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Vitaminic, official online partners of Planet Pop, present a

sneak preview of some of the artists performing at this uear's festival.

Featured Hrtists

Peeps Into Fairuland this five piece band have been receiv- ing wide press coverage and will be plauing new material from their eagerlu awaited debut album, "UJithout H Home"; plus scientific support dept. purveuors of the most compelling blend of electronica, dub and dance beats.

Petrol 3 provide more twisted guitar fuelled grooves, fused with high-octane breaks and beats, whilst John Peel regulars ! ballbou entice Us with their unique sound; and Pilotcan lau down a beautiful tapestru of lo-fi fuzz coupled with crafted song writing and ambitious production.

If that was not enough, The Silver Pill deliver “a psuchotic swirlpool of molten geetar pop and twisted sample delia", and the Zephurs offer an uplifting mix of lo-fi countru licks.

In keeping with Planet Pop's eclectic and diverse line up, Hittu Hittu flagship Quickspace prove the death of Quickspace has been much exaggerated, whilst the infamous John Otwau performs with his guitarist Richard Holgarth; and the Mad Professor will be performing the most insane Dub- Craziness live.

For free downloads, or for more details on Planet Pop includ- ing dates and line up, click on


MUSVIC Howflofiifl Let Musrc into yam, Life

3 1‘ 3 5m: 2013:} THE llST 41