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121 Renfleld Street, 332 1846. [P, WC, WA]

Peter Powers Fri 7—Sat 8 Jul & Fri l4—Sat 15 Jul. 7.30pm. £10 (£9). Prepare to be shocked, amused and maybe even hypnotised as Peter Powers demonstrates his incredible skills. The show is called ‘Hilarious Hypnotics’, except on 7 and 14 Jul when it turns into the charmingly Highlights of titled ‘Bog Off Show’ and tickets are buy the fortnight one get one free. Powers’ ‘Midnight Madness’ also takes place every Saturday night, a show strictly for ‘adults only’, and I’m sure you can imagine why.


25 Albert Drive, 287 3900. [P,'1T, WC, WA]

Blast Theory Desert Rain Until Sat 8 Jul. Noon—9pm. £6 (£3). Described as a game, an art installation and a performance, this interactive event uses computer software projected onto a wall of water spray to create a 30 minute journey through a variety of virtual spaces. Only six people can participate per performance, and don’t worry, protective clothing will be provided. See review.

Colquhoun And MacBryde benefit from Dundee Rep’s distinctive designs




63 Trongate. 552 4267.

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me Tue 1143a! 15 Jul. 8pm. £6.95—£8.95 (£3.50—£5). All tickets for first night at The Tron £3. Company Theatre present Frank McGuinness’ bitter-sweet tale based on the harrowing experiences of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy. _ Focussing on three fictional hostages in , ,

the Lebanon, an Englishman, Irishman A" My 5005 Perhaps the hlghi'ght OJ and an American, the jokes and the tears Dundee Rep’s first season with its full run tthK and fast as they face the repertory company! Arthur Miner’s "Inmate m human endurancc' Sec classic study of family life features an

preview. . . electrifying performance by John EDINBURGH DRAMA Buick (above) as a father corrupted by the American Dream. If you didn’t

BRUNTON IHEMRE catch it first time around, you’d be a Edgwfl wig xiiselburgh’ 665 2240' fool not to see it in summer rep. The snow Globe Thu 20—Fri 21 Jul. Dundee Rep, Thu 204” 27 Jul-

2pm. See Kids. Desert Rain An extraordinary multi- media piece by Blast Theory. Virtual

13—29 Nicolson Street, 5296000. [11, 33‘3"” b'ends W'm p93°rmanfi and wc, WA ocumentary to prow e us Wit a

the Singmg Kettle Homemade Band multiplicity of possible interpretations Show Fri 7—Sun 9 Jul. See Kids listings. Of the Gulf War. A very different sort

of event with the possibility of

7' AGAI IIS'I' ~ - IIA'I'IIRE 18—22 Greenside Place, 0870 6063424. prQV'd'ng debate. for aUd'encesi see *‘

revnew. Glasgow. Tramway, until Sat

H, WC, WA human—mm... w. WEDNESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER

2.30pm. £5.50. See Kids listings.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE behind their spouses back. Joining them G G ow, s E & c c


Grindlay Street, 248 4848. [P, H, W, at various points during their lives, the ,

WC, WA] play also gives a timely insight into the ' O I 4' Sam; Time, Next Year Until Sat 29 Jul changing climate of 19505, 605 and 705 WAY AHEAD 0 | 4| 339 8383 CLYDE (not un/Mon). 8pm (2.30pm matinee on America. If the storyline sounds familiar, u Sat 8, Wed 12, Sat 15th & Wed 19th Jul). Slade’s play was also turned into a SHOW: 8‘OOPM ° TICKETS: £2750 (SUBJECT To 8K6 FEE) " " " £7—£17.50(£l—£8.75). Briony . cracking film staring Alan Alda and Ellen GROUP BOOKINGS ALLVENUES; 020 3363 3266

McRoberts and DaVld Robb star in Burstyn. See revrew.

Bernard Slade’s Californian comedy STEEL? DAN TQUR CIC HOT-lime: 0' IS. 9'2 9'27

about a couple who meet up once a year Continued over page Buy "(ken mm“ from 'nwetswnimexaw

New album “2 AGAINST NATURE" out no ! mstoolvuaneom

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More Information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

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