Still the man

Who? Shaft, that's who, John Shaft. Director John Boyz ’N’ The Hood Singleton has given Gordon Parks’ 705 blaxploitation classic a 905 make-over. The new Shaft, released in September, sees Samuel L. Jackson step into the leather longcoat - courtesy of Versace, Armani and Valentino to play the nephew of The Man. Meanwhile, Richard Roundtree struts his stuff again with the re-release of the original film. See Film reviews.

mm Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff.

THURSDAY 20 C-e'iraic DJ Lucy'fur (Vain) takes the helm at this brand new club night featuring goth, punk and alternative 80s tunes. The Citrus Club, Edinburgh FRIDAY 21 Mr E returns for another outing of ramshackle hip hop, folk, blues. Dead pan, but dead good. See preView, page 62, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow SATURDAY 22 A'izufc‘ar -: M; This study of a filmmaker at work is the greatest fake dOCUmentary since The Blair Witch Project, except it’s all true. See preView, page 40 and reView,

4 ms LIST 20 Jul-3 Aug 2000

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Accessory all areas

In the week an Edinburgh fund manager successfully bid £100,000 for Margaret Thatcher's handbag, Handbag the exhibition opened at Dundee's McManus Galleries, presenting 25 handbags-cum-artworks such as Catherine Whippey's Monitor Handbag And Surveillance Camera Mask. The show runs until Sunday 3 September and will be taking to heart the former prime minister's comments after the sale of her own black Ferragamo: 'They did good service in Cabinet and I am pleased they are still having the right effect.’

Queen of the castle

He is the crown princelss) of pop and the documentary about a day in his life exposed more than just

his hair weave. He's on the final leg of his 'Stately homes tour’ which meant he could have come to my house to play as that’s in a right old state. For all we may ridicule the Grammy and Oscar winner, he is a cornerstone of British music and this rare chance to see him live will

surely show what the fuss Elton is all about. 10": Smooth and funky, Em?” jOhn plays the 2'. Roundtree and Edinburgh Castle on castle (inset) Jackson Sun 30 Aug.

TUESDAY 25 Jam Session Not music but a rare dOCumentary about top Japanese filmmaker, Takeshi Kitano, filmed during the making of his latest film, Kikujiro. GET, Glasgow WEDNESDAY 26 Hotdog Spice up yOur (love) life at this Anne Summers- sponsored club night, With a soundtrack of dance classics from Keith Piper. Reds, Glasgow

page 44. Cameo, Edinburgh. SUNDAY 23 Salvador Dali’s Optical illusions It's a face, no it’s a frUIt bowl, and other Visual conundrums from the master of surrealism. Dean Gallery, Edinburgh

MONDAY 24 Stephen King’s Storm

plus some diabolic work afoot and Stephen King's written it Just for telly. Final part, see the first two Sat 22 & Sun 23. See preView, page 120. Channel 4.

Of The THURSDAY 27 High Fidelity

Century Screening of the best film of the There’s a fortnight plus a personal

storm appearance by Stephen Frears, who brewm' in also directed My Beautiful

a New Laundrette and The Grifters. See England rewew, page 42, GET, Glasgow, fishing Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh Fri 28. } Village

Eels, Fri 21