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Eastern blockbuster conquers world

It stars China’s most successful actress, Gong Li, it's directed by China's most famous filmmaker, Chen Kaige, and it's the most expensive film ever made anywhere in Asia. The Emperor And The Assassin is the story of China’s first emperor and, set in the third century BC, it combines epic sweep with lavish period detail. Forget Hollywood, this is the real thing. See Film reviews.

Don’t do that, do Dling talent. Arches, Glasgow.

this. Eight days of unmissable stuff.

THURSDAY 3 Dundee Guitar Festival one of Iranian cmema's brightest

pastoral drama par excellence from

Our favourite independent music retailer is set to go, very nearly, through the roof with its biggest store to date. Opening in Glasgow’s Union Street on Friday 4 August, music-lovers can wander through its two floors packed with the usual aural and visual goodies.

And coming soon to the store is the Foppomatic, a self-service vending machine to be installed on the shop front, giving buyers the chance to purchase a range of ’classic’ CDs at the mere touch of a few buttons. Fopptabulous, as our mu5ic editor was heard to mutter.


A midge too far

When everyone from The Big lssue to the Bulletin Of Entomological Research are praising a book, you should take notice. Edinburgh’s Mercat Press is launching its third edition of the bitingly intelligent work by George Hendry, Midges In Scotland (£4.99) which gives you advice on what to do when fleas attack. You should be itching to get your hands on it.

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rear some of the country’s best young MONDAY 7 Tinse; Tom Comparisons TUESDAY 8 f. Youth Orchestra to This Life are ineVitable but unfair SUNDAY GT'ne Color Of Paradise A Wlth th'S f'ZZY ensemble drama

revolvmg around the lives, loves and pieces by John Maxwell Geddes, lubrications of a bunch of

Of Scotland The y0ung talents are conducted by Sian Edwards through

Schnittke and Elgar. Royal Concert

NOW m its ninth year, the DGF _ as it's directorg’ the Oscarmominated Malid twentysomethings who frequent a Hall, Glasgow. not known _ plays host to many of Majidi. See preview and reVIew, pages Glasgow club. See feature, page 10. WEDNESDAY 9 ease. -_ the world's finest piuckers and 13 and 14 Cameo, Edinburgh. BBCZ. Forty poems from the mind of

strummers. Heading the event is the estimable Nigel Clark. Dundee Rep, Dundee.

FRIDAY 4 Fopp This new two-floor branch has all the usual Fopp delights but on a much larger scale than ever before. See above. Union Street, Glasgow

SATURDAY 5 Fuse Trade’s Ziad hooks up with DJ Robin for this welcome monthly blast of hard and fast house. The Fuse ultimate manifesto is to help 4 THE lIST 3—10 Aug 2000

Leonard Cohen may not SOUnd like the cheeriest of nights out, but the award-Winning Canadian company bring out the beauty in what can only be described as a phySical homage. See preView, page 27. Tron, Glasgow THURSDAY 10 3e :rga— 3 3:; :23" 2:. Washington D.C.’s finest now writer publishes The Big Blowdown, another pacey, thrilling and atmospheric segment from his ’DC Quartet’. See reView, page 50. Serpents Tail.

The Color Of Paradise, Sun 6