Festival Music

After the demise of Flux, the Fringe. has been hankerin after a substantial popular music event. With T ON THE FRING , pop and

rock music

It doesn't take a member of Mensa to work out that the people behind the new contemporary music festival, T on the Fringe, are the same people that bring us the muddy madness of T in the Park every year. With this rock 'n' roll mini- fest taking up residence in two very different venues, the Corn Exchange and the Liquid Room, modern music lovers would seem, at last, to be well catered for in Edinburgh during August.

An impressive array of already famous and soon- to~be famous acts will be performing throughout the month, with the better known among them putting on shows at the criminally under-used, 3000-capacity Corn Exchange. Although alternative yank new boys Semisonic, best known for their indie drinking anthems 'Secret Smile’ and ‘Closing Time’, will undoubtedly put on a decent show, the vastly more experienced Pulp and Ian Brown promise to provide the real entertainment. Jarvis Cocker and his gang have a new album out soon, and always provide succour with their kitchen sink dramas and working-class anthems. And as for the one-time Stone Roses frontman

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turned arch loon, Christ only knows what flavour of monkey mayhem Ian Brown and his weed- heavy crew will provide.

Where some of the most interesting acts at T on the Fringe turn up, however, is at the Liquid Room. This is the place to go for that ‘I saw (insert artist here) before they went huge' vibe. The diversity of talent on show is pretty impressive, from the strummy thoughtful fare of David Gray to the psychotic beat-laden paranoia of L0 Fidelity Allstars. For those that really want a musical treat, however, a couple of gigs stand out.

Idlewild have always been a little bundle of post-grunge fun, but with their latest album, 100 Broken Windows, they've matured into possibly one of the best rock ’n’ roll bands of their generation. Also definitely worth a look are American beardy indie kings, Grandaddy. Their beautiful recent album, The Sophtware Slump, mixes keyboard weirdness with delicate Neil Young vocals and grungy guitars, and live they can take the breath away.

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fl(;lll(/R()()Ill, 0/41 339 8.383, 7 29 Aug

The food of love for the Festival

Das Rheingold

Scottish Opera’s hugely ambitiOus quest to stage Wagner’s epic, commences with this, the first of four parts to be put on over the next four years. Focusmg on the twin themes of greed and betrayal, The Ring Cycle is a grand assault on the senses.

I Das Rheingo/d (Festival) Festival Theatre, 473 2000, 27, 23, 26 81 28 Aug, 7, 75pm. £5~£55

Mozart Piano Concertos

He was a bUSy fella was old Wolfie, and he knocked out a whole bunch of piano concertos in his time. The International Festival has taken it upon itself to present a whole array of the great composer’s works in a series of concerts. Christian Zacharias also leads a concert/lecture on the context, content and inspiration behind many of the pieces.

I Mozart Piano Concertos (Festival) Usher Hall, 473 2000, 74-30 Aug, various times, Lecture (Festival; Reid Concert Hall, 473 2000, 79 Aug.

Acoustic Underground at the Tron Another small but perfectly formed delight which showcases acetistic performers from all over the cOLintry on a more rootsy and folk tip. Chris Conway, Allie Fox and London-based singer/songwriter Rosie Wilby are all scheduled to appear as well as local talent such as Holly Tomas, For those unsure who to go for, try the songwriters showcase for a selection of what's on offer.

I Acoustic Underground (Fringe! The Tron, 226 0937, 37 Jul—~27 Aug, various times.

Boulez 2000

Pierre Boulez, now aged 74, comes to Edinburgh and is widely regarded as one of the great musmal thinkers of our time This celebration of his work extends over a series of four concerts, employing the talents of Emmanuel Ax and Christian Tetzlaff playing the music of BartOk, lvlahler and Schoenberg

I Boulez 2000 iFringei Usher Hall, 473 2000, 24-27 Aug, various times:

Planet Pop

Uruwl Yalsum

Now into its fifth year, Planet Pop has provuled a platform for new music both locally and internationally This year promises a variety of acts including Urusei Yatsura, Ben Vaughn and club reggae genius Marl Professor With more to be confirmed in the (timing weeks

I Various venues, 5 30 Aug