It sJo&Danny Psyt heoem folk from (lutles who smoke the same strange (Iggres as The Beta Band

King Adora

SEea/y glamotrr mth these meiotlrt punksters


Danbar's o\.'.n melan< li()ll( (ountry strummers

Crashland l.l()(lrsh three nirnute hero popste's orovrrle orig— \.=.reary mom's anti aorenal n-sp;l<e(l musr<


i-uii lill‘(‘ .o-fr ere<tror‘1(s fron‘ ex-Bel e And Sebastian bassist Stuart Dd‘JKl

Dum Dums

Punk-pop from a thrashed-up boy band

Teploader Soul-tngetl rot k from the hand ‘.'.no retently supported Otean Colour S<ene

Badly Drawn Boy

Ame" (an. vn'asrtal ;nfluen(es plus British sense of "‘umo;.r from We fella responsible for the ltitl( h-fetetl a bum, lire Hour Of Beaw/(lerbeast


Big, org, big srnte their (lub ht 'Sang It Batk', antl nou'. a Lilly-fledged l)d."(l, iglolof-to have rriasteretl fine art of playng thear abstratt funk ln'e

Crash DJs


"/dfli‘. u't) and tool (lovt'n sotrntls from local spinners The Gents

Pet ulrar punk popsters SlQliOd to Lrthrum Records Imperial Racing Club

Human Condition Retortls' own soaring guitar fuz/ bombs

Cl State

Chunky guitars are given a funky edge by this \\ est (oast outfit

The Silver Pill

\"Jhlte hot angular guitar heroes from the ('aprtal Fifth Amendment

\‘t/(Frghty Sll\'(’l'f|8li-(‘S(lll(‘ rot'k from this four-prete LapsusLinguae

Dark anti broody guitar nOIse


Strummy guitar pop purveyors

Eugene Kelly

One time Vaselznes man and nmr-legentlary Glasgow

rntlre toff

Biffy Clyro

Gld8(j()‘.'."s latest Ill Innovative (]!'()\‘.ly guitar abuse ScubaZ

Dant eable party sounds,

Scientific Support Dept

l’xperzmental elettro-atoustrt shennanrgans


Energetrt reggae, folk fusronrsts

Crash DJs

See above


Cruithne noon-1pm, 2-5pm, 4—5pm

A trio With a whole host of rnstruments and Ideas The Picts 1—2pm, 5—4pm, 5-6pm

Energetrt takes on traditional tunes

Last Tram To Auchenshuggle 6—7pm, 8-9pm,10-11pm Great name, great oano', guaranteed party al the Fraser McLelland Band 7—8pm, 9-10pm

Traditional tunes In an upbeat party style

Café Club Tent

David Boni

Gordon Graham

Ex-Lost Soul Band frontman who plays atoustrt pop Reatmasters

Tennent's Lager's pop quiz hosted by DOCTOF Paul McCluskey Brothers

Ex-Bluebells return mth some rootsy folk Viv&Jill

Nutty pair of stand—up (omit gals

Ewan McFarland

Rob Rouse

Kevin McDermott

This veteran performs thoughtful solo pop/rot K Phil Kay

The L/s't (olumnrst and (lerangetl (ometly loon MonicaQueen

Stottrsh songstress

Swiss Family Orbison

Country-tinged a<oustr< songs

Bacardi B Bar

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0 fit“ 1‘: Ni)? THE llST 17