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Toy Story (PG) **** (John Lasseter, US, 1995) With the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles. 81 mins. It isn‘t just the state-of-the-art images that distinguish Disney's first computer-generated animation feature, it's got a cracking adventure story too. A tale of friendship and self-belief combined with an exciting rescue and against-the-clock tension, Toy Story is sprinkled with comic asides. Don't be fooled into thinking these toys are just for the kids. Glasgow: Odeon At The Quay.

Trick (15) iii (Jim Fall, US, 2000) Christian Campbell, Jean Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling. 89 mins. Gabriel (Campbell) has just pulled Mark (Pitoc) and is looking good for a night of action, except there 's nowhere they can go to fulfil their desire. So instead they wonder around town searching for a friend who can help them out, and in doing so create a bond far stronger than there initial carnal desire. Trick makes no issue


Sat 22nd July Wrgin Suicides (15) 5:00pm Galaxy Quest (PG) 7:15pm Wed 26th July Snow Falling on Cedars (15)


Sun 30th July Boys Don’t Cry (18) 5:00pm Nora (15) 7:15pm Tues 1st August Cradle Will Rock (15) 7:30pm Thurs 3rd August Saving Grace (15)11:00pm & 7:30pm

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out of the fact that the main characters are homosexual, moving away from stereotyping and issues which cling to gay movies. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

Truly, Madly. Deeply (PG) **** (Anthony Minghella, UK, 1990) Juliet Stevenson, Alan Rickman, Bill Paterson. 103 mins. Nina, a young translator, thinks her life is falling apart when her lover dies. But when he returns, albeit with a cold and looking a little paler, she begins to question her previous notions of happiness. A wonderfully literate screenplay by first-time director Minghella and a faultless performance by Stevenson raise Truly, Madly, Deeply above the level of its American counterpart, Ghost. Edinburgh: Lumiere. U-571 (12) **** (Jonathan Mostow, US/ UK, 2000) Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel. 115 mins. Mostow plays fast and loose with WWII history; the first successful attempt to secure an Enigma coding device from a German U-Boat was achieved by the Royal (not US) Navy. But his aim isn’t gritty realism. Instead, this is a rollicking, old fashioned adventure that's more in the style of The Guns ()fNararone than Das Boot. McConaughey comes over like a movie hero from the mould that broke when Mitchum and McQueen hit the dirt. Largs: Vikingar Cinema. Rothesay: Winter Garden. Stirling: Carlton.

Unforgiven ( 15) **** (Clint Eastwood, US, 1992) Clint Eastwood, Gene Ilackman, Morgan Freeman. 123 mins. Clint returns to the saddle as a former killer, tamed by his late wife, but pressed into joining a bounty hunt which takes him to the town of Big Whiskey and into the presence of its sadistic sheriff (Hackman). A darkly disturbing western which destroys the genre‘s traditional notions of clear-cut good and evil, instead presenting violent acts as physically and psychologically painful for victim and perpetrator alike. Edinburgh: I’ilmhousc.

Up At The Villa (12) ** (Philip Ilaas, UK/ US, 2000) Kristin Scott Thomas, James Fox, Sean Penn. 116 mins. Despite Ilaas pumping new blood into the period drama with the weird Angels And Insects, his

Bette-r early) than he-v'e-r'...

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52 THE “ST 20 Jul—3 Aug 2000

adaptation of Somerset Maugham's novella turns out to be a rather static and dull affair. On the plus side Thomas looks gorgeous as Mary Panton, a pennilcss English widow living off the generosity of others in a pre- World War II Florentine villa, torn between her starchy fiancli (Fox) and a rakish American playboy (a miscast Penn). Stirling: MacRobert.

Violent Cop (18) **** ('I'akeshi Kitano, Japan, 1989) ‘Bcat' Takcshi Kitano, Maiko Kawakami, Makoto Ashigawa. 103 mins. Homicide detective Azuma has his own violently idiosyncratic methods of dealing with anyone from juvenile delinquents to gangland bosses. When a series of murders show 3 drugs link to the force, he becomes personally involved. Comparisons to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movies are relevant, but this is much colder, more detached and far more graphic. A powerfully impressive slow-burner. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

The Virgin Suicides (15) “in (Sofia Coppola, US, 2000) Kirsten Dunst, Kathleen Turner, James Woods. 96 mins. American suburbia in the 1970s. When the five beautiful Lisbon sisters begin killing themselves one-by-one, there ‘s nothing the local and adoring boys can do but watch, and afterwards carry into their adult lives regret, confusion and loss. Coppola's adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides‘ novel is shot through with a beautiful, melancholic nostalgia for lost youth. The central mystery is never resolved, and the film remains all the more powerful for it. Glasgow: GI’I‘. Falkirk: I-‘TH Cinema.

The Whole Nine Yards (15) *t* (Jonathan Lynn, US, 2000) Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, Rosanna Arquette. 98 mins. A screwball crime comedy that teams fidgety Perry with laid- back Willis. Nicholas ()zeransky (Perry) is a hen-peeked Montreal dentist whose shrewish French-Canadian wife (Arquette) has saddled him with her late father‘s debts. Jimmy "I'he 'I'ulip‘ 'l’udeski (Willis) is the affable hit-man who has just moved in next door. Not hard to tell what happens next, but the pairing of Willis and Perry works surprisingly well. Glasgow: Showcase.

Wings Of Desire (15) ***** (Wim Wenders, W, 1987) Bruno (ianz, Otto Sander, Solveig Dommartin, Peter I-‘alk. 127 mins. Restless angel Ganz on duty over Berlin takes a tip from American movie star and former angel I-‘alk on the possibilities of crossing over, and follows his mentor‘s path to consummate his relationship with beautiful circus acrobat Dommartin. Gorgeous black-and-white photography and a sensitive feel for the people and places of Berlin grace this thematically rich and uncharacteristically optimistic slice of Wenders enchantment. Ilighly recommended. Iidinburgh: Lumiere. Wonderland (15) *kttt (Michael Winterbottom, UK, 1999) Gina McKee, Shirley Henderson, Molly Parker. 108 mins. At once both extraordinarily beautiful and desperately sad, this portrait of life in contemporary London is seen through the eyes of three sisters and their dysfunctional family. ll'omlerland is unrelentingly grim for the most part, yet the performances are so good that you can't help but be moved to tears. And \k'interbottom utilises every trick in the Great

; I’ilmmaker's Manual to create a visual treat worthy of its title. Iidinburgh: Iiilmhouse.

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1.The Virgin Suicides (15) 3.00, 8.45. The Straight Story (U) 6.15.

Christopher Walken and Anne Heche talk sex and money in Donald Cammell's Wild Side, now rescued from producer re-edit hell and released the way the director intended