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I Erik Truffaz Band La Belle .r\ngele. llaxtie‘x (low. 335 7550. 8pm. till. ('ontemporary _ia// rooted in the tradition of .\lilex I)a\ ix from l‘rench trumpeter and Blue Note recording artixt 'l‘ruffax. l.}t'ical accompaniment comex from xtreet poet/rapper \_\a. l’url of [Edinburgh JUSS ck [Hum I‘ic'\llit‘(I/.

I Maynard Ferguson's Big Bop Nouveau & Veleband The Hub. ('axtlehill. Ro)al Mile. 475 3(l()(l. 8pm.

L H. .\ douhle hill of hig hand xttlllltlx the former featurex xoaring trumpet \Ultix from lierguxon. complemented h} tight enxemhle pla} ing. the latter. under the direction of Jan llala. concentratex on claxxic tunex and original piecex. l’url of Iftliii/rui'u/i .lttf.“ A" li/um l'i'Ufl‘tll.

I Chris Barber's Jazz And Blues Band ()ttc‘c‘ltK llttll. (‘lL'l'lx Sll‘c‘c‘l. 008 301‘). 8.50pm. £13.50 £17.50. Trad ja/l from thix outfit. fronted h} a man \\ hoxc reputation in the genre ix unxurpaxxed. xtaluart tromhonixt Barher. l’uri of lit/inlmre/i .lu;': A" lJ/nm l'k'xtii‘til.

I Tina May .la// Joint. 8 Morrixon Street. 558 7585. 0pm. £85“. ("laxxic l'S xtandardx from I.ondo'n-haxed \ocalixt Ma}. \xho xtandx in at the laxt minute for Madeline liaxtman. Part a] lit/inlmreli .Itig': A’- Ii’lm'x l-i'xri't'ul.

I Late Night Jam Session Tllc‘ Spiegeltent. The Scott Monument. l’rincex Street. 335 999‘). l lpm. £5. .\ late-night jam xexxion in the l)i\ieland and .x\\ ing mould for trad iau fanx. I’m! at I'Jli/i/unieli141:: A'- li/IH’S l'i’\lf\'(l/.

I High Heel Sneakers .la// Joint. 8 Morrixon Street. 558 7585. Midnight. to. Band on xtage at midnight. Thix li\L‘- piece. fronted h} \\ ext coaxt trumpeter l.orne ('ou iexon. dip into the Blue .\'ote with for a xelection of funk and groo\ e numherx. l’ur! of lit/iii/mre/i ./u:: A'- lilmnx l‘t’S/fl'tll.

leon Redbone



I Big Band Lunch The Spiegeltcnl. The Scott Monument. l’rincex Street. 335 999‘). Noon. l-‘ree. l’rague'x Velehand. \\ ho pla_\ed _\exter'day \\ ith Big Bop .\'ou\‘eatt. get the opportunit} to develop a fttll xet. folltm ed h_\ a jam \c‘xxitm \\ ltic‘lt \\ ill tto tltittltl c‘ttgt‘oxx audiencex until \\ ell into the afternoon. I’url ul'ln/m/mre/i .lur.” ((- li/iim I'i'.\li\'(l/.

I Chet Baker Tribute The lluh. ('axtlehill. Ro}a| Mile. 475 3000. 13.50pm. L'h. Vocalixt ('athie Rae and trumpeter ('olin Steele tMidnight Blue Bandi pa} homage to the mnxic of ('het Baker. Part of lat/in/mre/i Jar." d‘ [fl/1m I'i'xlii'ul.

I Mardi Gras (iraxxmarket. l 4pm. l-ree. Soak up the atmoxphere in The (iraxxmarket ax lidinhurgh'x mini-Mardi (irax returnx. lintertainment comex in the form of a meet parade from The (it) (’hamherx t 13.50pm). \\ ith noii-xtopia/l in the afternoon. l’axouritex returning include The Trinidad .'\nd Tohago Defence liorce Steel Band and llonextax .\'e\\ ()rleanx l’arade Band. Part of Iii/in/uu'g/i Jan" A" Blues I'i'slii'ul.

I Laura Macdonald And National Youth Jazz Orchestra Of Scotland The lltth. ('axtleltill. Ro)al Mile. 475 3()(l(). 5pm. £0.50. The acclaitned .\'\'J()S teamx up u ith rixing xa.\ophone xtar I.atira Macdonald for thix lidinhurgh Jan ck Bltiex l-'exti\al performance.

I Charlie Mariano l.&t Belle .v\ngele. llaxtie'x (low. 335 7556. 8pm. L'l l.5t). The .xeptuagenarian. \\'lto.xe reputation ix haxed ott hix excellent fuxion ofia/I and Indiantraditional muxie. hax lingerx in many other piex. lle hax often uorked

\\ ith li('.\l haxxixt liherhard \Veher htit he ix equall} at home \\ ith traditional ian. I’url of Edinburgh .lu:." A'- Ii’lum I'i'\lt\'(l/. I Opening Ball The Huh. (‘axtlehilL Ro}al Mile. 475 3()()(). 8pm midnight. £10.50. Muxic in the .\'e\\ ()rleanx

Leon Redbone has occasionally flirted with fame (remember the Inter-City

'Relax' advertising campaign?

but is happy to be on the periphery of

musical fashion. His laid-back vocals and jaunty guitar picking are rooted in the minstrel show and vaudeville tradition, Spiced up with a bewildering range of influences from all over the world, including New Orleans jazz, blues, country, gypsy music, flamenco, Portuguese fado, Eastern European folk music, and Caruso.

Queen’s Hall, Thu 3 Aug, 8pm. 70TH! "ST 20 Jul —3 Aug 2000

Sheila Jordan

Sheila Jordan is that rare phenomenon, a genuine jazz singer. Inspired in her early days by the bebop ferment around Charlie Parker (she was married to pianist Duke Jordan at the time), she took to improvisation as to the manner born, and has continued to produce outstanding music ever since. Her welcome return also includes participation in the Ladies of Jazz event on Thu 3 (same place, same time).

The Hub, Wed 2 Aug, 3pm.

tradition from the likex of Matt Rodger‘x Manchexter .la/l. llot .r\ntic .la// Band and Anxtralia'x S_\dne} Zenith .\'e\\ ()rleanx Band. l’url n] lat/inlmreli .lu:: t\'~ liltiei /'i'.\ltt‘(l/.

I Courtney Pine Queen‘x llall. (‘Ierk Street. 008 3(ll‘). 8.50pm. L l 3.50 Uh. The highl} talented c‘ottlc‘tnpot‘at‘} xaxophonixt returnx to the jal/ fexti\a|. lle appearx \\ ith a new hand. featuring the talentx of tromhonixt Dennix Rollinx. \ocalixt Mar} Pierce and piano \L‘llSZIITUH :\lc‘\ \Vilxtttt. l’tll‘l HI Airlift/Hugh .ltlf.‘ ck If/iit'x I't'\li\'(l/.

I The Trio .la/I .loint. 8 Morrixon Street. 558 7585. 9pm. £7.50. Thix ()xlo-haxed lltt'c‘c‘xotttc‘. on .xtt\opltottc‘. littxx and drumx. are rixing xtarx on the contemporar} gia/x xcene. I’urr of lat/in/mre/i Jag: «(i lilum l'k’xlit'ul.

I Melting Pot Jan .loint. 8 Morrixon Street. 558 7585. Midnight. L5. 'l‘rumpeter (’olin Steele (Midnight Blue Band) leadx hix xi\-piece through a dancefloor-minded _ia// xet. \\ ith the emphaxix on the funk. I’uri u/ lit/in/mre/i Jar." A'- ifliu'x I-i'xli'i'ul.


I Sheila Jordan And Brian Kellock The lltih. (’axtlehill. Ro}al Mile. 475 3000. I3.5()pm. LY). \'ocalixt Sheila Jordan. \xhoxe interpretationx ha\ e heen praixed for their emotional iltlc‘tlxtl}. lx accompanied h_\ Scotland'x piano ja/x xtar Kellock. l’urr ()Iiliitlliliblll‘u/I .Iu:.~ A‘ If/lu'x I'i'.xli\'(l/.

I Jazz On A Summer's Day Rtixx Bandxtand. l’rincex Street (iardenx. l3.5()pm. l-ree. Billed ax the higgext ja/l ment in the (K. the outdoor ja// xoireex continue. The afternoon e\ettt concentratex on traditional ja/l. and thix _\'ear'x e\ent hax a .\‘e\\ ()rleanx-inxpired line-up. featuring favouritex like the Tim Barella Big Band and the Hot .-\ntic Ja/l Band. \\ ith a grand finale from the Trinidad .-\nd Tobago Defence Force Steel Band. l’url u/ lat/in/mre/t ./(t.‘.‘ A" [fl/(m I'i'.\ltt'(I/.

I Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery The lltih. (‘axtlehill. Ro}al Mile. 475 3()()(). 5pm. £6.50. Werner addx .xome perxonal illumination to hix hook on ja/l muxicianxhip l'.'//i)i'I/¢'.x.\ .llmrert'. Part a] lit/iii/nuje/i Jar.~ A'- If/um I't’.\lfl'(l/.

I Jazz In the Church l’almet'xton l’lace ('hurch. l(l l’almerxton Place. 33() l(i‘)().

(i.5(lpm. l-‘ree. .\ goxpel \L‘l‘\ ice led h} Re\ Alan Sorenxon featuring the S}dne} Zenith Jan Band and Lillian Boutte. l’urr n/ lat/m/mrg/i fur: A'- li’lum l'i’xlft‘tll.

I Jazz On A Summer's Evening Rtixx Bandxtand. l’rincex Street (iardenx.

7 lllpm. free. The xeeond inxtalment of the jal/ fextixal'x c‘ottletttpot'at') xho\\caxe. \\ hich concentratex on tnore modern xotmdx. local talent comex in the form of Latin gt'omcrx I.atino 3000 and heax } \\ eight \Ulll-llllllelL‘l'x (irooxediggal. \\ ith l’rague‘x little hig hand Velehand joining the putt). l’urr u/ lat/iii/mre/i Jar: A" lf/m'x I'k'xlii‘ul.

I Kenny Werner Trio La Belle :\ngele. llttxlic‘ix (.l()\L‘. 335 7.550.813”). ill). l’ianixt \Verner. \xho \\ ax in to“ it earlier on toda} to add further inxightx to the teachingx in hix hook Iii/mile“ .llmtert. teamx tip \\ ith haxxixt Johnannex \Veidenmuller and drummer .'\ri lloenig for xome acclaimed contemporar) interpretationx. I’m-I u/ lit/in/mre/i .lu:: A'- Ii/Ilt’x /'i'.\ltt‘(I/.

I Ella Fitzgerald Songbook The Huh. ('axtlehill. Ro)al Mile. 475 3000. 8pm. £13. (iihxtitl. Barhara in} and Tina Ma} xllppl)’ the \ocalx. .xinging .xolo and in duo and trio. the Totttttt} \Vltilllc‘ Qttttl'lc‘l pt‘o\ lLlL‘ lltL‘ accompaniment and lilla l‘it/gerald xuppliex the inxpiration. l’ur/ of lit/i’Ii/mre/i far: A'- Iflut'x I'i'xlit'ul.

I or 10"!" Qtlc‘c‘tt'x littll. (‘lc‘t‘k Slt'c‘c‘l. ()(ih' 3lll‘). 8pm. Llh’ L35. Delta-rooted ia/l. hlnex. roclx and funk ax the multi- talented Mac Rehennack returnx to Scotland. I’url nflir/in/mrg/i .lu:: A’- lilin'x l'i‘.\lfl'(l/.

I The Trio And Rick Margitza Ja/I .loint. 8 Morrixon Street. 558 7585. 0pm. £8.50. Another doxe of contemporar) tunex from Norwa) 'x The Trio. \\ ho team up with xaxophonixt Margit/a for a

\\ hich xhould more L'loxc‘l} mirror the .xound of their dehtit alhtnn Meet The [mu/s. l’url (if/{(liii/mre/i ./u:: A'- Blues I'i'stii‘ul.

I Late Night Jam Session The Spiegeltent. The Scott Monument. l’rincex Street. 335 099‘). l lpm. £5. See l-‘ri 38.

I Late Night Jam Session Ja// Joint. 8 Mot't'ixon Sit‘c‘c‘l. 5.53 753.5.

Midnight 5am. L5. Ja// fuxionixt John Rae and hix trio are at the helm of thix contemporary jam. with gtiextx from the fexthal e\pected to lend a hand. I’m! o/ [Jilin/Hugh .ltig': A‘ li/um I'i'slii‘ul.