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of Lord Snowdon . _ FIlm Fest announces August line-up

The Edinburgh International Film Festival has announced highlights of the programme for its 54th edition.

0 Things You Can Tell Just 8y Looking At Her brings together an all— star female line-up including Cameron Diaz,

New contender

Michelle Rodriguez Glenn CIOSQ, Holly in Gmfight

Hunter and Calista

Flockhart. Directed by

Rodrigo Garcra, son of Gabriel Garcra Marquez, this Californian- set drama is reminiscent of Short Cuts and Magno/ia.

0 Beaver Trilogy is an oddity that sees filmmaker Trent Harris meeting and filming a young man from a town called Beaver who is obsessed with Olivra Newton John. Trent then remade the documentary. , . twice. Once for £100 With Sean Penn playing Beaver Kid, then again wrth a bigger budget with Crispen Glover.

0 Brit cinema is represented wrth Some Voices, Our Friends /n The North director Simon Cellan JoneS’ feature debut starring Daniel Craig and Kelly Macdonald.

0 Oscar-winning Scottish documentary filmmaker Kevrn Macdonald (One Day In Septemberi premieres his new film, A Brief History Of Errol Morris, the SUbJQCt of which is a leading documentarist in his own right,

0 Gir/fight might well be this year’s Boys Don’t Cry. Debut director Karyn Kusama’s film about a young female boxer boasts a powerhouse central performance from new contender Michelle Rodriguez.

0 Finally, Carter Burwell, the soundtrack composer responsible for the Coen brothers' films, appears at a Reel Life event to talk abOut his work.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival runs 13-27 August.


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