American Movie makers Sarah Price and Chris Smith, book-ended by their subjects, Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank, on the


American Movie makers CHRIS SMITH and SARAH PRICE spent two years documenting MARK BORCHARDT attempting to complete his own movies, the epic Northwestern and the schlock horror Coven. The result is funny and disturbing, but is it a fake? Words: Miles Fielder

I thought American .l/Iot'ie was a lake documentary when l lirst saw it at the lidinhtirgh International liilm liestival in 199‘). That was. alter all. the year ol the greatest movie scam ever: The Blair ll'iii'li I’m/'i'i'l. But while that ‘horror doc~ has been revealed as lake. I’m no longer sttre xllllt‘l'lt'llll Movie is a cunning work ol liction.

For a start no one else in the press is suggesting it is. And. preparing to interview Wisconsin lilminakers (‘hris Smith and Sarah Price and their suhjects. Mark Borchardt and his deadhcad pal Mike Schank. a year on dttring the lidinhurgh leg ol their promotional tour. I lind myscll assuming this is a ‘straight‘ documentary. It‘s a strange amnesia. Here‘s a snipet li‘om my ‘straight‘ interview:

The List: How does it leel to he touring with your completed lilms [Form rhymes with oven is playing with .‘llllt'l'lt'dll ."Vlut'it'll’

Chris Smith: You go through this intense period ol

production where you‘re not talking to anyone except each other. and then you switch to not doing any production httt all you‘re doing is talking. It‘s hard to get hack to relating to people.

Mark Borchardt: Meeting people. there‘s a lot ol

redundancy and recidivism. man. htit everyone once in a while you can trip out. ll people would just sit around in their own living room and try working on the great American novel they would actually get somewhere. [Borchardt continues to work on his

40 IHELIST 2010-; 3 A00 2000

‘lt's marvellous to write - what a trip. It's marvellous to shoot what a trip. It's marvellous to Edit - what a trip.’ Mark Borchardt

Edinburgh leg of their promotional tour

great American movie. Nor/Iiii‘esieriiI. TL: Did you learn lrom each other while

simultaneously working on your own lilms'.’

MB: It wasn’t the techniques. it was their sheer lack ol goolhallism. man. They were so dedicated. and stayed tip so many hours lor days. weeks. months. years. Such a small minuscule percentile ol people would ever do anything like this. Your key word is relentless.

TL: What are the hest moments ol making a lilm‘.’ MB: lt‘s marvellous to write what a trip. It‘s marvellous to shoot what a trip. lt’s marvellous to edit and see it come to lile what a trip.

'l‘hcy're an odd pair. Borchardt and Schank (who sat comatose throughout the interview). loo odd. almost caricatures like Beavis and Butthead. later. during a preview screening at the ('ameo I start to leel stupid: I'm again thinking this lilm is lake. l'll blame my conltision on the admirahle lack ol irony with which Smith and Price treat their subjects. In the lilm. Borchardt and Schank alternately amuse and disturh. hut there’s never any sense that they are heing ridiculed. Borchardt’s aesthetic skills may appear to he on par with lidward D. Wood (you might compare his early shorts. The More The .S't'ul‘lr'l' and I Blair 1]), with Wood‘s turkey Plan ‘1 l-‘mm ()iirei' Spare). htit Smith and Price clearly identily with his lilmmaking tenacity.

Also. il they’re acting. this lotirsome deserve ()scars. On stage alter the screening. they continue to convince. Borchardt. a lew heers hetter. comes into his own showering the audience with home-spun philosophies that verge on loopy evangelism. while Schank sells tapes ol his soundtrack lor the lilm. Songs I Kitntt' (sec liilm soundtracks review ). At last I get it straight in my mind: these guys are the real thing and so is .‘lllH’l'lt'U/l .llm'ie. My suspicion that it might have been lake just made the lilm all the more entertaining and proves that old chesnut: lact is stranger than liction.

American Movie opens at the Cameo Fri 21 Jul. See review, Film soundtracks and Rough cuts, right.

Rough cuts

Lights, camera, action . . .

AMERICAN MOVIE CREATORS Chris Smith and Sarah Price (see preview, left) have been hard at work on a new project. otv purports to be a new kind of television, available via the internet. Featuring interactive shows, original series, premieres and day-by-day programming, otv is currently online at and

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