Dance stance Electronica under threat Cost cutting mea5ures being carried out at the BBC in Scotland mean the loss of one the finest programmes made in the region if not the entire country, Electron/ca. While Radio I reJOices in playing quality dance music in most forms, BBC Scotland sadly and inappropriately has the token gesture of an hour every Sunday. Electron/ca exceeds all expectations and crams in as much as humanly possible from proper house to drum & bass into its fine 60 minutes. RemOVIng this programme from the schedule would be a travesty to the burgeoning and respected dance scene in Scotland, which would then have no national coverage. The BBC should prove it’s not lust for the farmers, the fishermen and the high arts and have a mainstream dance show in addition to Electron/ca. With two bandWidths, I’m sure room can be found for both 'The Dashing White Sargent and dashing off to the Arches. I would urge anyone With an interest in radio or dance mUSlC to e-mail and an electronic petition can be setup. Stuart Barrie via e-mai/

On the fly

Re: club news (issue 390)

The Situation With flyposting in Edinburgh is ridiCLilous Considering the number of other posters around town, it would appear that La Belle Angele is being dealt With unfairly, It raises some questions.

Firstly, why does the iSSLie of flyposting affect La Belle Angele’s license to sell alcohol? If that were to be evenly applied, almost every

Write to:

venue in the City would suffer, Why is flyposting a licensing offence anyway? I’d have thought that, if anything, it w0uld be more akin to littering than licensing. What about all those enormous record company posters that advertise new releases or major festivals? And what will happen when the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe start? How will the council deal With the hundreds of ViSiting performers who stick posters all over the City to promote their shows in temporary venues, many of which don't sell alcohol anyway? I'm not Suggesting that we encOurage littering or the defaCing of our buildings, but I would hate to see any club, venue or promoter hauled into court or penalised for promoting cultural events. The council has a creative and unique opportunity to solve this problem by creating a low-budget, ‘outdoor advertising' company It c0uld build offiCial poster Sites and a fee would be charged based on the Size of each poster and the length of time it was on display. Perhaps, With The List's help, they can be encouraged to talk abOut it. Lenny Love Broughton Place Edinburgh

When the rain comes Re: T in the Park (issue 390) When I go to a festival, I do not expect to have to wade through oceans of mud, to wander around in circles looking for stages and to stand in the wet for hours because all undercover stages are full Stuart Clumpas has said how important it is to learn from your mistakes and improve each year Well, he appears to have taken a giant step backwards this yearI True, each tent had a sign floating above it, but they were so high up they could not be seen.

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Why not also put large Signs up on the doors of the tents and have some signposts up around the site itself, so that peOple at least have a rough idea of where places are?

The same could be done With the campsite. Why was nothing done to combat the mud and the flooding? Why were there no signs telling people how to get into the main arena or down to the buses? Why was the lighting in the campsite and the car park so appalling? Why did none of the security staff seem to know where any of the faCilities were? Why were the food stalls so hideously overpriced (compare this: two bacon rolls at T in the Park - £4; one plate of soup, two filled rolls and two pots of tea at the church coffee bar in Kinross, two miles away 85p).

The ch0ice of bands was, as usual, excellent . But now it's time to look at the many other aspects of the operation and bring them up to scratch.

Jonathan Muirhead via e-mai/

Chain reaction

Re: cycle special (issue 388)

A cycling special in The List? One phrase springs to mind what the fuck?? Cycling enthusiasts, sorry bores, are a bunch of self- righteous, smug, two-wheeled arseholes. There’s nothing worse than some pot-bellied, spindly- legged eeiit in a stupid helmet and hideous shorts preaching to you about the joys of inhaling city smog while getting shouted at by bus drivers. If there's one place I thought I was safe from these pedalling fools it was The List, an arts publication, mind. Thanks for nothing.


via e-mai/

ps What next? A cricket speCial?

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