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The Beano Online wwwbeanotowncom/

ReVisrt y0ur childhood the acceptable way: instead of trying to hide a copy of The Beano inside your favourite broadsheet, Just VISIt it Online. The gang’s all here, and Dennis and Gnasher are still causing trouble, but now in hi-tech.

Musrc Videos.com www.musicvideos.com

This is an older link that Will redirect you to an updated Site, but it's great. All manner of mUSlC vrdeos await you here, vrdeos for singles and interwews. To get the best out of it you’ll need a fairly fast connection, but you can tailor it for a slower home connection as well. There’s even an option to create your own vrdeo Jukebox.



We have sweets, the Americans have candy. Theirs always seemed more exotic, as Ours probably were to them. But now you can order some bizarrely named stuff. How about an Oh Henryl or a Baby Ruth,7 I’m Just thinking of the Jokes that must have been made about them.

Bio Interactive wwwbiointeractiveorg/

Now the human genome has been fully mapped out, it's jUSl a matter of time until this masswely complicated study gets filtered down to the

average layperson. This site lets you test out some Virtual DNA sequencing in terms that are (almost) understandable. And if you didn't think that was interesting, then here you Will be able to find the gene that is responsrble for that

The Dialectizer www.rinkworks.com/dialect/

Last year we featured the live Translator that translated an English sentence into, well, live This is along the same lines, but can do many more made-up dialects, and can also translate an entire web page if you enter its URL. Swedish Chef is my favourite. It's a foon vey tu spend a foo meenootes Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Patient UK



A great srte for all you hypochondriacs Out there, No seriously, this an excellent health resource for the UK. It contains a wealth of links to very informative Sites and access to medical papers Not a replacement for your GP, but a handy reference all the same.

Brorhythm Generator facade.com/attraction/biorhythm/

Or if you want to try to predict your physical and mental health in advance, you could try this generator. You can

believe in these things or not, but checking dates from the past, it is sometimes scarin accurate. It also has the ability to check to see if your loved one is in tune With yOU, Just in case you don’t know by now. (Steve Blair)

ON-L NE Festival sites

If you don't fancy braving the centre of Edinburgh during August and rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed of the festival throngs, perhaps a quick sojourn around the virtual festival world would be more to your liking. The starting point for most festival surfing is the communal gateway site www.edinburghfestivals.co.uk. Although not having much information of its own, it does conveniently lead into all the major festival’s websites. What's really handy about it is that you can use its search facility to search right across all the festivals for the artist, event, time or day that you’re interested in.

Beyond this portal, the quality, utility and snazziness of the individual festival sites varies quite a bit. The Festival Fringe site - wwwedfringe. com - is nicely designed, but some of the features aren’t finished yet, like the shop and the box office. Plus, irritatingly, you have to register to get on it filling in those zillion boxes can get pretty tedious.

Elsewhere, the Edinburgh International Festival site - www.eif.co.uk - is a very comprehensive and flashy looking site. You can order and pay for tickets online with no hassle, the site itself is extremely fast and has lots of interesting background information, and the search engine is so simple a monkey could get results. Another well-worked site is the Book Festival one www.bookfest.co.uk. As well as all the usual information and booking facilities, this natty site in

edfninge com

lovely pastel green offers the chance to e- mail questions to selected authors, get involved in discussion newsgroups and will provide soundbites from festival events. All this and a regularly updated Latest Ticket "' " " " ' ' ' " Deals page makes for a pretty handy site.

At the time of writing, the Film Festival site - www.edfi/mfest.org.uk - was under construction, however, the Jazz and Blues Festival site www.jazzmusic.co.uk was up and running. Although small and basically designed, it gives easy to read listings that can be searched, and a useful bit of blurb about each act.

If it's off the beaten track you want, two more sites are worth a glance. Firstly the Club Festival site - www.clubfestival.com - is well sexy, and provides all the details of clubbing events at Teviot Row House, from Boy George to Metalheadz. Lastly, the Planet Pop site - www.planetpop.co.uk although not finished, has information on its alternative music event, plus they promise by 20 July to have a page on Vitaminic www.vitaminic.co.uk where you can download tracks by all the participating bands. (Doug Johnstone)


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