Festivals in August are not the exclusive preserve of Edinburgh, as this issue's Glasgow Green Festival In The City supplement shows. Let’s not forget, either, the Aberdeen International Youth Festival which hits its 28th year, Tuesday 1-Saturday 12 August. Our own Scottish Youth Theatre will be there, sharing stage space with the likes of the Deutsche Tanzkompanie and Singapore’s National Youth Orchestra.



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December is never the happiest of times for quality theatre, unless your idea of top drama is seeing has- been celebrities and never- were soap stars dressing up in gaudy colours of their opposite sex. Pre-Yuletide cultural relief comes in the dark form of The League Of Gentlemen. The terrifying troupe who scooped the 1997 Perrier award and later gained gongs in Montreux for their TV debut, are making their first venture back on stage since their days of glory in Edinburgh three years ago. On Tuesday

The League Of Gentlemen bring

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Job Club terrorist Pauline, mad butcher Hilary ans, and shopkeeps from hell, Tubbs and Edward. If all that is a bit too cutting edge for y0u, Mr Blobby is at Glasgow’s Pavilion . . . On the album front, autumn is the season for some heavrly-anticipated releases. Madonna lets us hear her Music, Radiohead give birth to Kid A, PJ. Harvey tells Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea and Blur gather their thoughts together for a ’best of’ scenario . Euro 2000

The Quotes

‘He caught me in the jaw and I was thinking: "You fucking bastard".' Dougray Scott on the aftermath of an M'l-2 scrap With Tom Cruise. 'Sorry, I was on a bender.’ Ex-Happy Monday Shaun Ryder apologismg to the Judge for being a day late as a Witness in c0urt. ‘I turned on GMTV to hear that evil cow Lorraine Kelly describing me as a "sick anorexic giraffe". What gives a lowlife presenter the right to say those things?’ Jodie Kidd receives an early morning wake-up call before getting out of the wrong side of bed. ‘90°/o of my profession are out of work all the time and then they give parts to people who have been acting for five minutes.’ Christopher Eccleston on his film expenences opposne footballers Eric Cantona and Vinnie Jones. 'I wear black because I spill stuff all the time.’ Angelina Jolie denying that her taste for dark garb is down to doomy gothic lunaCy



The Pipeline Coming quite soon...

may have attained distant memory status already, but a football film frenzy is set to kick off soon. Upcoming releases include the long drawn-out story of Robert Duvall and The Cup, starring Ally McCoist, while Pure/y Be/ter from Mark 'Brassed Off' Herman is about Newcastle fans trying to club together the cash for a season ticket. Most exciting of all though, is the prospect of Peter Mullan and Sean Connery slugging it out for the role of Matt Busby in Working Title’s story of the legendary Man Utd manager.

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