I Pianorama The Hub. ('astlehill. Roxal Mile. 473 3()()(). l3.3(lpm. £6.50. A coming together of four piano talents in the form of Brian KL‘IIUL'l'x. I)axe Milligan. I)ax'id .\'exxton and Kenn} Werner. I'.ttt‘ll hax‘e different st_\ les. so it should make for an interesting melange. xx ith a prograitiiiie cox eriiig standards and nexx compositions promised. /’uri or Iz'diiiliiire/i Jar: A'- li’liu'x I‘i'xiix'ul.

I Lillian Boutte The Hub. ('asileliill. Roxal Mile. 473 3000. 3pm. £(i. .\ .\'exx ()rleans resident herself. \ocalist lititltte can lax claim to a genuine delta tradition in her ia/I interpretations. l’uri n/ lat/iii/mrg/i Jar." A'- li/iu's I‘i'xiii‘ul.

I Martin Taylor Quartet Queen's llall. ('lerls Street. 603 3tll‘). 8pm.

£l l.5() £I(x. It's heen a hit of a da_x for home-groxxii taleitt. and Tax lor adds his reputation to the mix tonight. The

x irttioso guitarist has shoxx ii his xersatilitx through xxork xx ith Stepliane (irappelli as xx ell as Rolling Stone turned Rth expert Bill \\'_x man. This also features the talents of (’hick ('orea hassist liddie (iomex. xx ho plax s as part ofTax lor's hand. and The Brian Kellock Trio. I’ui'l o/ Iz‘i/i/i/iurgli Jar.~ A" Ii/m'x l'i’.\'lll'rI/.

I Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen 'rhe lltih. ('astlehill. Roxal .Mile. 473 3000. 8pm. £ I 3.5(). One of the mainstax s of British trad ia/l. Ball has had a string of chart-topping hits including ‘Midnight lti Moscoxx '. He makes a return x isit to the Iidinhurgh Ja// «k Blues l‘estixal. accompanied hx his hacking outfit. l’uri (if [ck/iii/iuru/i fur." A“ Ii/mnx I'I'\lfl'(I/.

I Rick Margitza Quartet And Tommy l.;t Belle Angele. Ilttstleis ('lose. 33.5 7.530. Split. £ Ill. :\ hit of a mainstream mox er and shaker on the Nexx York scene. saxophonist Margit/a hriiigs his otitlit to Scotland. lle'll he joined for this h_x Scotland's oxx ii saxophone taletit Tommx Smith. l’uri u/ lat/iii/iurg/i .lur." it" Ii/uex I'k'xiix'iil.

I George Colligan Quartet .lal/ .loint. S Morrison Street. 533 7385. ‘inii. £8.50. Young American kexhoardist (’olligan.

xx ho's ctirrentI} a memher of ('assandra \Vilson's group. makes his Scottish dehtit. l’uri of l/I(' l-ji/iii/iurg/i ./u:: A‘ Ii’lin'x l'i’xiix'til.

I La Sonora Calavera l-il Barrio. ltl4 \Vestport. 33‘) 8805. It).3(lpm. £5. Salsa and ('uhan son from this sextet. fronted hx saxophonist (ieraldo.

I Late Night Jam Session 'l‘lie Spiegeltent. The Scott Monument. Princes Street. 33.5 999‘). l lplti. £5. See Hi 3".

I Late Night Jam Session .Ia// Joint. .s’ Morrison Street. 533 733.5.

Midnight 3am. £5. See Stiii 3t).


I George Washing Machine ‘l‘lie Iltih. (‘astlehill. Roxal Mile. 473 Ztltlti. I3.3tlpm. £(i. llot (’Iuhial/ from this quartet fronted h) x iolin. I’rII‘I u/ Iii/iii/iiirg/i ./u;‘.' t\'- li/iu'x I'i'xlix'ul.

I Paul Harrison Trio 'rhe lIuh. ('astlehill. Roxal Mile. 473 3000. 3pm. £(i. Modern iax/ from ke}hoardN Harrison. xxho is ahead} making major

xx axes in ja/I circles despite his modest _xears. He is ioined hx other talents from the nexx school in the form of hassist Mario ('arihe and drummer l’addx I'lahet‘t'x. /’iirl n/ Iz'i/iIi/iure/i fur.“ A" li’lin'x I'i'xli'x'irl.

I Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames Queen's llitll. ('lerk Street. 003 3Ill‘). «S'pm. £l(x l U l.5tli. .'\II infectious and funk} mix of sounds from across the ia/l spectrum as l'ame is ioined h) his all-star hand. including trumpeter (iii) Barker and saxmaii .'\|an Slsidmore. tin of lat/Hi/iure/i ./ii.'.' A“ li/iu'x /'i'xlixu/.

I Scott Hamilton And John Bunch Quartet The lltih. (’astlehill. Roxal Mile. 4‘3 30M). Spin. £ltl.5tl. .-\ meeting of mainstream I'S ia/I talents. Tenor saxophonist llaiiiiltoti. a regular x isitor to these parts. ioiiis forces xx ith pianist

Btiticli for an expert rendering of straight- aliead classics. l’ur/ (if/filiiiliure/i .lur.“ «(- Ill/(ex l‘i'xtix‘ul.

I John Rae's Celtic Feet La Belle .-\tigele. Ilttstie's (dose. 33.5 7.530. Split. £8.50. A meeting of folk and tilt/l minds to produce a contemporarx ftisioii xx hich draxxs on the talents of Brian Kellocls. l’hil Bancroft. Mario ('arihe. liilidh Shaxx ton fiddle) and Simoti 'l‘hotimire toti concertiiiai as xx ell as the inimitahle drums ofJohii Rae himself. I’uri u/ Iii/iii/mre/i ./u:: A’- Ii/iiex l-i'xlix'ul.

I Kevin MacKenzie Quartet Ia/l .loint. X Morrison Street. 538 758.5. 3.30pm. £7.50. :\ classic line-up for the quartet. also featuring Kenn} lillis. l’hil Bancroft and Iain (’opeland. l’uri ill/zlliIi/iure/i for: A'- li/iu'x I‘I’\Ilt'(l/.

I Late Night Jam Session The Spiegeltettt. The Scott Monument. Princes Street. 335 999‘). I lpm. £5. See Fri 38.

I Late Night Jam Session .la/l Joint. .s‘ Morrison Street. 533 7335.

Midnight 3am. £5. See Stin 30.


I Ralph Sutton Solo/Trio The lltih. ('astlehill. Ro_xa| Mile. 473 3000. l3.3llpm. £0.50. Stride atid sxx ing from a legendat'x llarlem piano pla_x er noxx tiearing his 30th hirthda}. performing xxorks from the 30s including liats Waller and “Mic "The Lion Smith. I’m! 0/ lz'i/iii/iuije/i ./u:: A“ Blues I'i‘slft‘tll.

I Sheila Jordon With George Colligan Trio The Hub. (‘astleliill Roxal Mile. 473 3(ltltl. 3pm. £(i. ()rigitiallx hailing from the motor cit_x. .lordon charms the audience xx ith her hehop xocals. li‘lloxx American (ieorge ('olligan accompanies on piano. I’m! at lir/i/i/mrg/i ./u:: A“ li/ui'x l'i’xlix‘ul.

I Guy Barker Quintet La Belle :\tigele. llitstle's (lose. 33.5 7536.3;“11. £lt). .-\ concert from this talented trumpeter to celehrate tlte \ idco release til [IA/IF ’Iii/i'iim/ .Ilr Ix’i/i/i'x‘. Barlser xx as hand leader and musical director til. the lilltt and plaxs music from its soundtrack. l’iirl or l'fi/iii/iiu'e/i .lu."." A" Ii/iii'x l'i'xlii‘iil.

I Tommy Smith Quartet The Hub. ('astlehill. Roxal Mile. 473 3000. 8pm. £l(). :\ popular xtitiiig quartet made tip of Scotland's talented saxophonist 'l‘omiiix Siiiilli. pianist (iareth Williams. hassisl ()rlando le l-leiiiing and Sehastiaati de Kl‘otii on drums. xx ith a repertoire including xxorks hx lillingtoii atid Straxhorn as xx ell as some original Smith compositions. I’ur/ u/ lat/iiilmrg/i ./u:;‘ it’- Ii/llt’x l'k'xlii‘ul.

I Humphrey Lyttelton Band With Stacey Kent Queen's Ilall. ('lerk Street. (x(x.\’ 3tll‘). 8pm. £1 l.5ll £l(i. The hand demonstrate their lsnoxx ledge of mainstream ia/z xx ith nexx tunes and interpretations of music from lillington. Basie. Becliet. (ioodmaii atid .-\rmstrong. The} are accompanied h_x classieia/I \ocalist Stacx Kent. l’m’l of Iz'i/iii/iurg/i .liir.‘ A’- li’lin'x /'(’\Il\'ll/.

I Julian Arguelles Quartet .la/l Joint. .S' Morrison Street. 538 7385. ‘inii. £S.5t). ()iie of Britain's lit/l elite. saxophonist .-\rgtiel|es hrings his a|l~star ensemhle to lidinhtirgh. plax ing grooxes from hlues to Iiuropean tolls. l’url n/ [cl/iii/mrg/i .lu."." it'- li’lm'x I'i'xlix'ul.

I Late Night Jam Session 't‘lie Spiegeltent. The Scott Monument. Princes Street. 335 009‘). l lpm. £5. See I'Tl 38.

I Late Night Jam Session .la/I Joint. .s’ Morrison Street. .533 .7335.

Midnight 3am. £5. See Stiii 3t).


Edinburgh I

Brockie/Clark/McFarlane/Mackenzie The lltih. (‘astlehil|. Roxal Mile. 47.3 3mm. |3.3t)pm £(i. l-our of the coiintrx ‘s leading ia/l guitarists collahorate for this iltltoxatixe acoustic project. ’ill’l HI lat/I'Ii/mre/i .Iir;'.' tt- li’lm'x /'i'x/ix‘u/.

I Ladies Of Jazz ’I'Iie Huh. ('astlehill. Ro_xa| Mile. 473 3tltiti. |3.3tlpm. £(x. l'ixc

dix‘as ofja/l. Sheila .Iordoii. Ix’ate Dittihleh}. l.i/ Melixxan. Wendx

\Veatherhx and Nicola lx'itig. displax their

xocal talents xx ith classic lit/l songs. Part of lei/iii/iurg/i .lu:: A" liliu'x l'i’xlix'ul.

I Big Bang Big Band The Ark. 3 Semple Street. 33‘) 7733. Spm midnight. £5 t£3i. .\ monthlx residencx from this hig haiid iii conjunction xx ith the l"|_x Right Dance (‘oiiipgiii}'. xx ho prox ide

sxx iiig datice ttiition at the heginiiing of each session. .\'o partner iiecessai‘x

I Wayne Krantz La Belle .v\tige|e. llttstie's (lose. 33.5 7536. 8pm. £Ill.5ll. Rich guitar from an enduring performer on the jaw scene. lx'i'aiit/ mixesia/I xx ith hlues atid cotintr_x influences. I’ul‘l of I'Jliii/Jiu‘eh ./(l."." A" lilin'x l'i'\llt‘(l/.

I Leon Redbone Queen‘s Hall. (‘lerk Street. (x08 3(II‘). 8pm. £15 t£l 1.50). :\ from the man t'esponsihle for British Rail’s ‘lx'ick ()ffYour Shoes' song featuring xocals and finger-picking guitar. l’uri of Ink/iii/mre/i .lu:: A’- li/iu'x l'i'xlix‘irl.

I Beiderbecke And All That Jazz 'rlie Iltih. (’astlehill. Ro_xaI Mile. 473 3000. 8pm. £ I 3.50. Alan l’later penned the higlilx successful TV drama. ‘Beiderhccke 'I'rilog) '. and he hi‘iiigs his hand to lidinhui'gh for an ex etiing of tall. stories and anecdotes. lieattires Alan Barnes. Rox Williams atid Bruce Adams. Par! (1/ I‘Jr/I'II/m/"e/l ./(l.‘.“ A" [illit'x I'i'xlrt'rll. I Eddie Severn/Emil Viklicky Quartet .Ia/x Joint. S Morrison Street. 538 7335. 0pm. £7.50. Scottiin and (’xech .ltt/l come together for a melodic and t‘lixtliinicallx charged session. Iiddie

Sex em. on trumpet. is joined hx limit \‘ikliclsx on piano. l‘rantisek t'hlir on hass and Tom Bancroft on drums. l’uri of Iii/iii/im'g/i ./(l.‘." A’- Ii/iu'x I'ihxll'i‘iil.

I Late Night Jam Session The Spiegelteiit. The Scott Monument. Princes Street. 335 999‘). I lpm. £5. See Hi 38.

I Late Night Jam Session .Ia// Joint. s Morrison Street. .533 7335.

Midnight 3am. £5. See Stiii 3t).

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Tickets: £30.00 Reserved Seats/£25.00 Unreserved Seats & Standin . TOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: O1 15 912 919

Tickets available via the Internet www.bonjovitour.com or www.ticketweb.co.uk Also from credit card hotline Tel: 0141 339 8383

Or b personal 8 ptication from Tickets Scotland at Virgin Megastores in Edln urgh and G asgow (all subject to booking fees).

Postal bookings via GIS Events, PO Box 18, Gateshead NEB 16A



The following details are for regular free weekl dates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Abigail Bremner.


I La Sonera Calavera llaxana. 50 Hope Street. 348 44(x(x. ltlpm. 3 Aug oii|_x. .-\ monthlx residency from these ('uhan son specialists.

I Paul Gallacher (‘oi-iiiiliiaii. IUI Ingram Street. 553 I 101. Itlpm 3am. l’iano classics. frotn Broadxxax' to Beethox ell.

I Danny Thompson Bah} (iralltl. .‘x 7 lilmhanls (iardens. 348 4043. ltl.3()pm. .\ xx ide selection from this lounge pianist.


I Shona Fraser & Paul Gallacher (‘oritithian tsee Thur. (xpm 3am. Requests on piano.

I Bobby Wishart & Band Borders Books. .Music and (‘afe. ()8 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7.30 9.30pm. Melloxx. I Danny Thompson Bah} (il‘utttl tsce Thui. ltl.3t)piii. I.ounge pianist.


I Harry Margolis' Miller Band I.'.v\ttache. 37 \Vaterloo Street. 33l 33 III. 3 5pm. Big hand in the (ilenn Miller xeiii.

I Lauder's Big Band Lauder‘s. Satichiehall Street. 33] 5|8t). 3 5pm. The hig hand sotiiid. xx ith xocals from lleather \‘x'hiteford.

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Plus special guests

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