Q I saw you shaking your tail feathers for the flock at the late showing of Chicken Run, Odeon, Saturday 1/7/00. This ole rooster appreciated the eggstra entertainment, groovy chick. Box No U/391/1.

Q I saw you Chris at The Stand. Sunday 2nd July. Dress shirt, fags, beautiful smile you're my kind of boy. Let me make you a man. Box No

11/39 1

v I saw you at Tony Bennett in the Gardens, 1 July. You with friends and a gorgeous smile. You borrowed my friend‘s corkscrew. How about meeting up to share a bottle of wine?

Box No U 391/4.

0 I saw you book browsing in the Edinburgh History Shop, picking a pressie for your Pa. I helped you choose. 24 June. Did he like it? Box No U,"3‘)1.b.

v I saw you Ritchie the model with the bashful good looks. Do you garden uphill or down? Box

N0 U/3() I

v I saw you Rowan by looking down in the quarry. You = tetchy, me = conciliatory. let‘s tussle again. Box No UNI/8. 9 I saw you irt the Filmhouse bar. You shaven head. big blue eyes and wide smile. Me raven haired temptress, green eyes, attd with a twelfth house moon? Wrap me in your big black leatherjacket I want to be in your dreams! Box No U,’39l/‘).

v I saw you my little bundle of Canadian bonkersness, in bed winking in an exaggerated fashion. 1 know it’s not been long but I know that you are my soulmate and I know we have a great future together. I love you with all my heart. Oh and l have fantastic breasts. Jx Box No


V I saw you wushus wips. Happy birthday. Have a great holiday and relax, you deserve it. I love you. Box No U/301/l4. v I saw you booked in Ottakcrs, Russian from food to bed, over spicy prawns, moving the Dynamic Earth, swimming around me, playing on strings and more. Still loving it. From your summer-sharing bloke. Box

No U/39l/15.

112 THE usr 20 Jul—3 Aug 2000

O I saw you on 07/07 in

Sainsbury's car park, Craigleith. We were both putting away our shopping in our respective cars.

You, blonde, green Polo, business outfit. Me, green

Mondeo, Levi jacket and black cargos. I had things on my mind but gradually became aware of you and thought I detected a glance or two. Guess I’d like to find out. Box No U/391/18.

v I saw you Scoosh, St Mary‘s Street, 11/07. Lovely, petite, dark-haired girl. Me guy, denim shirt looking through window in awe. Too shy to come in and ask you out. Next time! Box No


v I saw you selling me a Buddha in ‘Fool’ Newington (5/7) not the Ainsley llarriot ones! You are the brunette whose beautiful eyes vapourised my heart into a million tiny stars. I am just some guy, denim

jacket, shaved no 2. You are more beautiful than all the Buddhas. (No offence Fat Boy, but you should see her!) Surely you can't be single? Box No

U 391/23.

0 I saw you at the Zoo. 1 think that you share my passion for penguins. If so. call me. Box No

U ’39] '24.

v I saw you again! Curly haired, bearded guy on bike, Meadows 8.20am, 14/7. Me dark haired girl wearing specs, walking towards you. Were you looking out for me? Give me a

sign! Box No U.'391/27.

Q I saw you across the Subway dancefloor and you made my knickers damp! l was blonde and in black leather. Box No

U,"3‘) 1/28.

0 I saw you iii the hairdresser having your roots done. Natural blonde? Still sparkly though.

Box No U. 391/29.

0 I saw you two lovely ladies

on two lovely llarley type

scooters . . . whizzing around Edinburgh . . . how about coffee sometime. Box No U/3‘)l,‘36. Q I saw you Moo . . . Hope all

your dreams come true . . ya. Box No 11,391.62. v I saw you baby nurse

Chrissy looking hot-ttHrot at Tony Bennett. You can fly me to the moon anytime. Don‘t be a stranger. Box No L'.3‘)l.o().

O I saw you at the swimming pool; your breast stroke really turns me on. You know who you are! Special llama. Box No


Q I saw you Gillette ‘the best a man can get!‘ at the Traverse you wore your ‘Shania' top, and babes, you do impress me

much! Box No [1391/68.

O I saw you Penfold in Pizza Express. You had to share dessert. My sorbets are all yours. An admirer. Box No U/391/69.

O I saw you at Beltane! You were the bubble fairy and l was the boy in black. Sorry it’s taken so long to pluck up the courage. Box No U/391/70.

v I saw you Dan the man in your orange love bus. Shift your gear stick my direction, Macclesfleld is only the beginning. Box No U/39l/71. Q I saw you at the Spencer preview. We had dinner later. Every Christmas party another chance slips by. 1 look forward to Santa this year. Box No U/391/72.

v I saw you Penfold eating spicy in Pizza Express. ‘Whenever there is danger I’ll be there.’ Box No U/39l/73.

O I saw you a cosmic blonde space cadet across a crowded Filmhouse bar. I was the exotic alien in brown leather who was blinded by your sparkle. Box No U/391/74.

O I saw you unshaven youth (aj Bar Blue. Who do you think UR? I’d like 2 no! Box No U/391/75.

Q I saw you then I felt you expressing hot air over my ear. Love at first burp gormers. Box No U/391/76.

O I saw you you were sleeping, dreaming of mallow mix, whilst qualidada played on a loop. Come round. Let‘s go for our wings. Box No U/391/78. O I saw you breathing my

breath, Ondine of Timberlake.

Prends mon sang. Il est a toi. C‘est le tien. J‘en ai plus besoin. Love, Mark. Box No U,"39l/79. O I saw you (a Traverse bar. You were there 7/7/00 with a Couple. Bloke mustard shirt girl flowery top. Yur lovely. Box No

; Ui39tso.

: O I saw you in a day dream at

the Filmhouse bar. Snap out of it baby and me and you will go far. Kiss my poo na na. xxx Box No U."3‘)l,‘81.

0 I saw you at the Shore on Friday. You were unlucky I was having a shy day. You in the black suit sleep with me then we‘ll have a toot. Box No

u 301 82.

O I saw you in the Traverse,

boobs springing. Don‘t leave me unsupported Ms lsaacs you‘re 5 my lucky star. Box No


5 O I saw you gas god drunk

3 again you smelly wee sod. You

and beano bear get your pants off like you just don‘t care. Who‘s yer daddy now? Box No U/391/84.

Q I saw you three out of four times. You chose my frames Mr optician man. We commiserated over Monday. I went to Berlin. I thought we got on, can I see you again. Box No U/39I/85.

Q I saw you Anne from Planet Out. If you’re up for a sh‘g, give em a shout. PS break a leg xxx Box No U/391/86.

O I saw you Helen S. on Tue night. you and Nikki W.’s behaviour set me in flight. Love to all the Bad Girls out there xx Box No U/391/87.

O I saw you ushering at Filmhouse. Long long red hair, Australian and wow! Come lie in the Meadows some warm(ish) summer evening, eh? Box No U/391/88.

. I saw you in the Village Inn singing karaoke. Qualidada tunes are much better! Box No U/391/89.

O I saw you at Cafe Capri. You: behind the counter, American sparkling princess. Me: backpack, redhead, piano

; hands. Do I turn your crank?

Box No U/391/90.

; U I saw you pompadoured 3 sexy beast, thespian-like

demeanour, dead sexy swagger

Q at the Traverse. Be straight, be

: straight. Box No U/391/9l.

i v I saw you Juan from Brazil

in Three Sisters. We both liked Apocalypse Now. Please call me. i Lynne. Box No U/390,’71.

0 I saw you Spanish girl with

lnverness accent behind Filmhouse box office. Let’s go back to lnverness for some fun. I know you love it. Box No U/390/72.

i O I saw you the lovely Angus,

outside now and around

; Edinburgh. I’m sure my dancing - didn‘t impress, but I’d still like

I to Get It On. Box No U/390/73.

O I saw you two sexy chicks playing Scrabble in the Filmhouse. Fancy a game? Box No U."3‘)0/74.

O I saw you Yvonne R. back in Edinburgh? Your worthless Irish friend would love to hear from

you. Box No U."390/7S.

v I saw you my mum warned

, me about girls in red especially blonde ones. Here's to Sigmund.

Box No U,‘390/77. O I saw you mad Malcolm at

' The Apartment. I wanted you

more than any munch on the

menu. I settled for salmon.

Who's yer daddy now? Love Bx Box No [1390/78.

0 I saw you the man in blue. Your ripe buttocks, swaying to the samba. Baby, you so fine call me. Debbie xxx Box No UT390. 80.

; 9 I saw you Poozie. in the City

Cafe getting your ass well and

truly whipped by moi. Ha ha. Box No U/390,’81.

Q I saw you gorgeous Lisa, smiling keeping me afloat. See ya soon, The Kiwi. Box No U/390/82.

Q I saw you all in navy blue. Lucky lucky boy. Box No U/390/83.

O I saw you John Martyn, Liquid Room. You: greyish hair, table nearby, fleeting glances. Me: hennaed hair/fringe (grey underneath!) with chum in wheelchair. Wandering at end eyes met, mutual smile - fancy talking? Box No U/390/84.

9 I saw you M. Your ma and you are very cool. When my ma found out her cheeks went on fire so I threw her into the pool. From Twinkle Little Star xxx Box No U/390/85.

Q I saw you wearing a lime green shirt watching me sitting on the Links in my shorts. Me green with longing. You - pining with curiosity? Box No U/390/86.

O I saw you in the Traverse. You look just like Declan Donnely. Let me be your Cat Dcely! Box No U/390/87.

. I saw you in the Slug And Lettuce, in Costa, in Droothys, in Dublin and at the Castle at sunset. Never leave me Pear. Box No U/390/88.


O I saw you Babylon, Ayr, Steven one hell of a dancer. Let’s do it all again, R xxx Box No U/391/26.

O I saw you Kim R in Kinross you scrubbed my perfectly styled hair and I painted your face! Going to miss you petal. Love J. Box No U/391/77.

O I saw you Estaminet, St Andrews, 24/6 while a tropic rain fell: a smiling coffee- hugging blonde, with elders, matching rings and leather jacket. I in red and read my paper, intrigued. Box No U/390/5.

O I saw you ‘singing boys‘, Arran, June 2000, folk festival and on wild buses from Whiting Bay. Same time next year, lads? Love from Fergus, Kirstin, Cathy and Jo. Remember? Box No U/390/13.

O I saw you Animal in Covent

Garden, said goodbye in

Dulwich. I was too tired and ill to talk or care. Now I so wish

' I‘d been nicer. Can I see you ' again? Box No U/390/17.