The Quotes

‘I‘ve stabbed. punched, blown up and eaten people. I want to redress that balance.’

Robert Carlyle, whose new film There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble is about bullying.

‘I hope people slap me if I ever start demanding white leather sofas.‘ Ronan Keating is hellbent on keeping his very famous feet on the ground.

‘l‘m so old I remember The Beatles being young.‘ Non-NME reader Alasdair Gray gets set for a unique collaboration with Belle And Sebastian.

‘There are tits everywhere.‘

Madonna expresses surprise at the British tabloid fascination

with flesh.

‘What has been the real input to the mainstream of ecstasy culture?

Fucking Tango

adverts, that's


Will Self has a right old go at youth culture.

‘Where have all the characters gone? This is bedwetters' music.‘

Alan McGee’s verdict on the Mercury Music Prize nominees.

l The PipEline Cing quite soon...

It’s not exactly Big Brother but, let’s face it, that can only be a good thing. A community- based project called Citizone is set to launch a live soap opera at the end of August with audiences of twenty being bussed around Glasgow to different venues once each ’episode' reaches its cliffhanger. Conceived initially as a live theatre event, the producers hope that it may find its way onto TV screens later in the year. . . The

film world is set to go sequel-crazy with a bunch of autumn/winter follow- ups. Blair Witch Project, Urban Legend, Nutty Professor, 101 Dalmations and The Mummy are all soon to have either a ’2’ or 'Returns’ or ’102' (no prizes for guessing which one) added to their name. Although, if any of them are as duff as Msl-Z, they needn’t have bothered

. . . Place your bets now if you want to strike gold when the Mercury Music Prize is handed out on

The Delgados are going for gold

with the Mercury Music Prize

Tuesday 12 September. And what odds on a Scottish victory? Well, Chemikal Underground chiefs The Delagdos and Helicopter Girl aka former Mouth Music’s Jackie Jones are in the outside bet stakes, both coming in at the worth-a- flutter-of-anyone’s-money price of 16-1. Predictable favourites are Coldplay, Leftfield and Richard Ashcroft but we are placing our faith, if not cash, on a victory for good taste and Badly Drawn Boy.

3—10 Aug 2000 THE usr s