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12 - 28 August 2000 Charlotte Square Gardens

It is the largest and most diverse celebration of its kind in the WORLD.

Access to Charlotte Square Gardens is FREE for the first time this year.

Over 370 authors, including 47 international authors and over 110 Scottish writers, will participate in over 400 events for adults and children.

We expect to attract over 80,000 people to Charlotte Square Gardens over 17 days.

‘It draws children alongside adults, comedians up against politicians, philosophers in tandem with club circuit poets’ The Herald.

There is no limit to our territory. We have book related events'to suit everybody: Fiction, Poetry, Music, Journalism, Crime, Philosophy, Lifestyles, Politics,

Food & Drink...

We will host the first ever Showcase of Scottish Contemporary writing, books and literature, featuring 60 Scottish authors over 4 days, from 23 - 27 AUgust.

It’s a great chance for you and your children to discover new stars with over 160 action-packed, fun-filled events for children and we have Scotland’s biggest selection of children’s books.

You can laze around and read on the grassy lawns, star-spot, scoff a snack, meander round our book tents, bump into your favourite authors and meet your fellow readers.

Everyone is welcome and there are wonders to be

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www.edinburghfestivals.co.uk online with scotsman.c0m

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