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Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances thl be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson 8. Louisa Pearson (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Bttehanan (ialleries. 333 44()() Credit card bookings from:

'l‘iekct Link: 387 5.5l 1.

Way Ahead: 33‘) 8383.

Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge. 336 7010.

Assembly Rooms (ieorge Street. 330 434‘)

Way Ahead ()l4t 33‘) 8383



I The Unbelievable Truth King ’I‘ttt's \Vah \Valt llut. St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. to plus hooking lee. liarnest indie rock from The l'nhelieuthle Truth httt \\ hat else do _\ou e\peet l'rom Thom Yorke's hrother .'\lltl.\ \\ ho has had to spend tittist til~ his lhtlltl‘S career lruitlessl} tlen} ing an} some similarities to Rittlitiheatl.

I Clutch The (‘athouse. l'nion Street. 348 (i(i()(i. 8pm. £7 pltts hooking tee. .\'o age restriction on this show.

I Southport, Goober Patrol and Capdown Nice ‘n‘ Slut/V. Sattchiehall Street. 333 0637. ‘)pm. The headliners l‘eatttre ex-memhers ol pttnk upstarts Snul't'. Sttpport trom kindred spirits.

I The Vagabonds The Scotta. Stockuell Street. 553 8(i8l. 8.30pm. l'rec. Resitlene} tor this an ers hillltl.

I Jam Session Samuel l)o\\ '.s. Nithstlale Road. 433 ()l()7. 8.30pm. l‘ree.


I Cherry Fire Ashes and Penny HOTIOW The .-\ttic. l)} el'\ (lose. 7l (‘tm gate. 335 8383. 7.30pm. £4. Local hatttl tlouhle hill at The .-\ttic.

I Annie Christian, Degrassi anti Sputniks Down La Belle Angcle. lltlstie‘s (408C. 33.5 75.3().7..3()[)111.L5. Annie (‘hristian return from the \\ iltls \\ ith the electro l'tlL'l's shriek Ul their tie“ .StWt'H/‘t' l'il’. (iet ill earl} to \\ itttess the \eritahle sonic tleligltt that is the Moguai-esttue electronic e\pel‘ttllelll\ ol' Sputniks l)o\\ll.

I Silver Pill, Cinnamon Skin, Indian

Bone and Imperial Racing Club The Venue. l7 3] ('alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £4. Si|\er l’ill lead the \ta} \Vltll their unique hrantl of molten punk-pop at this local hantl night.

I Tamala Motion Btannigans. l)tmtlee Street. 338 5885. l‘irst hand on ‘)pm. l-‘rec.

I Jammy Devil Bar Jam. 38 43 (‘onstitution Street. 407 7527. 9.30pm. l'rec.


I Eels and The Webb Brothers (ilasgott Roytl (‘oncert ltall. Sauchiehall Street. 387 55l 1. 7pm. L'l4/L'l3.5t)/L'll plus credit card hooking lee. See ire\ icu. I Brother John, Cho Cho and E iot King Tttt's \Vah \Vah llttt. St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 tathaneet. [4 (door).

I I Am Kloot Nice ‘n' Sleax}. Sattchiehall Street. 333 0037. ‘)pm. Signings to Wall ()l~ Sotmtl Recortls neu intlie .suhsitliary \Ve l.o\e You.

I Juno, Phoenix and It's A Shame About Craig l-‘ur_\ .\llll'l'_\'\. .\la\\t ell Street. 33l (5] l. ‘)pttt. £4. including entr} to post-gig cltth. No. not ‘So Young' l’hoetii\.

I Howard Hebron 8r Clearwater (irantl ()le ()pr}. l’aisle} Roatl Toll. 43‘) 53‘)(i. 7.30pm. [3.50 (L l .50 memhersi. (‘ountry

I Abba Disco Party Botlrhoii Street. (ieorge Street. 5530141. 7pm. £5 tthi.5() \\ ith tlinnerl. l‘eaturing an Ahha trihttte act.

I The Coy Dogs Mc(‘liuills. High

Street. .553 3 l 35. lllpiil. l‘rce.

ChasCo/e for CMPp/‘esents


The voice of ‘Anchorage' has ‘Gome A long Way' since her ground-breaking debut album ‘The Texas Campfire Tapes'

Monday 31 July


66THE LIST )0 Jul 3Auq 2000

0141 221 5279

Lights play King Tut's, Glasgow, Sat 22 Jul and The Venue, Edinburgh, Sun 23 Jul


I The Saw Doctors (‘orn tiscltangc. .\'e\\ Market Road. (iorgie. 443 3437. L l 3.50. See pres ie\\ lor this gattg ol‘ e\uherant lrislunen.

I Ellis and The Rich Hill The Attic. l)_\ ens ('lose. 7l (‘ottgattn 335 8383. 7.30pm. £4. t‘p-antl—coming hantls pert‘orm.

I Live Music Bar Jam. 38 42 ('onstittition Street. 4(i7 7537. ‘).3(lpm. l'ree.



I Wilt and Lights King Tut's \Vah \Vah litlt. St Vincent Street. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £4.50 plus hooking lee. lieist) llC‘VV guitar comho. sttpportetl hy a hand kntmn as the next (iome/ lor ahout t\\o secontls at the start ol- tlteir career.

I Bangtwister, The Thanes, The Grease Monkeys, Firestone - Legend Of The Hawk and The Screaming Mad The l3th .\'ote (Kile. King Street. 5.53 I538. 8pm. 5.4. An evening ol' garage rock freak-outs titled The Big Psych Out 3. Dig ottt those (‘tthan heels and shake your greats} locks.

I Bullet Proof (irantl ()le ()pr}. l’aisle) Roatl Toll. 43‘) .5396. 7.3(lpm. [3.50

(L' l .50 memhers). ('ountr).

I Abba RQVTVBT litittt‘htili Street. (ietirge Street. 553 0141. 7pm. £5 (£10.50 \\llll tlinneri. :\hha trihttte cotnho.

I La Sonera Calaveras .\lc(‘littilts. High Street. 553 3l35. ltlpm. l-‘rec.

I The Dagmars .\tc(‘httills \Va} Out West. Kel\ inliaugh Street. 33] 5560. 9.30pm. l-‘ree. Rock ‘n‘ roll.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. \V'oottlantls Road. 564 I537. 4 8pm. liree. \Veekl) session t'or local ttttisieians.

I Smiler The ltalt Bar. \Vootllantls Roatl. 5(i4 I537. 8.30pm. liree.

I The Vagabonds \V'axtt-orks. ('antlleriggs. 553 87 l 7. ‘)pm. l‘ree. Popular eoV'erS.

I Red Canyon Samuel l)()\\ ‘s. .‘s‘itlistlale Road. 433 ()l()7. 8.30pm. l’ree.

I Live Music Nice ‘n‘ Sleal}. Sauchieltall Street. 333 ‘)(i37. ‘)pm. Big Btttl Promotions escnittg.


I Starsky anti Suburbia The Attic. l)'\‘el".\ (‘lnse. 7l (‘tiwgtltcfl 335 3.333. 7.30pm. £4.

I Live Music Bar JaVa. 38 42 ('onstitution Street. 4(i7 7537. ‘).3()pm. l5ree.

Glasgow I Macrocosmica, De Salvo antl Houdini .\'ice ‘n‘ Steal). Sauchiehall

Street. 33.3 9637. ‘)pm. l’rime selection ol‘ local rockular talent.

I Churn antl Bulletproof The 13th .\'otc ('ale. King Street. 553 1538. 8pm. 9.3.

I Button Up ('orinthian. Ingram Street. 553 Hill. 8pm. l‘ree. Lounge) ja/I} instrumentals at tltis \teckl) resitlenc}.

I The Blues Poets The Scotia. Stock-ti ell Street. .553 Shh’l. 4pm. l-‘ree. l'iortltiglttl} resitlenc} tor this Rth group.


I Wilt, Lights and Rocco The Venue. l7 3| ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. to (L4). \Vinsotnc intlie popsters \Vilt antl hlttes} indie rockers Lights l'ornt t\\o thirtls or this triple hill.

I Otomo Downs, Latter Day Saints and Lifehouse The Attic. l)_\'t‘i".s (‘losc. 7l (‘otx gate. 335 8383. 7.30pm. £4. Triple hill ol' haittls to look out loi‘.

I Leroy Johnson Band Brannigans. l)untlee Street. 338 5885. First hand on ‘)pm. l-‘ree.


I One Big Sunday Beach Park.

noon 4pm. Free. Radio l's li\e hroatlcast from In ine leatures pop luminaries such as Ronan Keating. The (’orrs. Jamelia. 'l‘oploatler and man} ntore. hostctl h_\ Sara (’ox and Jamie 'l‘hcakston. lintertainment kicks oil at noon. and the live hroatlcast is hettteen 3 4pm.



I Sleater-Kinney The l3th .\'ote (‘luh. (Tule Street. 343 3 l 77. 8pm. [(3. See prex text for this cacophonous grrrl trio li'titlt the States \\ lit) recentl} releasetl their fifth alhttm .rl/l llmttls ()n The [ital ()Ht’.

I Odeon Beat Club and Baxter The l3th .\'ote ('at‘e. King Street. 553 1538. 8pm. £3.

I Acoustic Jam .\'ice ‘n' Sleal}. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. \Veekl) session hostetl h} (iet‘t‘) l._\ons.


I Mutterfly, Indian Bone and The Haven King Tut's \Valt \Vah lltit. St Vincent Street. 33] 537‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 tatl\ancel. L4 (tloori. Local hantl triple hill.

I Pentothal anti Oedipus Nice ‘n' Sleal}. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)(i37. ‘)pm.

I Single Point Of Light and Souldrive (ilor) Box. (‘ttrlers. Burs Road. 338 (i5l l. 8.30pm. Free.

I Paul Gallagher (’orinthian. lngrant Street. 553 lltll. ltlpm. liree. R&B i\'or_\‘-tinkling resitlenc}.