Festival Clubs

Clubbin tends to drop off the cultural map at Festival time, but names li e MARSHALL JEFFERSON won’t be Ignored by those who like to spend their nights on the dancefloor. AbiBremner

The International Clubs Festival is striving for the third year to do something about the profile of clubbing in the capital during the Festival. Activities have been scaled back for 2000, but what they lack in quantity, they’re certainly making up for in quality. And if there’s one name that should grab the attention of clubbers old and young, it’s Marshall Jefferson. He’s credited by some with the invention of piano house and by others for laying down templates for genres as diverse as house, garage and techno.

Not that that’s a statement Jefferson himself would agree with. 'We call it two step and garage [except he says gaa-raa-je in a laid-back US drawl] and all that,’ he explains. 'They’ve separated the titles, but not really the music and I’m kindda irritated by that. I think everything should stay on one dancefloor like it used to.’

The man who produced 'Acid Tracks', the record which inspired the 'acid house’ generation, is not overly impressed with his reputation as a dance music legend either. ’I found it quite constraining ten years ago,’ he says. ’I held back from making a lotta records because of that I was kinda conscious of my status.’

As if to make up for it, he's got a finger in

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Top clubbing choices for this year’s festival

Return To The Source

Step ba< k to the trrppy lirppy days of real Ira": e, before Pa..l Oakenfold got his hands on rt, as Goa trarite stal'~.'.«arts Return To The Sourr e team: up with Ed nbt.rgh's home of psy< hedelrr soui‘ds Sublr'ne Carver: the reputation of the t\.'.io nights on the (lub visuals front, expett a lrrlly enhai‘rer: atmosphere for stimulation of body and niind

I Return To foe Sourt e fringe lei/rot Rom House, 650 43.503, lQ/urg, 9pm Sam, {8' '6 at}.


Dante rnusr< innovators, tetlzno stali.'.arts, nahatever you ‘.'.ar‘t to (all filter". the club that put Edinburgh ()r‘. the (ltll)l)"‘r(] r"ap is (losing, and there’s nothing \.'.'e (an do about it [merit get down Here for one massive, final box'x-oii'. featuring the (arei‘ully < rafted (let vs se.e< tons of lauitt h, Brainstornz, The Bill and Sa'dy Paris Or you could zisrt (ilasgox';, Dundee and ,x\berdeen, \‘.hei‘e res:den( res .'.’rl| he (o'itr'iurng I Pure, The Venue 5‘37 3073, 78 Aug,

70 5’Oprn Sam, {’9 4/;


Different ( iass DJs, the agency founded by Jungle li.lagr( 's DJ Kid, rs behind this ex<ellent drrirr‘ 8. bass Sl‘r()‘.'.((i8(’ D()( S<ott arid Storrn be representing (iolrlie's rer‘.()\.'." ed iabel, with support fro'r home-grown taler‘.t .1‘ file form of MC Justrte, DJ Kid hrrnsell and The ('ierzeral il.langa:

I leta/lreatl/ fudge! Tevrot Pour House, 650 41/10 3, 19 Aug, 9pm Sam, 8 IN) adui

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((il‘ get l‘. ‘ree pe‘o'e "‘rd'i‘gl‘t

I U/t/ag/oove, [a Bel/e Ange/e, 225 /"5 £6, 27AM},

" to 90pm 4m, {/0 J81

several pies including work with US rockers Creamer ’l was listening to rock music before I got into dance music,’ he explains

- and his own long player, due out

sometime in the next year.

For his Edinburgh Festival debut, Jefferson will be appearing under the Back To Basics banner. The Leeds-based club has a solid reputation for the best underground tunes and has acted as a launch pad for the careers of DJs like James Holroyd (who’ll also be playing at the Edinburgh event) and Ralph Lawson. However, it’s the ‘anything goes’ atmosphere that has kept it on the map through nine years of changing clubbing trends. Jefferson agrees: 'There's a lot of feeling in that club you know, is no matter where they go, they’ve always ' concentrated on that.’

So clubbers of Edinburgh, get ready to party.

I Bar A It) b’im s '/.'.’/)(]““ Immt l"()'.'.’ House, ()">()‘14'())’, [.70 {Hat/w

Barr Cabanas A ( lug/ideally suited to the festival in ri‘any \‘.’(in rt br'o'nrses to augrre'”. the usual ('a/v (aba'et an: (‘s f \‘.'rth l-ringe "if performers a‘ all hues as lp'g as they're blue, presunrabiy (arrest l)Js :‘o' the night are lhe Dynariv. Duo, featuring forrrzer S<rat<h l’e'vert Plus One and his sparnrig partner of oid, lxtra The theme, appropriately enough, is the \\ letter l I Bar/y (aba/ras, [mu/(l Room, 22‘) 2.564, l2 Aug, /0 90pm 5am, m if '3’, {/1 for / (/Iesse's

78AM}, ()ril': 8am,