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Perry’s visionary ideas about sound production helped pushed the musical envelope and create reggae as we know it today. The hugely prolific recording artist is a now resident of Switzerland, as he left Jamaica after his studio Black Ark burnt down in the 80s. He continues to roam the globe playing live shows, collaborating with the likes of the Beastie Boys and even showing his knob on MTV when he has the chance. Mad, bad and a vision to behold Lee ’Scratch’ Perry plays Barrow/and, Glasgow 29 Jul.

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Edinburgh Jazz And. .iluc-s Fc—szival Now it’s Edinburgh's turn to show off its Jazz and blues magic With Dr John, COLirtney Pine and Larry Adler among the big draws in this diverse line up of local and international Jazz and blues talent. See prewew, page 60. Various venues, Edinburgh,

SATURDAY 29 Oasis After receivmg a critical savaging for their lacklustre Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants album, the brothers Gallagher unite for what coold be their final ever shows together. See feature, page 10. Murrayfi'eld Stadium, Edinburgh SUNDAY 30 li'lilienniuni Mela Final day of this weekend-long celebration of communities and cultures featuring

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Kevin McMonagle, Paola Dionisotti, Gary Mclnnes and Arlene Cockburn take a deep breath at the Tron

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and fashion. 63. Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow wanders the solar systems. See Queen’s Park WEDNESDAY 2 man Ag. Take a review, page 45. General Recreation midweek trip to the stars with the ’9/9359-

Ground spectacular CGI animated science THURSDAY 3 A Glasgow? Doll's House A

MONDAY 31 Carol Rhodes Followmg a three month reSidency at Tramway, new imaginary landscape paintings by the 1999 Jerwood Prize for Painting nominee Carol Rhodes. See preview, page 90. Tramway, Glasgow. TUESDAY 1 The Jayhawks One time maudlin alt.country pioneers, The Jayhawks lost one of their main songwriters in recent years but continue to produce the joyous, considered stuff that they've made

radical reappraisal of Ibsen's ClaSSIC by the Norwegian National Theatre, which focuses less on the dilemmas of Nora, an icon of the women’s movement, than the problems that she and her husband face together. See feature, page 16. Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.