Like pop never happened

Re: Cas Rock review (issue 389)

I know I shouldn't be Surprised, not really, not after all these years. But for your revrew of the last week of the Cas Rock to totally ignore the entire night of Saturday

3 June still made the ol’ blood bOIi.

Out of the three 'Iast week’ shows I attended, not only was this the busiest, but It was by far the most fun and fitting way to see out the Cas. Let's not forget that the venue has been hosting the more punk-oriented shows for jUSI as long (or actually, longer If we’re gOnna get pedantic about it) than the 'rndre' side of things.

The three bands that played, Gin Goblins, Unique Freak and Newtown Grunts have all played many storming gigs at the Cas over the years and the final bash was no exception. But from reading your revrew, none of this really happened, right?

I know that scene isn’t ’hrp’ and that it doesn’t fit into your supposed Edinburgh 'pop scene’. I know that the DIY ethic IS not something you support, well, not when there's the world of nice freebies and smarmy managers being, well, smarmy to wallow in. And none of these bands are ever Irker to be 'flav0ur of the month' so no pomt in covering them, eh?

But 1692, they were by far the best thing I saw in that final week. Now, you may not agree, tastes vary thank God, but to totally ignore the entire night rs ridiculous. You had a revrewer there after all! What happened, dld It not fit Into yOur editorial

policy? Too good to write-off wrth yOur usual carefully worded and thought-out description ’punk' (whether It's punk or not)? I genuinely would like to know. Jefferson Turner

via e-mai/

Great Grunts

Re: Cas Rock review (issue 389) As a regular gig-goer at the Cas Rock over the years, I was very drsappornted in yOur coverage of the final week. How on earth could you not mention any of the bands on the first Saturday of the final week? Three bands, all of whom put on a great show, but not one word about them! In case you weren’t even there, we had Grisly Ghosts Of Cauy (ex-Gin Goblins) who, even with a stand-in drummer at three days’ notice belted out fine garage punk and started the evening With a bang (literally! I. Then there was Unique Freak and their metal/hardcore assault on the senses. intense stuff, and Surely worthy of a mention?

Finally, the Newtown Grunts ended the night with their uSual blend of lunacy, Buckfast, much dancmg and great ska-punkery. The atmosphere and reaction to all the bands was great. This was a true celebration of all the fantastic nights the Cas Rock has seen, and yet you chose simply to ignore It.

Still, yOur revrew had a nice big picture of local darlings Annie Christian, eh? Obvrously far more important. The Edinburgh gig scene IS dying a death, partly because of people like yOurselves who seem Incapable of grvrng fair coverage to the full spectrum of

local talent. Hey, maybe you JUSI don’t like that sorta stuff (which given the three bands, makes for a large body of work you ’oon't like’l), but why not try getting someone who does?

Mick Geggus

Great King Street


We were there, we didn’t like it (this time) and decided it wasn’t appropriate to run a negative review of an otherwise cracking closing week. See this issue’s live review, page 49, for our version of events.

Those cyclists again Re: bike feature (issue 388)

Sorry, meant to write this ages ago, but I've Just come across yOur Issue 388 With the Summer Cycle Special. What a great special. Cycling IS really coming back in a big way and this summer has seen the biggest millennium protect after the millennium dome (and the only national one) opened. It was of course the launch of the National Cycle Network.

I’m sure y0u COLIId burld upon the success of the summer cycle speoal to Include a section in The List all about cycling and what’s on the cycle calendar. It would be a great addition to yOur otherwise great magazrne, You c0uld revrew all the new stuff, revrew new web Sites, shops, ride locations and routes, all kinds of stuff.

I hope you make cycling a much more regular part of The List, and I'm sure it Will make yOur mag even better than it already rs. Callum Macdonald via e-mai/

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