v I saw you The Polo Lounge and Bennets 25/6/00. You: shaved hair and sideburns, blue T-shirt? Striking eyes. Working London, flat Maryhill area. We spoke of London and Oxford. WITM. Box No U/3‘)l/2.

O I saw you we met in Polo Lounge, 17th June. Spent night in Jarvis Hotel. Waited for you at Princes Square as arranged. Please contact me. I really want to see you again. Box No U/391/5.

O I saw you Tom in Bennets Thursday 6 July. You are still the best thing to happen to me this year. Thanks for the snog. Sorry I had too much to drink but I never feel comfortable in these places. Didn’t exchange phone numbers. Now about dinner (on me)? Allan x Box No U/391/10. U I saw you Kate, Snappy Snaps, Byres Road. 4pm, Friday 7th July. You: freckles and a sweater covered in fish scales. You looked so beautiful. I was tongue-tied in the queue behind. I’d like another chance. Box No U/39l/l l.

V I saw you auburn-haired Goddess of the Skies flying high in your black trouser suit on

BA~1017 GLA to Bristol on Monday 10th July. You can share my High Life anytime. Shy boy slim. Box No 1.1/391/13.

U I saw you but then realised it wasn’t you, just someone that looked quite like you in a different way. Loneliness and boredom; killers, I tell you. Box No U/39l/21.

Q I saw you Gillian at Shag and Tag Wednesday night. I loved it too. Sorry I didn’t meet up with you at the bar, maybe we could get together somewhere else? Philip. Box No U/391/22.

9 I saw you (‘leopatras 11/7/00. We spoke about life and Van Morrison. You ‘Jamie’ home from your travels. Me hydrated Irish lass. I never got to say goodbye. Box No

' U/391/25.

V I saw you KAG2 ((1 research ‘doo’ back in April. Where now? Go on prove there is a god. if not a summer. Please get in touch go on, go on, go on . . ! Box No U/391/30.

O I saw you voluptuous girl, paisley minidress, black boots, Arches Fundamental gig. You: with baseball cap guy at bar, me: black T—shirt, beard beside you. What else is in your wardrobe? Box No U/391/31.

U I saw you funky girl at the Sugarman Three gig on 22/6/00 at The Arches. Drink? Cheers the blonde boogie boy. PS great grin. Box No U/39l/32.

O I saw you Graham what seems like a million moons ago. I love you loads my perfect meer cat. May we always be together. Lorry loads, Sarah xxx Box No U/3‘)1/33.

O I saw you threesome at the

bar in the Tron. You do it for me

big boy. Iiancy some fluffy action? Love Big James. Box No U/391/34.

, 9 I saw you a bronzed Jamie

Lee (‘urtis lookalike. ’ou were recovering from that burning

sensation you received on the I back of my bike!!! Box No U/3‘)l,’35.

v I saw you in The Gate, Date 23/6/00. You funky hair with lots of numbers on chest -- which number do 1 phone? Me innocent blonde in black. You said see you later when? Box No [3391/16. 1 v I saw you Kenny, cool, chatty, funny. Me attached but attracted. No longer attached but still attracted. (‘ome back up the Art School and entertain me. Box No I', 391 I7.

0 I saw you llugh on the dancefloor in the Polo Lounge on Saturday S July. I would still like that date you promised me. Get in touch soon, Scott. Box No 11/391 ’1‘).

O I saw you at the Buff (.‘lub, Italian silvergirl. I owe you a dance! A stranger answered your phone crossed wires? let’s hear some more Gomez. (‘all

me . . . Box No U/3()1/37.

O I saw you bosomy blonde babe in Gap top. You were the one in the pink stetson hat with the cool lighter. (‘all me!! Box

No U,'3‘)l/38.

O I saw you beautiful (.‘olctte working behind the Tinderbox bar. Your luscious lips make me quiver, your hypnotic hips make me shiver, forever your ardent admirer. Box No U,’3‘)1/3‘).

9 I saw you breaking wind rescuing your knickers from your crack. Leave your passionless politician for your secret admirer. Box No

i 0/391 ’40.

O I saw you you bunch of lovely cappaccioness, with your face full of cream and your

ridiculous interest in Status Quo.

You have this love, a chicken. Box No U/39l/41.

0 I saw you A9 Jud! looking so cool at the petrol station, Glasgow. Pretty surprised when I saw you later at T in the Park. You saw me. Drink in air? Box No U/391/42.

0 I saw you in Fusion and again in Tinderbox you, a bit ferret-like but that’s howl like it me, come to bed eyes I love you. Box No U/391/43.

v I saw you in Brel. Hot and ginger and blue cool. Let’s merger so I can love you. Box No U/391/44.

O I saw you Dave S, dream boat adonis with the cheeky chipmonk smile. Your pumpkin chariot awaits. Box No U/391/45.

O I saw you Bunter! looking tanned and lovely . . . What a woman you are . . . Box No U/391/46.

9 I saw you picking your nose in a highly indiscreet fashion, but what interested me most was your control of your bladder. Box No U/391/47.

O I saw you serving the wrong drinks (q the Tron bar a fusty is a fusty is a fusty et al . . . Box No U/3‘)l/48.

O I saw you as a pregnant cricket on Stephens Green hope you got a well earned epidural! Box No U/39l/49.

O I saw you Big James and ILA. in the Tron bar, will you move the world for us all. Box No U/391/50.

O I saw you mon petite choux- fleur, looking hot and firey in the Garage. Sorry about your big toe . . . Love, BigJ xxx. Box No 11/391151.

O I saw you lovely sleazy boy in your groovy T—shirts! Mine’s with beans. cheese ‘n’ cheatin’ chicken . . . Box No U/391/52. Q I saw you snogged you at Fruitfly. l was flashing, you’re a baldie. (‘an I flash you again! Box No ll 3‘)l/53.

Q I saw you online four years ago. I’m glad it all eventually worked out. I-Iappy six month wedding anniversary and twentieth birthday, my darling husband. Love N. Box No U/391/54.

O I saw you pineapple soooo cute @ Borders Cafe, but what where you doing with that freak? 10/07/00. Box No U/391/55.

O I saw you munchkin, in Borders too don’t be a fool! He’s not a freak! llc’s OK really! xxx Pineapple. Box No U/391/56.

v I saw you all @ The Lighthouse. I’m gonna miss you guys. Love Lynne xxx Box No U/39l/57.

v I saw you Debbie donut, your transparent complexion shimmered across the room after one of the best rides you’d ever had . . . on the back of a bike. Box No U/391/58.

Q I saw you Hugh, in the Tron. You have been a great friend. Things can only get better especially for you. Lurve ya heaps. PJ Box No U/391/59.


Q I saw you sexy, sultry, satiable and so me! I looked at you, you looked at me . . . we had an Ally McBeal moment. Barry White was in me! The Tron. Box No U/39l/60.

Q I saw you in your red lycra cycling shorts. Was that a performance indicator or were you just pleased to see me? Box No U/391/61.

v I saw you Thu 29 June working behind the bar of the Tron with your blonde hair and very pleasant smile. Me dressed very casual and carrying the latest accessory, a crash helmet! Box No U/391/63.

O I saw you at Brel, beautiful boy on your beast of a bike lots of love from your babe with the big breasts!! Box No U/391/64.

O I saw you @ The Lighthouse a year ago today (11/7/00). love you loads my babes. I’m going to miss you when I go. Lynne xxx Box No U/391/65.

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