The List: How's your day been then? Noel Gallagher: Alright. Couldn’t get the o. morning.

TL: How was the Dublin gig?

NG: We haven’t played outdoors since Knebwo coupled with the fact that I hadn’t played with the months meant it was a bit . . . (trails off) We had a run- the night before but, true to form, the singer didn’t turn u I thought as it went on it got better and better. It was a littl short, but generally I’d say it was an eight out of ten.

TL: Are you looking forward to coming back up to Scotland? NG: We haven’t played Scotland for ages, four years it must be. I’m looking forward to it cos even if you have a shit gig, the night out after is usually pretty ace. We’ll have a good time anyway.

TL: Did you ever make it back to King Tut's since the time you were spotted there and signed by Alan McGee?

NG: Yeah. Me and Gem went up there about Christmas to do some interviews. There was a local band night on so we went down for a couple of pints of Guinness. It was odd because the bands were shit and they were all coming up and saying ’Noel, Noel, what did you think?’ and the trick is if you meet people from other groups, especially ones who are not signed, you don’t want to ruin their enthusiasm straight away by saying: ’Look, it’s fucking rubbish. Don’t give up the day job.’ And you don't want to lie and say it’s great, so we devised a system where we tell everyone their band is weird. Because all musicrans want is to know that other musicians don’t understand what they’re doing. They go (adopts crap och—aye the noo accent) ’What did ye think of ma groop?’ ’lt’s fucking weird man.’ ’Really, d’ye think so?’ ’Yeah man, double weird.’ ’Great. Noel Gallagher thinks we’re weird.’

TL: You're going to see that on press releases everywhere now, you realise.

NG: Yeah, totally.

TL: Any plans for after the British live dates in August?

NG: I’ll probably go back out to Ibiza, I’ve got a place out there where I can go and hang out.



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TL: What about the new songs you've written, will you be knocking out some more in Ibiza?

NG: A lot of fucking bullshit has been written about this. Everyone’s talking about a solo album that doesn’t exist.

TL: You've played a couple of tracks to someone and they've ade it an album?

: I've written fucking two songs; that’s not even a single. ~ made this massive deal about how I was embarking on this solo career which is fucking news to me. So I don't know it's all come from, but just for the record, I have no of pursuing a solo career. The songs I’ve been writing r myself, but for Oasis. Liam’s got himself in a bit of a this and said a few things he shouldn’t have, and I’ll on’t be touring again with him after this lot of gigs at doesn’t mean that Oasis as a group will be It Just means I won’t be getting on the tour bus more.

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s on what the other people’s songs sound like. member that Oasis never sounded like Ride, r Hurricane #I, so with that in mind, it doesn’t work. But the people who say they're up for ave gotta look at the back catalogue. As long as doesn’t start writing songs we’ll be alright. What’s .7 What’s the last thing a drummer ever says in a ot an idea for a song’.

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