The summer holidays are upon us, and you can almost hear the familiar cries of 'l'm bored', 'We never do any- thing exciting' and 'I don't want to read a book'. But as The List discovers, there's an overwhelming choice of

things to do.

(7:23: Helen Monaghan, Kelly Apter, lane Hamilton 5:": Maureen Ellis


(ilaxglm ha\ plenl} ol' \ ixitor ;llll‘£lc‘llllll\ and park\ to entertain the klti\ o\ er the summer lllllllllh and one such place ix The Tall Ship at (ila\go\\ llarhonr I lllll Stohcrow Road. (ll-ll 33‘) (lo3l l which not onl} dill)“ \ yin to we round a genuine lall \lllp hut al\o has honnc) castle da) \. po\\ er hoal ride\ as \\ ell as \pecial pirate and mermaid weekends \\ ith drexxing up. xinging and pirate \toriex. \Vatch ax (ilaxgou '\ paxl and ilx people come to Me al the People's Palace ((ilaxgou (ireen. HHI 55—1 “2331 or take part in the lllllllc‘l’lllh children‘s \\l)l'l\\lll)p\ on oll‘er throughout the \ummer. :\long at the Museum Of Transport

IKL‘h lllllllll. (ll—ll :8- :qglll. lllL‘l'L‘ are \ltl’ltltlx \xorkxhop\ in printmaking and photograph} and on Sat l5 lk Sun lo .lnl the \lnxenm'x .\lodel Rai|\\a_\ (’luh \\ ill let }oli ha\ e a go at

dri\ ing a tram. .v\llotllel‘ indoor acli\ it} I\ in the

Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove

l.-\rg_\ le Street. NH! 28" 2000i uhere yin can we e\er_\ thing lrom dinosaurs to art \\ lnle l'ollou ing the treasure ll‘tllli 'l'here \\ ill he a \pecial trail on Mon l" in] as \\ ell in other \urprixm and pri/ex throughout the da}. \Vhen lllc‘ \llll l\ \llllllllj.‘ lllc‘ c‘lllllc‘c‘ Ul Ullltllml'

acm lllL'\ include Glasgow 200 Park ll’ddmgston. (ll-ll ""l llSSi “here )otl can we the \al'led collection ol animah and take part Ill inleraclix e e\ cnl\ \nch ax snake

Clockwise left to right: Wander with the wildlife at Beecraigs Country Park; climb on board the Tall Ship at Glasgow harbour; watch the Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo and travel back in time at Dynamic Earth


handling and lm'dx ol pre} ll_\ mg tll\[ll;l_\ \. \nd Glasgow Green «(ireenth ke Slit-e1. ill-ll $53 UNI) is not old) (ilaxgon '\ oldexl park. hut the home ol' a great ad\enlnre pla}gronnd complete \\ ilh a rope p|a_\ area. \enxor} garden. outdoor lahle soccer and tenmx. ll.\l‘l' 'l'rackx and an e\etll\ area earmarked l'or occasional children\ perlormancex.


.r\mong the plethora ol \ l\llUl' attractionx Ill lhe cit}. lidinhln'gh'x ne\\e\l \enne Dynamic Earth lllo|_\rood Road. Ul3l 55” "Still! 1\ a lanlaxllc iotn‘nc} ol discmery l’xmg the lale\t interacln e lechnolog}. -l.5lll) million )earx paxx helore _\otn' e}e\ ax \olcanoe\ erupt and tropical I'llllhllll'llh pour doun, Dominating the cil_\ \ \k)|me at the top ol the Ro}a| .\lile. Edinburgh Castle col 3] 225 (Him ollerx panoramic \ ieu \ ol the cit} as \\ ell ax honxmg Scotland\ (ion 11 .le\\ e|\. the National \\'ar Museum ()1 Scotland. the Stone ()1 l)e\lm} and James l\'\ lamom cannon. .\lon\ .\leg. ;\ \llol'l \xalk lrom the caxtle. }oti'|l lind The Royal Museum and the llc‘\\ Museum Of Scotland l(‘hamhei\ Street. lll 3| 2-1" .lll‘h. You ma} gel inl'ormation o\erload. but it's a great da) out. \\ill1llic‘\lllllcdallllll;ll\l\clllg a Particular childl'en\ lamnrrte. i‘l'Ulll \lnll'ed to the \er} real. Edinburgh 200 Ml 3l 33-4 ‘H‘li llc‘\ [U the \\ c‘\l Ul- lllc‘ CH} and l\ Ullc‘ Ul lllc‘ l'inext in Britain \\ illl \omc ol the hexl l'aclllliex l'or holh )otl and the annnalx. 'l‘he penguin parade at 3. | 5pm is a \lg'lll to behold. ax loo l\ the \ ieu from the top ol the .-\l'rlcan pltlllh. South Queenxlerr} lead\ )on to llauex l’ier

\\ here )on can take a \hol't hoal trip on the .\i;lltl ()l The l-‘orih to lnchcolm Island till.” 33l 455" l. Here )on can e\plore the nook\ and cl‘anme\ ol' the ixland'x ruined lllh centnr) ahhe}. hunt for \hell\ on the small \and} heacll and look out l'or seals and sea hirdx. 'l'ncked heneath lhe l'orlh Road Bridge in North Queenxl'err} hex Deep Sea World lll‘)ll(l‘)-1Hlllq~l. ll'x not cheap. and it's not \er) hig either. but “hat the) lack m quanlil}. the} more than make up lor in duahl). including the longest nndemater \xalk~\\a_\ in the \xorld. lo the eaxl ol the cit}. \Ilualed at

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