Now in its third groundbreaking year. the Edinburgh International Club Festival continues to go from strength to strength. Dedicated followers of the club culture phenomena will notice some significant changes from previous years. Newcomers. at first struck by this year's crowd pullers like Boy George and Dave Seaman. should look a little deeper into the mix. because Uhhke most Clubs Where you're etveh In its first year. the Club Festival brought together the finest the choice between a main room and a backroom alternative local talent mm the UK'S SUPC'C'UbS MmlStryi Cream and (if you're lucky). The Club Festival weekends offer five levels Co'ours' weekend aUd'CnceS peaked at J”St Over 2000' W'th 0t CUttthg edge music right across the beard~ clubbers travelling from all over Scotland to revel in the The dramattC event that is the Club Festival warrentS being celebrations that included five clubs on five levels. for the held in one of the city's most stunning venues. Between the paltry fee 0' £5 years of 1980 tO 1997' Bhste Square's Tevtet ROW House BUilding on its success. 1999's Club Festival attracted even was home to the Fringe Club. Every night of the Festival. the bigger names to the event and among those gracmg the sprawling student union played host to the most exciting live mun'ple turntables were Ma’Sha” Jefferson 8‘ Farley acts on Otter and raptdty became the epicentre of Fringe Jackmaster Funk. Justin Robertson and Fabio & Gr00verider. activity. As the Festival grew however. not even a building as Once 393'“ the party ran for every night Of the FCSt'VaI' thus large as Tevtet could accommodate the vast array of becoming the biggest celebration of dance culture ever seen performers and their audiences and the decision was taken to in the UK’ The Organ'sers had Created a monsmr' vacate the venue. one of tWO thtngs could have happened at As for Significant changes this year - the festival will now run thts time _ Edinburgh Uhtverstty Students~ Association from Thursday to Sunday to guarantee that the night you (EUSA) could have rented the budding to another client or Choose Wl” Showcase the bes‘ DJS- the bes‘ mUSlC and the they could eepttahse Oh the petehttel of the space best atmosphere the Club Festival has to offer. For the first themselves. year. Scotland's leading dance music station. Beat 106. has As wide-ranging and eclectic as the International and Fringe come on board and W'“ be broadcasnng “"8 from the Venue Festtvals are. perhaps the most prohhe and popular style 0t every Thursday night of the Festival. This year will also give entertainment in the UK. was still being largely ignOred during due prom'm’nce to our local Stars- rapidly becom'”g the summer monthS _ namely dahee muste Many Clubs had to international contenders and among those appearing are The put their residencies on hold while the Festival swamped Jengaheads' Cra'g Burger Queen' MlChael Kl'klev Zammo' every available space and promoters were crying out for m0re 00"” Tevenda'e- as W0” 88 nights from the legendary Taste recognition. The deetSIOh was taken then by the owners to and Sublime. In addition to the main room spectaculars. every establish a place to party‘ a place tO enjoy the best m night will include backrooms that supply everything from drum contemporary dance music. a home for club culture. 8‘ bass through rare groove to Chl'led'OUt dUb~ With main sponsorship on board from Bacardi Breezer and additional sponsorship contributed by The List. Beat 106 and Tennents. the Club Festival can now bring all the big names to your doorstep. A glance to your right and you'll get the idea - Boy George. Dave Seaman. Nick Warren. Hybrid. Lee Burridge. Return To The Source... and it goes on....so Just makes sure you're there when it goes off.

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