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Precious metal

Whether you want to adorn your belly-button, eyebrow or just want a new pair of earrings, Glasgow's Chaebol is raising standards.

Words: Jane Hamilton

It is an addiction. You can try and deny it as much as you want. but once you‘ye had that first piercing you want another one and then another one unless of course the first one was too sore. Gone are the days of sneaking out and getting your ears pierced only to face the wrath of your Mum when you got home and then having to cover them up for school. In fact. this last year has seen a huge inciease in body piercing and the number of places that are opening tip to cater for this fashion phenomenon are multiplying.

The latest shop to open is (liar/ml. the dream yenture of owner Andrew Forrest who has been in the jewellery trade with his brother David for many years. He has always wanted to open a shop selling quality contemporary jewellery at affordable prices as well as offering a piercing clinic with a wide range of body jewellery.

So if you like jewellery. this place is the equivalent of a sweetie shop to a small child

with a yery sweet tooth and a hand ftill of

pocket money. It has a wide and extensiye selection of jewellery from silyer through to platinum and gold which will appeal to eyeryone including kids. goths. clubbers and

traditionalists alike. There are prices suitable for eyeryone's pocket. with nose and ear studs starting at 50p all the way up "' to a hand crafted l8ct gold bar with garnets at £463. They haye an extensiye range of body jewellery with many designs

Upgrade your piercing or play it safe with traditional jewellery at Chaebol

piercing and works to a

very high leyel of hygiene and

aftercare as well as ptttting you

at ease and making the whole

j process as comfortable and pain free as possible.

('liuelm/ is helping to

move jewellery and piercing away from its back street tattooed U biker image and make '3'! it an accessible place to shop for all jewellery fanatics whether you want a new pair of earrings. a silyer claw ring. a stud

..;.3 “f.

exclusiye to (‘lmclml as well as UV 5:", 14; in your madonna or a jewellery which lets the bits you dare to ;:' n hoop in your hafada bare glow in the dark. ,‘fii 1:: (don’t even ask).

The piercing clinic is situated at the iii: rear of the shop and is run by the lovely Chaebol,114 Byres Kelly who will not only pierce your bits 7:;' I 3:; Road, Glasgow, 0141 but giye adyice. answer all your i) 576 5076, questions and. if you are very good. giye :9"; www.bodyjewellery. you some chocolate or a can of juice i co.uk afterwards. She is experienced in the art of __ j r * '_ v. -'

S h 0 I k Bargains and beyond

HOUSE WORKS, THE specialists in contemporary furnishings in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, currently have big savings available on selected products until the end of July. Their Chelsea and Mayfair three-seater sofas are reduced in price from £799 to £239, with two- seaters from £599 down to £179. Also keep your eyes open for their aluminium folding scooter; at £49.99 it's an affordable and stylish way of getting around the city this summer. www.houseworks.co.uk

EXOTIC RUGS AND furnishings have up to 40% off in The Nomad's Tent. the experts 'n colourful tribal art The sale also extends to jewellery, furniture, bedspreads and cushion covers. The Nomad’s Tent, 27 St LeOnards Lane, Edinburgh, 0737 556 9787,

www. nomadstent. co. uk

NEW AND VINTAGE clothing is the speciality of Edinburgh's Yoyo. The popular purveyors of retro fashion

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Retro for hire at Yoyo

A NEW PLATFORM for young artists has been launched, giving writers, deSigners and photographers the Chance to see their work in print One Magazine, created by The Touch AgenCy, is being run on a non-profit- making basis and is keen to encourage artists to Submit their best work The Touch Agency, The I/l/atchtozver 7a Lothi'an Road, Edinburgh, 0737 228 5092.

have now branched out into fancy dress hire, with the emphasis on fashionable dress through the decades. Prices range from £5—£50, so if you need to get glammed up for a night out go along for a rummage through their flares, feather boas and funky footwear. Yoyo, 5 Clerk Street, Edinburgh, 0131 622 7352.

SLEEP MORE SOUNDLY in a new bed from And So To Bed. They're offering between 20% and 45% off a variety of styles from antique brass to solid wood beds, until the end of July. And 50 To Bed, 7 7— 75 Clarendon Place, Glasgow, 0747 353 7355, 30a Dundas Street, Edinburgh, 0737 652 3700, www. andsotobed. c 0. uk

IF DESIGNER FASHIONS are your thing, check out ICE on Glasgow's Renfield Street. Their current sale has up to 50% off labels such as Acupuncture, Full Circle and Moschino.