BIRTHDAY BASH Joy Edinburgh: Wilkie House, Sat 22 Jul.

’Can you believe I'm actually doing gardening now?’ asks Maggie Joy. ‘l’m going to make it trendy and do for gardening what Jamie Oliver’s done for cooking.’ After seven years of running one of the most successful clubs in Edinburgh, she and Alan can afford to indulge their other interests. After all, the hard house and techno club began as a hobby, much like gardening in that respect, but somewhat cooler.

Back in 1993, after promoting parties organised through the Blue Moon Cafe, Maggie and Alan decided to launch a night at the Calton Studios, a venue then dominated by the dying rave scene. ‘We were just very green, very naive when we started,’ says Maggie. ‘We walked straight in there like “Yeah, we’ll do a gay night upstairs”, and we just threw a party. We started it as a laugh, not thinking it would become our lifestyle, our careers. I mean, it pays our mortgages now and everything.’ After moving to Wilkie House five years ago, the night went from strength to strength and now attracts a crowd of over one thousand up-for-it clubbers every month.

Adopting the snappy catchphrase of ’seven years on and still going strong', the duo are still amazed at just how successful the night has turned out to be. ’It is tough running a club for so long and keeping it fresh, keeping it exciting,’ explains Maggie. ’lt’s amazing that the last Joy still had that flair from five or six years ago. Certain months I stand back and go "This is incredible. We can still achieve this, the pair of us can still achieve the uniqueness of Joy”. It brings a tear to your eye.’

The next few months then will doubtless be an emotional time for Maggie as Joy have several events

DUB LEGEND Optimo In Dub Part II

Glasgow: Barron/land, Sat 29 Jul.

More feathered than flaky: dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Optrmo In I)u'r) Part l at The (ilasgow 8(hool of Art t'eatured Mad Professor, one of the Irrrer exponents of (lassrt drrl) srnre the l98()s Ior the serond rnstalrrrent, lhe Barrowlarrd rs set to see the 8(ottrsh debut of the man who

Maggie Joy: seven years on and still going strong


set the whole dul) hall r‘()|lrrt(] rn the Irrst pla(e, Lee ‘5( r‘atr h' Perry

Perry's rmpa<t on musrr pr‘odurtror‘. over hrs 40 year (ar‘eer (annot he underestrrnated Orrgrnally a dame (hampron rn rural Jamar(a, Perry was drawn to Krngston Here he stumbled rnto the nas<ent sound system (ulture \.‘.’hr(h \.'-.ras dramng on lo(a| talent alongsrde US R88 At the (lose of the 60s, Perry was estahlrshed as an m- house produter‘ at the legendary reggae hrt Iattory, Studro One, wrth a Irra( e of srngles and a Top Of The Pops appearan<e under hrs helt At thrs pornt he prattrrally adopted Bol) Marley, puttrng a roof over hrs head, Iltllll(‘lt( mg hrs yo(al style and pr'odurrrzg The Warler‘s' frr'st vrnyl outrngs, rn(ludrng the Irkes of Sun ls Shrrrrng'

Ihrs was by no means the peak of lee Perry's (ar'eer' though. That (ame Wlllt hrs work at hrs home studro, The Blatk Ark, where the produ<er expanded or‘. the exper‘rmentatron that marked hrrn

out from the (I()\.‘./(l He was among

Starting with the bumper celebrations on Sat 22 Jul, which will include a guest appearance from Sublime resident Kev Wright, Joy will then be taking the club to Ego for their next date on Sat 19 Aug. The following day, they shack up at Club Java with the 3 Piece Sweet girls for a special event called ’Sunday Best' and, while a long and happy future for Joy is anticipated, the duo are still aware of how precarious the business can be. Maggie at least will always have her gardening dream as back-up. (Catherine Bromley)


the frrst studro terhnrtrans to employ found sounds, from (r'yrng rnt'ants to harkrrrg dogs He also proneered the 'yersron’, the pr‘e(ursor of the now uhrgurtous l()l’(rrt(} werrd soundsrapes out of hrs outmoded egurpment

These days, Perry rs as famous for herng rrrad as he rs for proneer‘rng work rn produ(tron Not just e((entr‘r(, hut plarn mad, and hrs per‘t'or‘mames today are nressrarrr( rmprovrsed poetry rants wrth a duhhy soundtr‘ark These outpourrngs (late to the (r‘eatrye lull and Irnantral drflrtultres that hlrghted I’er‘r'y after The Black Ark (losed rrr I079

At ()ptrrno In Duh Part II, onte Ttyrtrh and erkes' Detrort hooty bass and duh-te(hno sul)srdes, you (an expe<t to hear Perry's warped (onsprra(y theorres, explanatron of hrs extra- terr‘estrral orrgrns and a dash of hrtt‘erness at rnrssrrrg r‘oyaltres In short, a unrgue (hanre to (atth a legend at


the strangest pornt rrr a strange (areer :Ja(k Mottrarrrr


Club news

EAGLE-EYED PROMOTERS (and gawd knows, you're quick enough to spot mistakes) will have noticed that the listings deadline has been moved back a day. If you want me to keep my job and remain on speaking terms with our production department, please, please, please get listings information to us by the Wednesday the week before publication at the latest. Thank you. Any of you who need reminding of our publication dates can contact Abi Bremner at the office and I’ll send you a List calendar, which will slot nicely into your Filofax for future reference.

TRADE REGULARS NEED not he too lrsapj_)ornted by the London-based hard house n.ght’s derwse Help s at hand it‘, the form 0" Euse, ‘.'\.vnr(rt, hke :ts forebear' rur‘s or‘ the first Sat of tne n‘rorrth next date 5 Aug and deais ex<luswely :n hard, drayrng, funked-ap house rnusr< Tl‘e ."OerOlilS, too, taril he farnrlrar Zrad and DJ Room, are set to take Control of the male arch, \.'.:‘.I\ Ken Ferguson and l‘-.lartrr‘ Rol) r‘son addrng more Y'u'w to the eduat or? out the hack

WITH THE FESTIVAL almost upon us, changes are afoot in Edinburgh clubland as club nights jostIe for a venue with the hordes of thesps and comics who descend upon our fair city. Wilkie House nights Luvely and Joy will be moving to Ego for their August dates (5 and 19 Aug respectively), while techno night Apex (Studio 24) takes a holiday altogether, to be replaced by sister club Underground Overground for the duration. Also playing swapsies is monthly trance night Trancelucent (The Venue), which will be taking over Pure’s fortnightly slot after the night’s final blow-out on 18 Aug. TANGENI ART- SFT to rr‘ark’ Iner' s x!" ann'ye'sar‘y n :yotal style No str‘ar‘ger's to partyr'ig :r‘- r)e( a" low: or‘s, We gang are at set to ta-ce to the ‘.'.a\. es will fine r love Boat Party on 12 A..(; The party "1.11 froni 8pm fYIr(2r".(}"°t at the r‘ryster'y vessel, hoses how. I):( k-ur) non-ts around Giasgov. Tn s .s :key to he an o\e"s;ri)s( eheo e‘.'e"‘., so get (l()\‘.." to Eopp, Ktrshr Retords, \"rr‘y? l‘lOrlI-(S or Cont r‘ete Skates for you' trekets, pr‘r(ed at [1/ For further rrrtr>rrnatrorr (all 0794/ 795 20/

Alan Joy—he's obviously excited about Joy's move to Ego for their August date

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