Running Order Saturday 8 July

Have the upper hand on all those wandering around the fields of Balado with our full line-up guide to all the stages at T IN THE PARK. All information is correct at time of going to press but

may be subject to late changes.

Band Gray The Welsh siiiger-songwriter, hugely popular in Ireland, blends a(ousti( songs with ele( Il'Olth.

lynden David Hall

Award-Winning distinttly '( reamy' votals from the UK soul man


One of the (ountry’s most (ompelling live a< ts drive their ro(k along with Just the right amount of angst

All Saints

They've (ome all the way from trendy (entral London to play in a field You've gotta hand it to the girls

The Bluetones

Gl()‘.'.’l‘.-tll) Britpop from the band whose latest album, Sue/ire And Nature, shows their soulful side Gomez

The mighty (J()lll(‘/ play their husky vo(al, beautiful, skunk sla< ker ro< k

Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Robert De Niro's favourite ( heesy listenin' hip hop ro< kers bring a tou< h of the lounge bar to Balado

Ocean Colour Scene

Britpop, New lvlod, (all ’em what you Will, but they're ba(k and they're popular big time

16 THE HST r’) 20 Jul 2000


Barbed JdX/ soul With not a little inspiration from Sly Stone.

Aereogramme Trash indie gtiitar band outta Glasgow, (ourtesy of Chemikal Underground label

At The Drive-In

Brand spanking new sparky punk popsters

My Vitriol

'lvletalli( pop With autumnal harmonies', as NI'WE w0uld have us believe Tipped for big things


The money, this lot Perlert Manr unian psyrhedelu a<oustir pop

The Wannadies

The SrandinaVian wonders plug in their guitars again after a blinding a<oustir set at London’s Astoria


So quirky and hooky they make Poi'tishead seem like your granny's favourite pop (ombo

Beth Orton

The heavenly diva \Vlll he playing material from her two (lassi( albums, and we hear Terry Calliei may make a guest appearan< e


That little guy from New York is going to play songs from the multi-l)il|ion-/illion selling album, Play, plus some new stuff just for you

Kevin Saunderson noon—1.30pm

Detr0it’s E-dancmg original

Rolando 1.30—3pm

Top gun DetrOIt techno player responsible for the anthem 'Knights Of The Jaguar?

Swedish but Glasgow-born Lars Sandberg flies in from Bartelona to spin a techno-deep house set and play out some live tunes.

Tom Middleton 4—6pm

The Slam favourite purveys his own original-style deep house

A legend in his own time, the man behind timeless classics 'Strings Of Life' and 'Nude Photo'

DJSneak&GeneFarrisvsRogerSanchez& JuniorSanchez 8-11pm

FOUl (l(‘(k duel that'll top off the aural d( tion wrth some trirky Visual luna(y