O I saw you Paul glad you haven’t made it to Hong Kong yet. I’d like to get to know you but I’m generally drunk and always tonguectiqd whenever I see you. Polite male-friendly lesbian. Box No U/392/l.

O I saw you trombone-playing blonde girl in the Cellar Bar on Sat afternoon (22/7/00). We spoke about a jazz incident. Fancy meeting sometime for a funk. Box No U/392/3.

O I saw you Polo Lounge Sat 22 July. You tall, handsome boy with rucksack dancing ‘girl’ friend that stormed off. Me dancing behind you in black shirt with ‘fireball’. Now that she has gone can we continue on from where we left? Box No U/392/4.

v I saw you at Bar 38 on Friday giggling away like a schoolgirl with your wicked laugh. We briefly shared gazes but I had to leave. Let’s go back to skool! Box No U/392/7.

Q I saw you Audrey trying to get something off your chest. Thanks for it all, Angel. Box No U/392./8.

O I saw you at the Golf, mousy hair and beaming smile. How about we get it on? You bring the pints and I’ll bring the milk crates. Who knows, perhaps it will be love at first bite!! Box No U/392/9.

O I saw you fiery redhead in the park, people watching but not looking out for the frisbee. Me in the extra small jeans. Box No U/392/10.

O I saw you snuggled up under the duvet in the green room this morning. You are damned sexy for a soon-to-be 30-year-old. Let’s enjoy the next few decades together. Box No U/392/11.

v I saw you tall, leggy. beautiful blonde having a picnic up Blackford Hill with a tall, handsome guy . . .You’re the best! The Spice Girls are waiting for you . . . Box No U/392/l4.

48TIIE lI8T 3—10 Aug 2000

O I saw you tanned, long bntnette haired goddess, walking by Lemongrass Brasserie. Think you saw me staring. Would love to compare white bits over a cafe au lait. Box No U/392/15.

O I saw you at the UGC Cinema Edinburgh blond and saucy, handing out free packets of Twiglets. You made my mouth water and my muscles flex. Please get in touch. Box No U/392/19.

O I saw you Ponobello beach, Sunday evening sunshine (23/7). You sat on the wall watching. You white top, black bag. Me green skirt. I lost something then found it. Maybe it was you? Box No U/392/20.

O I saw you James. You work at the Dome. I’m transfixed by your Scorpio eyes and go weak in your presence. Won’t you rescue me? Box No U/392/21.

Q I saw you‘working in French Connection in Edinburgh. You have ginger hair and gorgeous eyes. I am the tall boy. We met on the stairs, said hello and smiled on 21/7/00. Box No U/392/22.

O I saw you at Henderson’s. Office skirt, computers, bikes. A lunch too short. I’d like to see you again after your visits and studying. I think you’re beautiful. Call me in September. Sooner? Box No U/392/23.

O I saw you Safeway, Moredun, Sat 22 July, 7pm. You: cropped, chunky, sports T-shirt, shorts (grey). Me: fair, green T- shirt, black trousers. Let’s meet up for more than chasing around supermarket aisles! Box No U/392/24.

O I saw you in Bruntsfield. Beautiful woman behind the counter. Dark, elegant, pert, English accent and good sense of fun. Fancy a blether away from the leather? Box No U/392/25.

O I saw you girl with walking aid watching High Fidelity with a friend, Filmhouse, Saturday 22/7. I wish I had spoken. Shy guy in wheelchair. See a film with me? Box No U/392/26.

. I saw you Lou, you party animal! You salivated on my face but you’re still my No I! Luv u x Box No U/392/27.

O I saw you looking through window at Skoosh, St Mary’s Street. me trying on linen jacket with dark hair. Was it me? Or girl behind the desk also dark hair? Let it be me!! Box No U/392/28.

O I saw you on the Iona/ Fionnphort ferry on holiday with a group. We saw a seal. I remembered you from the Mishnish. You are a lovely woman. If so inclined, please write. Box No U/392/53.

O I saw you at Dynamic Earth after I had seen Safe Delivery. You tall, dark, sexy. Me propping up the bar. Do you love the theatre as much as I do? Box No U/392/54.

O I saw you Tanya in the Baillie, 21/7/00. You stood on the pub dog. Still think you’re gorgeous. Box No U/392/55.

v I saw you super Z in the Traverse bar cafe. Which country did you save today? You are remarkable. xx Box No U/392/56.

O I saw you at the back of the queue. You asked for beans, but there are no more beans. I love you whatever! Box No U/392/57.

v I saw you it ain’t over till the fat woman sings. And it won’t be over till I’ve seen you in every performance of ‘Whatever’ every night. Box No U/392/58.

O I saw you looking good, singing better. You said, ‘wanna grab a frappucino sometime?’ I said, ‘Why’d everyone start dancing?’ You said, ‘whatever!’ Box No U/392/59.

O I saw you at the Traverse bar on Wed 19th, with a gorgeous pink top and all in black. You can drink tequila and absinthe with me any time! Box No U/392/60.

O I saw you Paul N. You’re an angel. Box No U/392/61.

O I saw you Mr Furry in Bloo. Your name was ‘Paul from the Botanics’. Fiery red hair and lots of flair. What a babe. Box No U/392/62.

O I saw you I think your name is Mike. You’ve got short hair and I think you’re a lawyer. I saw you in Blue Bar. PS Nice bum. Box No U/392/63.

O I saw you Murray, the fireman at the Venue. Then later, partying at Stephen’s. I miss your lips. Box No U/392/64.

O I saw you on Lothian Road with a large bulge in your trousers. You are 33, dark hair, wearing chippie jeans and a D&G T-shirt. You were in Bottoms Up. Box No U/392/65. O I saw you putting up posters for Safe Delivery in Stockbridge. Will you be around Dynamic Earth bar? Box No U/392/66.

O I saw you Hooch, on-stage with Degrassi and in my room that night: you are a thief, you stole my heart and my cat! Return them and my cheekbone ASAP! You know where. Box No U/392/67.

O I saw you supporting Annie Christian at La Belle Angele. You were the sexy ginger bassist. I was dancing were you watching?! Box No U/392/68.

O I saw you Fox in socks what are you like? Fancy another round of applause or are you still smitten, kitten?!! Box No U/392/69.

C We saw you sexy, crop- haired barmaid pulling pints in the Steamie. Why not join us upstairs and pull something fun for a change?! Box No U/392/70.

O I saw you behind the Filmhouse bar. You tall, dark, drummer boy. Me EIFF fetish girl. Fancy a go on my bongos? Box No U/392/7l.

O I saw you tasty, tasty boy at Espionage. You went home for a bath. 1 wish I had come too . . . wanna dance to S Club 7 again? Box No U/392/72.

9 I saw you fireman Murray, chatted to you, lay by you and liked you. Box No U/392/73.

O I saw you boy with new skinhead at CC. Blooms. Your TV career might go downhill now, but there’ll always be a place for you in my front room. Love the Big Bloke. Box No U/392/74.

O I saw you playing 5.B.F. We all hate you for winning so much but you look gorgeous so we forgive you. You big clunge! Box No U/392/75.

O I saw you shimmery shiny star-marrying cuddly Dougly at the gayest wedding of the year, last July. Happy anniversary, love from everyone at Achnacarry. Box No U/392/76. . I saw you on the No 26 bus four years ago. Remember me? If you’re on the bus, get on the bus. If you’re off the bus, get off the bus. Love Hungdungeerea. Box No U/392/77.

O I saw you looking at my monkey, ya monkey lover. Come up my tree anytime. Love the monkey man. Box No U/392/78. O I saw you working at ‘Klick’. You looked harassed but you’re still a sexy chick. We’re not taking the mick but you light our wick. Love ‘The Trackers’. Box No U/392/79.

O I saw you Mrs Bates. You’re awfy wee aren’t you? Love monkey man. Box No U/392/80. O I saw you waiting for the No 28 bus. We laughed at the fashion victims going to see Dan the Man. I got off at Stockbridge and watched you disappear into the night. Box No U/392/81.

O I saw you on your bike again, fresh from the gym. Waited at City Cafe to see if you’d show. Maybe you were too sweaty. Box No U/392/82. O I saw you plonker, at EH1 trying to pour pints. Thanks for an amazing week and a half. . Signed ‘D’. Box No U/392/83.

. I saw you Suzanne the firefighter, strutting your lovely stuff as usual. Groove me baby, I am your fan club. Box No U/392/84.

Q I saw you under the red velvet duvet. You a once flamed-haired vixen, now dark and mysterious. Me - dazed and confused Oasis fan. Meet back under the duvet? Sorry but I like being blunt. xx Box No U/392/87.

U I saw you in the Traverse, boobs springing. Don’t leave me unsupported Ms Isaacs you’re my lucky star. Box No U/391/83.

O I saw you gas god drunk again you smelly wee sod. You and beano bear get your pants off like you just don’t care. Who’s yer daddy now? Box No U/391/84.

v I saw you three out of four times. You chose my frames Mr Optician man. We commiserated over Monday. I went to Berlin. I thought we got on, can I see you again. Box No U/39l/85.

O I saw you Anne from Planet Out. If you’re up for a sh‘g, give em a shout. PS break a leg xxx Box No U/39l/86.

O I saw you Helen S. on Tue night. you and Nikki W.’s behaviour set me in flight. Love to all the Bad Girls out there xx Box No U/39l/87.

O I saw you ushering at Filmhouse. Long long red hair, Australian and wow! Come lie in the Meadows some warm(ish) summer evening, eh? Box No U/39l/88.

. I saw you in the Village Inn singing karaoke. Qualidada tunes are much better! Box No U/39l/89.

O I saw you at Cafe Capri. You: behind the counter, American sparkling princess. Me: backpack, redhead, piano hands. Do I turn your crank? Box No U/391/90.


O I saw you Collette (Virgin Hostie). Hope you got to South Africa OK. Logan (fellow sby pax). Box No U/392/18.