages to blag hus way past Muke Tyson’s munders to ask questuons at the press conference.

As usual, as I sut to wrute thus I'm rught up agaunst ut, Katy and Euan (newshound and trusted producer boy) are comung to collect me un fufteen minutes. We've got a hot date! A couple of months ago thus guy Ricky called un, Just a normal bloke except for one small detaul, he c0uldn’t really be understood . . . hus law was wured shut. 'Cshshmethhuc Shurgrrry', he hussed. He couldn’t speak, drubbled everywhere and his relationship was about to end. After a few weeks I could loosely translate for hum, thus man was lookung

Helicopter Girl: Subliminal Punk (Instant Karma)

David Holmes: 69 Police (60 Beat) ' yA'nnie Christian: Planet Of Love (Filthy Mouth)

Less Than Jake: All My Best

Friends Are Metalheads (Golf)

*Deckardtmt Reason (Kinetic) Kid Rock: American Bad Ass

for love, a proper lady to look after and care for hum. God, he’d been to hell and back and needed a break! (Lava)

So thus, tonught, us hus bug nught. Cilla Banks put out a plea a couple of weeks ago and got seruous replues from gurls who wanted thus man. Desperate? Who knows, but tonight us the nught. We chose one. I’m goung to hus h0use with her (cue vuoluns here). Then, uf thungs are lookung good, I’m out of there to leave those two

loveburds to . . . to . . . to, probably shag and never speak to each other agaunl? J

The Bathers: Mentys‘lwo (Wrasse)

Police Chief: New Kind Of Gravity (demo)

Manganese: Glimmer (Mint) Life Without Buildings: ls Is And The IRS (Tugboat).

6- ~20 lqu l999 THE “ST 109