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Comic book confidential

Comics 'grew up' in the late 805 thanks to three seminal titles: The Watchmen, Maus and The Dark Knight Returns. After a short-lived adult life they were once again dismissed as ‘nerdy'. But the appeal of comics won't go away.

Words: Miles Fielder

z ,- - . - v; .-, r,» ./ Atigtist sees X-il/Ien. the latest blockbuster lilm ' 92‘? . ' “M V X I ~ . . . . . a FUCKEDM . ' kw we“. NEVER adapation ol a COIIIIQ book hit the big screen, If fly; .0 V, \ arm." some (We am . . . ' " '-' -"1' “Hi :1' ’4: hJO‘UJ. .‘Jvlr‘. ,‘AL. Alter vears vvatching lielhlesslv as rival .,< "HE L-Osrazé w. -: , 'meet. {Mfg-N9 ' ' we mac ere: ASSHOLESw

publishing giant l)(' (‘omics hogged cinemas with its Superman and Batman series. Marvel (‘omics has got its act together. l-'ollovving X- .llen. Marvel is developing much ol‘ its back catalogue: The Black Panther. ('upiuin rilllt’l'lt'u. 'I'lie liiererlible Hulk. Luke ('uge.‘ l’ou'er .llun. llell. we might even see the long- avvaited Spiller-Hun and l'iliiiusiie l'imr lilms. which have been tied up in litigation for years. Mid-noughties cinema looks promising for super-powered beings prancing about in tights.

(‘inema‘s more immediate luture sees comic book adaptations ol‘ a different sort: llollvvvood is mining the alternative to adolescent superhero strips. 'l‘errv va‘igol'l' (who made ('rum/i. the astounding documentary about underground artist Robert

CO‘.‘.'c 46.75

('rumb) is directing (i/iosi ll'or/(l. based on a

strip l'rom Daniel (‘lovves' cult quarterlv comic / , _, ., , H 27”"- l“ '1 {09‘7" .. . .. . ' , ~ .. ."\::>:-..'t.. greatest . com/C5 Mazes lzigliilm/l. starring lhora Birch and Steve \ via/l T,"-"<€' technorog/es x ‘31" :T' a j -~ '- Buscenn. .\ot to be outdone. (‘hristina Ricci is \ "<‘ J WM now. /' co—producing and starring as a Russian cvborg “N ~ —— »—\ ,—— —— —-—-""’/ §‘\——

\viih a mission to destroy America in .‘idlt’llllllll. based on Tony Daniels’ comic. Remember Pop Will liat ltsell"s legend: ‘:\Ian Moore knovvs the score"? The vvriter‘s demvthologising ol‘ superheroes in The ll'uie/imen proved that to be the case. btit Hollywood has so far l‘ailed to capture Moore‘s talents on screen ('l‘errv (iilliain gave tip on his version ol‘ 'l'lie ll'uie/imen). t'ntil novv. Currently in production is From Hell. the Hughes brothers’ version of Moore‘s labyrinthine exhumation ol‘ the Jack the Ripper

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