04 - 27 AUGUST YEAR 2000

04.08 CREAM (festival 2000 launch)



06.08 TASTE

I 0.08 BEAT 105 (live broadcast)



l 2.08 Sublime presents


I 3.08 TASTE

l'w i'rt :>"’_"e l (1"1),."g" "“.(*"‘(‘:‘. ()"di L. “1) lest mi :)' 'igs \f)“ 5; " ngits 0‘ We nest D‘s on lexe s at (“e SI)(‘( tau. (1' TM 0'. R()‘.'.' l louse. Brisk) Scua'e

Hybrid. Paul Bleasdale, Gaz Long

and Neil McKay. Cream opens the lute-'- ruzt'o'uz! (but) i'estzval once agar: w 2“ Inc

5 (:v"t)t;r'gii Cebu! of progress Vt: "Oust? ,mc

Urea-(Deaf 2"0."(e.'!‘.dst(‘!'s. ) lv:):‘i(1.

Dave Seaman. Colin Tevendale.

Michael Kilkie & Zammo and Scott Brown. (min. U"<:t*",g'<;,."<: s (lane Starr‘s." lets 'i l \1*.'. ‘7sz 11> txr‘ '."t* Ato'iw Bat)»

ra'wf "Mie Out 'est:e"'.s

Shebang, Fisher & Price. Stuart Barrie and Martin Valentine. Taste 'es <fe"ts

.'.e < :>"‘z* S'it‘fhi"; s me \ (,uz 50 «its Y'O" ‘1"t‘t31)" st: sess 0': Wat '-<"Ows no equal.

Sublime: Nick Warren, Kev Wright & ldge Beat [06: Trevor Reilly, Colin Tevendale. The Jengaheads, Gaz Long 8: Neil McKay. S< 07.0.”6 3 biggest (law 0 stat on to '\ {"0

(as-resorr‘e St::)l"".e " 2"eir C. “3) lestiw. (tenut

Boy George. Glen Guest. Gaz Long & Neil McKay. LJ< “be? <',.:) Column mugs someway [)1 d".(I 'er‘<>.-.':\e(: 'e<(>'<:i“g a-tlst 5%0‘. (200549 °.<> We ((21) is: ‘0" a. it of

Phil Ross. Baraka. Marc Allen with Uforic Floral Visions by Zag. plus Kev Wright & ldge. it."" T"t‘( (x K :)a( k to Pose 'itnitty (rays c)f (30a

‘e ‘t.l 0'! 384 «age of UV drapes

(and "‘l-"(: :m’ui "g \fiStui'S

Dimitri. Fisher & Price. Stuart Barrie

and Martin Valentine. it‘gtf'ltld'V Dutch “Onseuithstw [) t": (‘()r‘tr‘::)t.‘tes " s LlilGUt‘ \. :)Q°.<)1"<*"d.'(l Home ()‘E'MK'T 0" lis'ier &


I 7.08 BEAT 100 (live broadcast)

Craig Burger Queen. Colin Tevendale. Trevor Reilly. Stevie Kerr. Gaz Long & Neil McKay. Scotiar‘c' s :yrggest dance musm station. showcases its eciectic mix With the airwaves‘ finest seiection of DJs.



Marshall Jefferson. James Holroyd

and Paul Woolford. A legendary line-up from the teed s super-posse. now running. a monthly residency at london‘s Home.

I 9.08 Different Class Dj's presents


Doc Scott. Storm. MC Justice. DJ Kid. and The General. Goiu:es Metaitieadx rizght weicomes founding memoers Storrr‘ & Doc Scott (1"(1 idinburgi‘ s own drum & bass star's.

20.08 TASTE


Pete Doyle and Fisher & Price. Stuart Barrie and Martin Valentine. Caie Mambo‘s Pete [)0ch plays funxy U:)i|TTlT‘g house for the (lCGICdteG Taste crowo.

24.08 BEAT 105 (live broadcast)

" assocla'. ()9 wt“. S'arn.


Slam: Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle plus very special guests (tbc).

Beat l06: Craig Burger Queen. Colin Tevendale. The Slam residents (Pressure) pi." Beat l06 for live radio action.



Guy Ornadel. Jon Mancini. Gaz Long & Neil McKay. Scottis“ some." <' at) Colow‘s welcome leTlVC NCV.’ YO'KGT' ‘3."(1 :)tl".T{)ll‘g YTOUSC iCdCQY' Guy Creme at t“:s r‘iart‘motri lr'iciav rig“: snectacular.

26.08 CREAM

Lee Burridge. Les Ryder plus Gaz Long & Neil McKay. Tyrant Sowcl Systems i ee Btir'ricge wi'l air ve cirect "r0.m C"ea"if'el(:s to :)lay l‘lS "are. (:eet) 8: tr'd"CCy urea-coed:



Fisher & Price, Maggie & Alan. Peter James. Tommy K. Stuart Barrie 8: Martin Valentine. Tiie triumvirate of chinourgi‘. s gay frier‘civ & gldf'i"‘.ec up house clubs in. a fantastic finale to the l":C‘"l‘.dllOlei Club Festival.


Wl is www.edfringe.com

POSl, THE FRINGE BOX OFFICE, l80 High Street, Edinburgh, EHI IQS

TEL: 0|3I-226-5l38 or 0I3I-650-4673 (OUNlé it I80 High Street, Edinburgh, EHI IQS

Al SC) AV/‘xll Ai’sl l

l HMV, I29 Princes St / Waterstones, 83 George St

The Hub, Castlehill, Royal Mile

IN THE BACKROOMS: V” '1)“ .é‘-.E.3()‘ ("t piiii \t}

LEVEL 1 - Different Class 01's presents the class of 2000

Drum & Bass. H::) Hop through to Dot) & Home

LEVEL 2 - Live Dl's and Audio Visual Link to main room

ir'().".i 900 (armcitv friidc'ie levei.

LEVEL 3 - Retro to Rare Groove, underground to upfront funk.

DJ Matthew Ateenso" dliG guests

LEVEL 4 - Chilled out vibes and Dubbed up beatz

SAVE £2 on tickets bought in advance from the Fringe Box Office and Fringe Box Office outlets

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DJ Nd? aria guests.