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Thursday 3—Thursday 10 August 2000

Festival Special

See our unrivalled coverage of the Edinburgh Festival wrth features on Johnny Vegas, Lady Salsa, Ed Byrne and Yllana's 666. Plus Festival Eating Out Guide, Festival Listings Gurde and Festival Freeloaders.

6 Phil Kay

Our confused columnist gets a postcard from Pisa and tries to make sense of the world's wonkrest burldrng,

8 Tinsel Town

The cream of Scotland’s young acting talent get together for a controverSraI, few-holds barred drama set in a Glasgow nightclub. But Will the inevrtable comparisons to This Life drag it


27 One Yellow Rabbit

Leonard Cohen may not have been the happiest of bunnies, but Canada's acclaimed theatre company has found his funny side as it brings his poetry to the stage

54 The Fitz

Stand-up and playwright Owen

O'Neill has drpped into hrs own life to create a family of ginger-haired offbeats. Can hrs comic vrsron save the Brrtrsh sitcom or is he jUSI in rt for a Chelsea season ticket?

52 La Tasca

Top quality restaurants dedicated to tapas may be thin on the ground, but the owners of La Tasca have had to fight off some pale rmrtatrons.

56 We Saw You

So, what did yOu think of Salvador Dali and Hrgh Fidelity?

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