Running Order Sunday 9 July

late changes.



WA\":.‘ 0"..-



The Clint Boon Experience Ex-Insprral carpet Boon leads hrs band of melodrc tunesters.

Bootleg Beatles

Not the real thrng, but gettrng damn close.


The wee lassre wrth the brg vorce belts out a few classrcs from yesteryear.


Scotland’s trarlblazrng gurtar heroes brrng therr angular rock back to Balado.


He may be gettrng on a brt but the wrld one strll knows how to put on one hell of a rOCkrn' show. Supergrass

No longer Just ’In It For The Money', thrs poptastrc three prece eri be the perfect Sunday treat

Macy Gray

Her husky tones and funky rhythms have won over hearts and heads everywhere, now experrence rt all Irve.


Scotland’s most tuneful types frnally make rt to the top,

18 THE llST 6 20 Jul 2000

All information is correct at time of going to press but may be subject to

Fresh faced rndre newcomers


Crazy funsters Manthrld lay down Car'drff's answer to

brg beat, Day One

The Brrstol-based duo takes thrngs easy \.'-.'rth therr brand of folky hrp hop


Dublrners fronted by the begurlrng-vorced lylark Greaney

Dark Star

lvlelodrc psychedelra and thunderrng basslrnes from thrs wrld three-prece

Groove Armada

The funk house (ombo r‘espons'rble for the nrt ‘I See You Baby'.


Madonna's latest srgnrngs perform therr uptrght, poppy grunge hrts.


Get your lrghters out for a hefty dose of anthernrt DOD

David Holmes

A DJ set from Belfast's own turntable master of eclectrcrsm.


Sorna's pr‘ernrere lrve a(’. sho'.'.( ase tier sou: house sound

James Lavelle1—2.30pm

lylo Wax's (href shot-rs nah-y he's got a 'eputatror‘

Death In Vegas 2.30-5.30pm

th hard Fearless and (o brrno the dartt e-rot k "urn'vd of aLburn [he Cont/no Sess/orrs to lrfe

Andrew Weatherall 5.30-5pm

lulr'rrrnal I(?('l‘rl‘.() and ele< tr‘o (re st;"ts t"()n‘ tee legendary produ<er

Darren Emerson 5-6.50pm Hrs frr'st Stottrsh set srr‘.(e the "(>t.s(‘/f(‘( hno DJ sn1'. from Ur‘.(ter‘\'\.()rld

Slam Dds 6.50-8pm Orde lxlerkle and Sttrart l‘.l( fu'r a" ‘.'.<‘r.'"Y‘ t"e t’t)‘.'.(l \.'~.'rth a set of fun-o. tet l‘."() arr: "onse

Leftfield 8-9.30pm

'l‘he (lante proneers brrng the." pass we dul)/te< 'nno/hsp hop rnrxes to Batado

Carl Cox/ Jim Masters vs Stuart McMillan/0rde Meikle 9.50—11pm

[rdht (let ks and four rr‘er‘. eu:.a?s guaranteed turntable rnayherrr