Cammell's last movie, now as he envisioned it

Donald Cammell's Wild Side (18) 112 mins

The last frlm by Edrnburgh-born Donald Cammell frnally sees the Irght of day rn the form the drret'tor rntended. Carnrner; made rust three other frlms (lur'rrtg hrs often frustrated (areer: Performance earth Nrr Roeqt, Demon Seed and Wr’t/te Of The Eye Ba<k rn 1.995, Wr/d Srde's produrers re-(ut the T'flrr: agarnst Cammell's \vrshes for a strarght-to-table televrsron release In MW 1996, Carnrnell sl‘ot hrrnself Last August, a drrettor's (th was streened at the Edrnbut'gh lnter‘natronal Frlrn l-eshxaé, ant. that versron ~ sportrng a nez‘. soundtratk by Ryurthr Sakarnoto and Jarvs Cotk'e." rs now on release It's the (trirnrnatron of years of navtstakzng work pretrng the orrgrnal batk together, for \.'v./lt!(lt we have to

thank Cammell's wrfe Chrna Kong, orrgrnal edrtor Frank Mazzola, Metro Tartan Frlms and Channel 4.

All thrs begs the guestron rs the story of the recovery of Dona/d Cammell’s Wr/d Srde more rnterestrng than the frlm rtself7 Well, yes, but that's not meant as a (irrtrcrsm of Cammell's last movre, Certarnly thrs psythosexual thrrller rs an uneven affarr, as the four players Anne Hethe's banker, Chrrstopher Walken’s racketeer, Joan Chen's estranged \Vrfe and Steven Bauer’s bodyguard lU(l< ea<h other over both metaphorrcally and lrterally, Wlilt love and hatred Whrle rt's hard to rmagrne Cammell not entouragrng Walken's absurdly OTT performance, the cast are thoroughly entertarnrng, and Cammell and Kong’s strrpt says some rnterestrng thrngs about the sex/power/money nexus tMrles Frelderr 31*. Se/ected release from Frr 27 Jul

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Rip-roaring space adventure like they certainly never used to make 'em

Titan A.E. mins a r I...

3028 AD Earth has rust been creamed by the unspeakany evrl Dre], a faceless alren specres made of pure energy Humankrnd's only Chante rs the most advanced space—shrp ever burlt ~ the Trtan Wltr(lt escaped, but \vhr(h rs lost rn spate Our fate rests tlrterallyr rn the hands of one humble astro- methanrt. who rs part of the small number of hurnan refugees sprrnkled about the unrverse. Cale Tutker rvorte of Matt Damon: has a (Osrnrt' (hart entoded rn hrs DNA \'\.'lti(lt (ould lead to Trtan a (ase of X-(hromosorne marks the spot. Inrtrally reluttant, he rs persuaded to rorn rn the search by Korso more of Brl! Pulmanr, an ex- mrrrtary (aotarn who knew hrs father, and especrally by the fersty, airurrng

Akrrna (vorce of Drew Barrymorer Helprng them evade the relentless Drer are an oddball trro of alrens vorted by John Legur/arno, Janeane Garofalo and Nathan Lane But why are they helprng7

An adrnrrable, rrp-roarrng spate adventure lrke they (ertarnry never used to rnake ‘ern, Trtan A E 'After' Earthr rs anrmatron Llll'idlrllq lr‘.'e attron, and :s rnar‘kedly postArmageddon, [vent Horr/orr, Independenre Day and Star Wars both rn look and otrtlook lot) rnarks to Don Bluth and Gary Cnoldrnan for therr skrlftrf, blendrng of thezr 2-D (ra‘t \.'.'th ex<ellent 3-D soetrai effe< ts Ezer‘ytl: ng about :t, trorn 8(t':t)i to r“;.-s.( r and esnetzally the stunnrng snatestaoe at tron seguentes makes rt \‘xel north tl‘e trek rJohn Mat Ken/rel

General release from Frr 28 /u/

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